Questions About Cats

do cats understand their names?
Questions About Cats

How Do Cats Learn Their Names?

Some people believe that cats never bother to learn their own names. This view is based on the fact that cats rarely seem to respond. This is untrue. Cats do recognize their names and respond in subtle ways. Oftentimes, a cat will prick up its ears at the sound of its name. Choose a short name that contains hard vowels and consonants. These are easier for a cat’s brain to differentiate from general human conversation. […]

will cats stay away from the fireplace?
Questions About Cats

Do Cats Know To Stay Away from Fire?

Humans know that fire can be deadly. It spreads fast, leads to untold damage, and can cause a serious amount of pain if it burns the skin. But do cats have the same understanding of the dangers of fire or are they drawn to its alluring flicker and cozy warmth? Cats have strong instincts and will stay away from an open fire thanks to the smoke and spitting embers. This will alert a cat that […]

why do cats rub the floor after pooping
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cats Scratch The Floor After Pooping?

Cats are particular about their cleanliness and grooming, but they can exhibit confusing behaviors, like scratching the floor after pooping. While this can be baffling, this is usually because their litter boxes are not enough to mask the scent of their excrement. Solving this problem is a matter of removing the smell of your cat’s poop, primarily by changing its litter box. Cats will do anything to hide the smell of their poop. Sometimes, their […]

how much human interaction do cats need?
Questions About Cats

How Much Attention Do Cats Need a Day?

Cats are often considered an asocial pet that doesn’t need much attention. The truth is that cats are very affectionate and thrive off human affection and petting. Providing your cat with attention every day is important. Doing so will develop the relationship between you and your cat. Cats need a minimum of 10-15 minutes of attention every day. Ideally, your cat should receive 20-30 minutes of attention daily, as attention provides enrichment. This enrichment is […]

How to Get Paint Off a Cat's Fur
Questions About Cats

How To Get Paint Off a Cat’s Fur

Cats have a habit of wandering to areas that they do not belong. Paint, from leaning on a wet surface or rolling in a spillage, can be troublesome. This will stain your cat’s fur if not cleaned, and could be toxic if consumed. Wet paint is easier to clean from a cat’s fur. Apply cooking oil to your cat’s fur to soften it. Allow this to sit for a few minutes, then give your cat […]

would a cat defend its owner?
Questions About Cats

Would Your Cat Protect You from Harm?

While cats aren’t usually seen as natural defenders, they’re extremely loyal animals. But when it comes to whether cats can protect their owners, are they simply looking for a fight, or do they know to keep us safe? While a cat’s natural response is to flee, a cat is capable of defending its owner. There have been several instances reported in the media of how cats have protected their human owners from wanted criminals and […]