Do Cats Prefer To Be The Only Pet?

Cat only pet

All cat owners have asked themselves this question at one time or another. From an owner’s perspective: what’s better than one cat? Two cats! But does your cat agree? In this article, we will cover a few key topics, such … Read more

Why Do Cats Curl Their Paws Inward?

Cat paws curled inwards

It isn’t very hard to argue that everything a cat does looks adorable. However, sometimes we’re so busy admiring their cuteness that we forget to wonder why they do some of the things they do! … Read more

What Temperature Is Too Hot for Cats?

safe temperature for cats indoors

The summer heat can be hard on cats, so we must ensure they stay comfortable. The temperatures that cats can cope with are different from those that humans can tolerate. So, you should keep that … Read more

Do Cats Feel Love When You Kiss Them?

do cats know kisses mean love?

Cats can be so stand-offish that it’s difficult to know if they understand when we give them affection. If kissing your cat’s furry little head doesn’t get you the reaction you wanted, don’t be disappointed. … Read more

Do Younger Cats Respect Older Cats?

do cats respect older cats?

Respecting your elders is a common social rule followed by virtually every culture. However, cats don’t abide by the same social rules as we do. So, before you think about getting your older cat a … Read more

Why Do Cats Point Their Bums At You?

why do cats turn their bums to you?

What may look like strange feline behavior is actually your cat trying to communicate with you. Cats use various parts of their bodies, including their rear ends, to express a range of messages and emotions. … Read more

What Do Cats Think About All Day?

how do cats think without language?

Cats are often seen as aloof and mysterious, partly because it’s hard to tell what they’re contemplating. They aren’t as expressive as dogs, and they lack the communication skills of parrots. To this point, few … Read more

Why Do Cats Kiss You on The Lips?

cat kisses me on the lips

If your cat kisses you on the lips, it’s showing you affection. Cats aren’t always fulsome about expressing their feelings. For a cat to show this fondness requires a strong bond between feline and owner. … Read more

Do Cats Mate with Their Own Siblings?

do cats mate with their siblings?

Feline siblings spend a lot of time with each other in their early years as littermates and companions. Unfortunately, closely related cats will mate with each other, leading to genetic problems.  Cats’ siblings may mate … Read more

Why Do My Cat’s Whiskers Keep Breaking Off?


Cats’ whiskers (vibrissa) may seem small and inconsequential, but they fulfill several functions. To owners, finding broken whiskers can be a worrying sign, but whisker loss isn’t usually a cause for concern. Cats’ whiskers usually … Read more

Are Male or Female Cats More Aggressive?

are male or female cats friendlier?

A cat’s gender usually determines how territorial, aggressive, or dominant it’ll be. Of course, both sexes have their pros and cons, behaving differently based on their hormones and certain circumstances. Unfixed male cats are more … Read more

Why Can’t Dogs Jump As High As Cats?

can cats jump higher than dogs?

It’s no secret that cats are expert jumpers. Cats have lean bodies and powerful back legs, enabling them to leap great heights with grace and precision. Dogs can jump quite high, but not as high as … Read more

What Do Human Voices Sound Like To Cats?

What Do Human Voices Sound Like To Cats?

Owners regularly hold conversations with their cats. Not only is this therapeutic, but it’s a great bonding tool that enables you to feel closer. But while conversing in your best baby voice seems like the … Read more

Do Cats Look At Their Owners As Parents?

do cats see owners as parents?

Cats have a long-held reputation of being aloof and detached in their behavior toward people. For this reason, many of us are surprised to discover that cats bond closely with their owners. Depending on this … Read more

Do Cats Hold Grudges or Forgive Easily?


We all make errors of judgment and do things that we genuinely regret, so it’s natural to wonder if cats hold grudges against their owners. The good news is that cats get over one-off events … Read more

Do Cats Get Along with Bearded Dragons?

can cats be friends with bearded dragons?

Cats can be tenacious hunters, making it difficult to keep them in a house with small animals. Docile, easy-going, and friendly, bearded dragons are popular pets. However, they’re lizards, which cats are known to hunt. … Read more

Can Cats and Hedgehogs Get Along?

can hedgehogs be friends with cats?

Hedgehogs are 20-30 cm long with short legs, cone-shaped faces, and covered in quills. Cats are known to capture, play with, and kill small animals. So, if you own a cat and want to get … Read more

Do Tortoises Get Along with Cats?


Cats have sharp hunting instincts and quick reflexes, even if they’re tame and well-behaved. They’ve been known to attack and eat birds, fish, rodents, and other pets that they see as prey. However, cats don’t … Read more

Do Cats Get Along with Hamsters?

Are Hamsters Good With Cats?

Keeping a cat and a hamster in the same home isn’t always easy. After all, these two animals are natural enemies, and the chances of your hamster surviving an attack from a cat are very … Read more