Why is my cat not drinking water?
Cat Food and Hydration

Cat Not Drinking Water? 10 Simple Ways to Keep Your Cat Hydrated

Cats often need to be encouraged to drink water. This can be concerning for owners. Cats are small and can easily become dehydrated. Thankfully, there are techniques that can be used to encourage hydration in felines. Make the water appealing for cats to drink. Get a comfortable bowl and locate it in a quiet area away from food or litter. Offer your cat bottled or filtered water, in case it dislikes the smell of tap […]

what do cat trills mean?
Questions About Cats

What Does Cat Trilling Mean?

Trilling is a high-pitched chirping sound that cats make to greet people or other felines. It’s a welcoming noise that signals when a cat is happy to see someone. Cats also use it as a way to communicate and express themselves. Trilling is a positive sound that’s taught by mother cats to encourage their kittens to follow them. It’s described as a high-pitched noise that can be likened to the soft coo of a pigeon […]

how to stop a cat from meowing for food
Behavioral Problems

How to Train Your Cat to Stop Begging for Food

Most people adopt cats expecting them to be low maintenance pets. While cats love their mealtimes, they are usually less prone to begging for food than other domesticated animals. There are exceptions to every rule, and some cats take their passion too far and plead for food constantly. If your cat is gluttonous, you need to show your cat that pleasure can be derived from things other than food. Get the cat into a strict […]

Do cats sweat through their skin?
Questions About Cats

How Does a Cat Sweat?

Cats are descendants of the African Wildcat and, as such, love lounging around in the sun. Though they are covered in fur, they will often find warm places to nap, even if it’s already hot outside. Sweating is essential for the survival of every mammal. But the question is, how do cats sweat? Sweating through the hairless areas of their body such as the paws, lips, chin, and the area around the anus helps to […]

bunting in cats
Behavioral Problems

Why Does My Cat Headbutt Me in the Morning? (Bunting in Cats)

Cat owners rarely enjoy a peaceful start to the morning. Most days begin with a cat staring at you, inches from your face. In some cases, cats even appear to headbutt you. Contrary to appearances, this is not an act of aggression. A feline headbutt is known as bunting. Cats have scent glands at the top of the head. By bunting you, the cat is exchanging scents. This is partly to mark you as the […]

cat dragging bum on floor after poop
Cat Health and Wellness

Why is My Cat Dragging Its Bum on the Floor?

Cats are graceful and elegant animals, with a unique gait. This makes it surprising to see a cat dragging its bottom on the floor (scooting). This behavior is more commonly associated with other animals. A scooting cat may be marking territory. Cats have scent glands in their anus. The aroma released is imperceptible to the human nose, but clear to other felines. The cat may also be wiping an unclean bottom. It’s equally likely that […]