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do cats lose their hearing when they get old?
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Do Cats Lose Hearing in Old Age?

It is sometimes hard to know if feline deafness is selective or medical. Cats often ignore commands or instructions when it suits them. If your cat is getting older, have its hearing checked as older cats can lose their hearing. All cats that are older than 10 years will experience some degree of hearing loss. Some end up completely deaf. Sound waves vibrate within a cat’s eardrum and send a message to the brain. Over […]

do cats get sinus headaches?
Cat Health and Wellness

Do House Cats Get Headaches?

Little research has been done into how cats experience headaches, so the knowledge we have is limited. However, much of what we know about how and why humans experience headaches is applicable to felines. House cats get headaches, although it isn’t always easy to tell when they occur. Cats react to pain differently to humans. A cat will hide its pain and seclude itself somewhere it feels safe and secure. There are many different causes […]

how to tell if your cat can't smell
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Do Older Cats Lose Their Sense of Smell?

Some signs of aging in cats can be mitigated while others can be treated. As age does impact cats in several life-altering ways, you might wonder if senior cats lose their sense of smell and what can be done about it. Older cats may lose part or all of their senses. In large part, this is degenerative as the body ages and loses its ability to replicate cells. However, a cat is unlikely to lose […]

cat urinating while sleeping
Cat Health and Wellness

How To Deal with Incontinence in Elderly Cats While Sleeping

All cats sleep a lot, but older felines take this to the next level. A senior cat may spend up to 20 hours per day asleep. Deep sleep is important, as it allows aging, aching limbs and muscles to rest and repair. Unfortunately, feline bladder control also weakens with age. Encourage your cat to eliminate whenever it is awake, providing easy access to multiple litter boxes. Bathe your cat regularly, as it will struggle to […]

how to groom a senior cat
Cat Health and Wellness

How To Clean An Old Cat’s Fur

In addition to a specialist diet and exercise regime, older cats also need assistance with grooming their fur. Aging joints and limited energy leave senior felines unable to clean their fur as often as they’d like. Groom a senior cat daily to distribute oils around the fur and keep it clean. Senior cats have thinner skin, so you’ll need to use a soft brush. Rub unscented wet wipes on your cat’s fur periodically as this […]

cat nose discoloration
Cat Health and Wellness

What Causes a Cat’s Nose to Change Color?

Cats’ noses, just like feline fur, change color due to external elements. Aging, exposure to sunlight, and even staining can alter the shade of a cat’s nose. However, it can sometimes be indicative of a health concern. The nose of older cats darkens with freckles. This is called lentigo and is completely harmless. Excitement and temperature changes affect the color of a cat’s nose. Medical conditions, including Cushing’s disease and hypertension, can darken the nose. […]