Behavioral Problems

my cat gets poop everywhere?
Behavioral Problems

Why is My Cat Dragging Poop Out of the Litter Box?

Cleaning up after your cat can be a chore – especially if they’ve dragged poop all over the house. Cats are usually very clean animals, so it’s worrying to see feces outside of the litter box. Also, many cats develop bad toileting habits if their litter box is dirty or difficult to access. We’ll explore the reasons why cats drag poop out of the litter box. Since an inadequate litter box is often the cause […]

cat acting weird after being outdoors
Behavioral Problems

Why is My Cat Acting Strange After Being Outside?

If your cat is acting different, you’re bound to be concerned. Changes to your cat’s personality can happen for all sorts of reasons. Going outside for the first time – or spending more time outside than usual – could certainly trigger a personality change. If your cat is acting strangely after being outdoors, you might decide to keep them inside 24/7. But is that always the best action to take? We discuss how long these […]

my cat is in heat and won't shut up
Behavioral Problems

How to Stop a Cat in Heat from Meowing and Yowling

When a female cat enters heat, the noise is unrelenting. A cat in heat sounds like a baby crying. The noise will continue throughout your pet’s season, unless they can mate. The meowing and yowling associated with felines in heat can be a problem for cat owners. It’s loud, it’s constant, and it’s horrible to listen to. Here are some other signs that your cat is in heat. Let’s explore your options for dealing with the […]

signs your cat is in heat
Behavioral Problems

How Do Cats Behave When They Are in Heat?

A cat that enters heat can be unmistakable. Your pet may undergo some personality changes during this time, and could need some particular attention. If you are not prepared to spay your female cat, seasons in heat can be extremely challenging. Of course, all of this can be avoided if you have your cat spayed. There are numerous other advantages to this process. Whatever action you decide upon, the more you know about why your […]

Do cats get grumpy in old age?
Behavioral Problems

Do Cats Get Grumpy in Old Age?

Cats between the ages of 7 to 10 are considered mature, and those between 11 and 14 are considered seniors. The human equivalent of 7 cat years is 44 years and as with humans, this is when they begin showing signs of getting older. After reaching this point, their veterinary visits become more important and they also start showing obvious behavioral changes. Instead of brushing it off as your cat “just getting old,” consider including […]

why cats knock things over
Behavioral Problems

6 Reasons Why Cats Knock Stuff on the Floor

There’s a universal law that all cat owners will be aware of. If something isn’t nailed down, a cat will eventually knock it off a table or dresser. It’s as inevitable as night following day. When your cat knocks things over, intentionally or accidentally, there will be a reason. This guide will look closely at the primary explanations for this behavior – and how you may be able to stop it. You have two possible […]