Do House Cats Get Headaches?

do cats get sinus headaches?

Little scientific research has been conducted into how cats experience headaches. However, much of what we know about how and why humans experience headaches also applies to domesticated house cats. Cats get tension headaches, cluster … Read more

Is Feline Acne Contagious To Other Cats?

is cat acne contagious?

Acne on the chin is among the most common skin conditions experienced by cats. Usually, feline acne will manifest as small, subtle whiteheads or blackheads. Eventually, left untreated, it can turn to large, unsightly pimples … Read more

Do Cats Need Vaccinations Every Year?

what vaccinations do cats need?

Cats can be expensive to own. In addition to food and vet visits, a primary expense involved in feline healthcare is vaccinations. Illness and disease prevention is essential for a cat to live a long … Read more

Why Do Cats Snore Loudly?

what does it mean when cats snore?

If your cat snores while sleeping or breathing, you may wonder if this is normal. Snoring is an irritating sound, especially if your cat sleeps near to you at night. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to … Read more

Do Cats Like Quiet or Noise?

what frequency annoys cats?

Cats have good hearing. They use their ears to hunt and remain alert to any potential threats. Conversely, loud noises will lead to a fear response in cats, so prolonged exposure to sound and loud … Read more

Do Cats Lose Teeth in Old Age?

do senior cats lose their teeth?

Tooth loss in older cats happens, but it’s not normal. When senior cats lose their teeth, a dental issue, dietary imbalance, or injury is most likely to blame. Senior cats are most likely to lose … Read more

How Do You Comfort A Dying Cat?

how to comfort a dying cat at home

It’s a sad and distressing time when your cat enters its final stage of life. As its owner, you’ll want to make your cat feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Your cat’s unlikely to … Read more

How To Keep Your Cat’s Paws Clean

how to clean cat paw pads

Cats are dedicated groomers that like to keep themselves clean. In fact, they spend up to 5 hours a day grooming in smaller intervals. That makes it a little odd that your cat’s paws always … Read more

Why Do Cats Have Hot Ears?

is it normal for cats to have hot ears?

If you’ve ever snuggled with your cat and brushed its ears, you might’ve been surprised by the warmth. Cat ears are almost hot to the touch, especially in contrast to a human’s body temperature. That … Read more

What Causes A Cat To Sneeze Continuously?

what does it mean when a cat sneezes continuously?

Cats sneeze excessively when their nose is irritated or blocked with an excess of mucus. The sneezing fits are an attempt to clear away the irritation or blockage. This is an instinctive response. As such, … Read more

Can Cats Get Sick from Eating Mice?

is it safe for cats to eat mice?

Cats are excellent mousers. That’s why they’ve been used in homes for centuries, even millennia, to help curb pest infestations. The feline instincts are well-tailored for reacting to the quick movements, scurrying sounds, and darting … Read more

What Do Different Cat Ear Positions Mean?

cat ear positions and what they mean

Cats are emotive creatures. They are expert communicators and use various tactics to ‘speak’ to humans and animals. Besides body language and vocalizations, cats convey what they’re thinking and feeling through their ears. Each ear … Read more

Why Has My Cat’s Meow Changed?

why does my cat's meow sounds hoarse?

A meow is one of the most common and instantly recognizable features of a cat. Understanding the sound and tone of your cat’s meow can alert you to several things. There are times when you … Read more

How To Get Rid of Skin Tags on Cats

cat skin tag removal

Skin tags are unsightly raised bumps. These benign growths can be hidden by a cat’s fur, especially if it has a thick, fluffy coat. This makes it difficult to tell whether a cat has a … Read more

How Do Cats Act When They are Dying?


All things must come to an end, including the lives of our beloved pets. A cat reaching the end of its life will display certain behaviors. Recognizing the signs of a dying cat will enable … Read more

Can Cats Have a Reaction to Vaccinations?

cat behavior after vaccination

Vaccines are necessary for most cats, especially those that spend most of their time outdoors. Although the experience is never pleasant, felines must be vaccinated against rabies by law. Also, other vaccinations are highly recommended … Read more

How To Stop Nosebleeds in Cats (Epistaxis)

what to do if your cat has a bloody nose

Nosebleeds in cats are uncommon. There are two reasons why a cat will bleed from the nose. It may have experienced physical trauma, or a medical or environmental explanation (epistaxis) is responsible. A cat’s nosebleed … Read more

Why Is My Cat Drooling So Much?

why is my cat drooling thick saliva?

Drooling often goes unnoticed until the owner finds a tiny damp spot where the cat was lying down. Some cats are “happy droolers,” so they drool when they feel very relaxed. However, if your cat … Read more

How To Heal Cracked Cat Paws

why are my cats paws dry and cracked?

Cats’ paw pads have clusters of nerve receptors that provide vital information about their surroundings. The paws are sensitive and susceptible to pain when they become overly dry and cracked. This discomfort can make it … Read more

Why Is My Cat’s Fur Turning Yellow?

cats fur yellowing

The condition of a cat’s fur reflects its health. Cats constantly groom their fur and will have soft, clean, and shiny coats. However, for a variety of reasons, lighter-colored and white cats can get yellow … Read more