Cat Food and Hydration

why is my cat suddenly drinking from the toilet?
Cat Food and Hydration

Why Do Cats Drink Water Out of The Toilet Bowl?

Cats have all manner of inexplicable habits. A cat drinking from the toilet bowl is something that should always be discouraged. Aside from the obvious hygiene concerns, the cat could ingest toxic cleaning products. Toilet water is a very appealing form of hydration for cats. Regular flushing creates oxygenation, freshening up the water supply. The porcelain that surrounds the water will also keep it cool. Cats love running and moving water. Your cat may also […]

can cats eat pork?
Cat Food and Hydration

Is Pork Healthy for Cats To Eat? (Bacon, Sausages, Ham + Mince)

Cats are obligate carnivores and need to be fed a meat-based diet. However, cats can grow bored if you keep feeding them the same food each day, so, you may wish to feed your cat pork instead. Is pork good for cats? Pork has a high protein content, so it is rich in taurine. As taurine is an essential amino acid for cats, pork is considered to be a healthy meat for felines. However, most […]

can cats eat cooked eggs?
Cat Food and Hydration

Can You Feed a Cat Eggs (Raw or Cooked)?

Egg whites and yolks are a staple of the human diet. They are full of protein, contain no carbohydrates, and are a source of healthy fats. Given all of those health benefits, you may wonder if cats are allowed to eat eggs. Well, cats can eat cooked eggs, but should never be fed raw eggs. Eggs are full of nutrients and can safely be fed to cats. Some even consider eggs to be a superfood […]

can you feed cats fish bones?
Cat Food and Hydration

Can Cats Eat Cooked Fish with Bones?

Fish bones are small, numerous, and sharp. Given that many cats do enjoy eating fish, it is vital to ensure that it is safe for consumption. But, what constitutes safe from unsafe fish involves more than checking for bones. Cats can eat fish bones, but they shouldn’t. It doesn’t matter if the bones are cooked or uncooked. They can be a choking hazard, cause internal impaction in the digestive tract, and do damage internally. If […]

is it bad for cats to eat pasta?
Cat Food and Hydration

Is Pasta Bad for Cats? (Brown, White, Dried + Pasta Sauce)

Pasta is a staple food for many households. It’s versatile, easy to prepare, packed with carbs, and provides a healthy meal. Pasta and the many different sauces may be OK for humans to eat, but is pasta good for cats? Pasta is not bad for cats, but it is considered empty calories in a cat’s diet. Essentially, pasta is junk food for cats. This is because pasta is full of complex carbohydrates. Cats have evolved […]

what are the best vegetables for cats?
Cat Food and Hydration

Can Cats Eat Vegetables? Types of Feline-Safe Veggies!

As diet is a crucial factor in a feline’s wellbeing, many owners wonder if vegetables should be fed to a cat. There are several types of vegetables that cats can safely eat, but others should definitely be avoided. Including vegetables, like pumpkin, squash, and peas, in a cat’s diet can be a good way to increase its nutritional intake. Pumpkin and squash can help maintain gastrointestinal health and movement. Peas, which are often included in […]