are insects poisonous to cats?
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Is It Safe for Cats to Eat Insects? (Bees, Wasps, Ants, Flies, Moths)

Cats chase anything that moves. While this behavior is associated with birds and rodents, some cats will also chase after insects. Cats can eat bugs with no ill effects, but there are risks. Bees and wasps, and certain ants and spiders, give a painful sting if threatened. Some insects have tough exoskeletons that are hard to swallow. Wings can become a choking hazard if they become trapped in the throat. Bugs can be unsanitary, and […]

Does Weather Affect Cats Moods?
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Does Weather Affect Cats’ Moods? Seasonal Changes in Cats!

A cat’s emotions can be governed by the weather. Domesticated cats are descended from desert-dwelling ancestors, so they are happiest in the sunshine. Adverse conditions will change a cat’s mood, potentially before they even arrive. Cats can sense changes in weather coming. In sunny climates, cats are cheerful and energetic. If it is cold, wet and windy, the cat will be withdrawn and lethargic. The cat’s senses of smell and hearing are dulled by external […]

Why is My Cat Having Trouble Jumping on Things?
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17 Reasons Why Your Cat Having Trouble Jumping on Things

Jumping and climbing are instinctive behaviors for cats. Some breeds are more comfortable with heights than others, but perching above ground level enables a cat to safely survey its territory. Jumping requires strength in a cat’s hind legs. There are numerous causes for feline lameness, and they are not always obvious. Your cat could be arthritic. It may have a leg or spinal injury. It could be struggling with balance, or to generate enough power […]

is eating grass bad for cats?
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Why Do Cats Eat Grass And Plants?

Cats require a meat-rich diet in order to thrive and stay healthy. Vegetation offers none of the proteins (amino acids) that cats need to thrive. So, a feline’s dietary interest in grass and plants confuses many owners. The most common reason why cats eat grass is to settle an upset stomach by inducing vomiting or diarrhea. Your cat may be drawn to a unique scent or taste within the greenery. It is possible that the […]

Can Cats Eat Raw Chicken?
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Can Cats Eat Raw Chicken?

Cats are hardwired to sustain themselves on meat. Chicken, fish, beef, and turkey are common flavors for processed cat food. Cats can eat raw chicken, but there are risks. Raw meat is a breeding ground for bacteria. The bones can also be sharp or jagged. If a cat’s digestion is not used to raw food, it may cause stomach upsets. If you do wish to feed your cat raw chicken, get it from a reputable […]

Why Do Cats Shred Toilet Paper?
Behavioral Problems

Why Do Cats Shred Toilet Paper? (Unrolling, Tearing Up + Eating)

When a cat finds a roll of toilet paper, destruction is sure to follow. Cats will have so much fun shredding, pawing and rolling about in the remnants. Cats unroll and play with toilet paper because it satisfies their natural hunting instincts. Roll a toilet paper across the floor and the cat will immediately ‘hunt’ it. Once in a cat’s paws, it shreds without resistance. This mimics a cat tearing a prey animal’s flesh from […]