Behavioral Problems

Why Does My Cat Yawn When He Sees Me?
Behavioral Problems

Why Does My Cat Yawn When It Sees Me?

It’s easy to be offended when a cat yawns when it first sees you. This suggests that your presence bores the cat. In reality, cats yawn at owners for a number of reasons, many of which are highly complementary. A cat will yawn if it feels comfortable and contented. The cat is expressing this relaxation to you, and it’s not easy to gain a cat’s trust. Cats yawn to feed oxygen to their brain. The […]

how to keep cats from pooping in my yard
Behavioral Problems

How To Stop Cats From Peeing And Pooping in Your Yard

Cats pooing and urinating in your yard can introduce a range of health concerns connected to germs, bacteria, and parasites. Cats can also ruin your lawn, destroying property and uprooting plants. Whether it’s your own cat or a stray that’s making a mess, cat poop and pee can be a pain. You can prevent stray and neighborhood felines from soiling your yard with unpleasant smells, physical barriers, water, and noise-based deterrents. When it comes to your […]

my cat gets poop everywhere?
Behavioral Problems

Why Is My Cat Dragging Poop Out of The Litter Box?

Under ideal circumstances, a cat owner will rarely encounter poop. Cats are secretive about their elimination habits. Most felines quietly and efficiently eliminate in their litter boxes and bury the evidence. Unfortunately, some cats track poop around the home for a variety of different reasons. Your cat may be dragging poop out of its litter box unwittingly because it’s immobile. If waste clings to its fur, it will lack the flexibility to clean it off. […]

How to Stop Your Cat from Getting Run Over
Behavioral Problems

How To Stop Your Cat from Getting Run Over

A cat getting run over is a sadly common occurrence. It’s a distressing and traumatizing event that many cat owners have lived through. Either through discovering that their cat was hit by a car when they find the body, or by accidentally running over their cat themselves. Prevention is the best way to stop this terrible event from happening. Being hit by a car is one of the main dangers of allowing your cat to […]

stop my cat from chewing cords
Behavioral Problems

How To Get Your Cat To Stop Biting Cords

Most cats start out as cord-biting kittens. For young cats, chewing on objects is a necessary part of their development. Kittens, specifically those between 3 and 6 months of age, learn about their world through exploration. And, like babies, they often put things in their mouths to play and explore. When stopping cats from chewing cords, it’s best to hide the cords entirely. You can do this by putting cords and their devices into cabinets, […]

cat manipulation techniques
Behavioral Problems

How Cats Manipulate Humans

Cat owners often lament that their cats seem to own them, not the other way around. But according to research, there may be a grain of truth to that. Various studies have determined that cats have the ability to manipulate humans in small and subtle ways. Cats have evolved alongside humans, giving them the ability to observe human behaviors. Cats use these observations to manipulate humans. These manipulative behaviors include using a special purr to […]