Questions About Cats

will cats attack hedgehogs?
Questions About Cats

Can Cats and Hedgehogs Get Along?

Hedgehogs are growing in popularity as pets, especially in the UK. If you’ve got a cat, you’re likely wondering if cats like hedgehogs. The last thing that you want to happen is for your cat to attack or kill your hedgehog. Cats and hedgehogs don’t get along well because your cat sees hedgehogs as prey. Your cat may sniff at/paw the hedgehog, or even launch an attack, but the hedgehog will curl up into a […]

cat shaking tail but not spraying
Questions About Cats

Why Does My Cat Fake Spray? (Phantom Spraying in Cats)

Cats spray urine to mark territory and find mates. So, why a cat would shake its tail, but not release urine, can be a bit perplexing. Cats pretend to spray because they haven’t learned how. It’s learned from their mothers or other cats as kittens. If its mother doesn’t teach the kitten how to spray with urine, it will only phantom spray. This behavior is seen in neutered and non-neutered males and females. It can […]

embarrassed cats
Questions About Cats

Can Cats Feel Embarrassed? (Pooping, Falls, Farting, Puke, Laughed At)

If a cat falls, it may immediately look around to see if anyone saw what happened. Owners interpret behaviors like these to mean that cats can feel embarrassment, but scientists seem to disagree. Feeling embarrassed is a complex emotion that requires a sense of self that cats lack. But a cat’s behavior can suggest that it feels shame. Cats also have the part of the brain that humans have which processes embarrassment, but it’s smaller. […]

do cats forgive and forget?
Questions About Cats

Do Cats Hold Grudges or Forgive Easily?

Questioning if cats hold grudges is akin to asking the same question about humans. Every cat has its own personality. Some cats are laid-back and playful, others are more cautious, unforgiving and cantankerous. If your cat trusts you, it won’t hold a grudge. An apology/treat after stepping on a cat’s tail will mean that your actions will soon be forgotten. Cats have long memories when it comes to repeated mistreatment and abuse. A cat will […]

do cats recognize siblings?
Questions About Cats

Do Cats Know They’re Related?

Cats have big litters, so kittens have lots of brothers and sisters. And mothers care for their kittens for a long time. But whether they recognize each other once they are separated is less clear. Cats understand that they’re related based on their scent. Mothers treat their kittens differently to kittens of other cats, and siblings get along well even once they grow up. That’s why adopting littermates is a good idea. But, if the […]

can cat littermates have different fathers?
Questions About Cats

Can Kittens from Same Litter Have Different Fathers?

Cats in the same litter can have different colors, patterns, sizes, and even breeds. The only explanation is that the kittens have different fathers. Cat litters can have more than one father due to superfecundation. Female cats’ egg production is induced by mating. When the female produces multiple eggs, and mates multiple times, the eggs can be fertilized by different fathers. The kittens are born in the same litter. What makes this possible is the […]