cat scratches on leather furniture
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How To Stop Cats from Scratching Leather Furniture

Leather furniture may look great in your home, but it can also attract the attention of your cat. Scratching is a very common feline behavior that can do serious damage to your expensive home furniture. In order to stop your cat from scratching leather furniture, provide a feline-approved area with scratching post. If your cat looks set to scratch, redirect it to the approved area so that it understands. Clean your furniture once or twice […]

Why don't cats like their paws touched?
Questions About Cats

Why Don’t Cats Like Their Paws Touched?

When a cat is relaxing, its paws will often be exposed. It may be tempting to touch your cat’s paw pads as you walk past. However, most cats react with immediate aggression if their paws are touched unexpectedly. Cat paws are highly sensitive. The paws pick up all manner of sensory input from the ground, using vibrations to complement other senses, such as their hearing. This makes handling the paws stressful for cats. In addition, […]

Why Does My Cat Yawn When He Sees Me?
Behavioral Problems

Why Does My Cat Yawn When It Sees Me?

It’s easy to be offended when a cat yawns when it first sees you. This suggests that your presence bores the cat. In reality, cats yawn at owners for a number of reasons, many of which are highly complementary. A cat will yawn if it feels comfortable and contented. The cat is expressing this relaxation to you, and it’s not easy to gain a cat’s trust. Cats yawn to feed oxygen to their brain. The […]

why is my cat suddenly drinking from the toilet?
Cat Food and Hydration

Why Do Cats Drink Water Out of The Toilet Bowl?

Cats have all manner of inexplicable habits. A cat drinking from the toilet bowl is something that should always be discouraged. Aside from the obvious hygiene concerns, the cat could ingest toxic cleaning products. Toilet water is a very appealing form of hydration for cats. Regular flushing creates oxygenation, freshening up the water supply. The porcelain that surrounds the water will also keep it cool. Cats love running and moving water. Your cat may also […]

Can Cats See Through Glass?
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Can Cats See Through Glass?

Cats will often spend countless hours staring out of a window. This is a key stimulation for a feline. The cat is watching birds and other wildlife outside. Cats can see through glass, but are confused by this transparent barrier. Indoor cats are likelier to avoid running into glass as they are near-sighted. Cats that spend time outside are more far-sighted. These cats may fail to acknowledge glass windows or doors, potentially resulting in a […]

can cats hear dog silence?rs

Do Dog Silencers And Whistles Affect Cats?

Dog silencers are a tool that is mainly used to train canines. They emit a sound that’s believed to be unpleasant for dogs to lessen negative behaviors. This emitted noise is beyond a human’s hearing range, but not a dog’s. However, a cat’s hearing is much better than that of a dog. Despite their superior hearing, felines do not seem to be affected by dog whistles. But, because cats are good at hiding pain and […]