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cat's back legs have become weak
Cat Health and Wellness

Why Are My Cat’s Back Legs Not Working (Weak, Wobbly, and Stiff)?

Cats rely heavily on their hind legs for mobility. Felines distribute their weight equally over four paws and use their back legs to pounce. This makes weak, stiff, or wobbly back legs problematic and easy to spot. Your cat will be in discomfort and become more reluctant to move than usual. Rear leg problems due to osteoarthritis are very common in cats that are 10+. This will make a cat’s legs more rigid and inflexible. […]

cat throwing up light brown liquid
Cat Health and Wellness

Why is My Cat Throwing Up Brown Liquid?

Cats throw up for a variety of reasons. If it’s a one-off, there’s no need to worry. The exception to this rule is if your cat is vomiting brown vomit. Brown vomit in cats can be due to internal bleeding, an intestinal blockage, or fecal matter in the digestive tract, or cancer. A cat that brings up brown fluid should see a vet. Other reasons for concern are when vomiting becomes constant. More than one […]

do cats prefer quiet?
Cat Health and Wellness

Do Cats Like Quiet or Noise?

Cats have excellent hearing. Felines use their ears to hunt and remain alert to potential threats. Loud noises will spark a fear response in a cat, so exposure to sound needs to be minimized. Cats prefer quiet because it enables them to relax/sleep. Prolonged exposure to noise above 95 decibels can cause hearing damage. A short, sharp noise of 120 decibels can put your cat at risk hearing damage. Exposure to noise must be managed […]

How to keep cats paws clean
Cat Health and Wellness

How to Keep Your Cat’s Paws Clean

While cats are fastidious in their grooming routine, they’re not flawless. Felines attract dirt over the course of the day, and their paws are no exception to the rule. Urine and poop become trapped in their paws after trips to the litter tray. Any time outside is also time spent in the dirt and mud. Keeping a cat indoors minimizes her chances of stepping in filthy substances. Providing a scratching post ensures that her claws […]

flat faced breeds of cat
Cat Health and Wellness

9 Flat-Faced Cat Health Problems Explained

We gush over doe-eyed Persian cats, but, deep down, we wonder how healthy they are. After all, research suggests flat-faced cats have more health problems than regular cats. Brachycephalic cats struggle to breathe because their squashed noses obstruct airflow. Their raised jaws also cause dental issues and tear duct blockages. This leads to tear-stained skin, eye problems, and facial dermatitis. Also, around 40% of Persian cats have Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). The welfare of flat-faced […]

why do cats itch when they don't have fleas?
Cat Health and Wellness

Why Do Cats Itch (Without Fleas?)

When a cat is scratching, we naturally assume they have fleas. But this is not always the case. Skin irritation in cats has numerous medical explanations, many of which are unrelated to parasites. The likeliest explanation for itchy skin in cats is an allergy. You should also check for mites, and learn the symptoms of bacterial infection. If there’s no physical trigger, your cat’s itchy skin is likely due to poor nutrition. Review your pet’s […]