Behavioral Problems

why is my cat bringing me things?
Behavioral Problems

Why Does My Cat Bring Me Toys and Meow?

Playtime is part of a daily routine for most cats. Your cat will relish the chance to interact with you in this way. Some cats are also content to play with smaller toys alone. Your cat may approach you with its favorite toy and meow, seeking your immediate attention. Your cat may just be sharing its toy or presenting it as a trophy. Play with toys replicates the hunting experience for cats, so your cat […]

why does my cat gently bite me?
Behavioral Problems

Why Does My Cat Bite Me for No Reason?

Bites are a fact of life for cat owners. Sometimes, it will feel as though your cat is biting you for no reason. Cats always have a reason for biting. It makes sense to a cat, even if it doesn’t make sense to you. Check your cat is not afraid. If your cat is calm, it may be playing. Kittens separated from their litter to soon do not learn the limits of biting. Cats also […]

Behavioral Problems

Why Do Cats Like Chewing on Plastic Bags?

Cats are fascinated by plastic bags. The moment you get home from the grocery store, your cat will greet you. Left unattended, a cat will begin chewing on the plastic bags that contain your shopping. Plastic bags smell of food, which appeals to cats. The taste and texture are also pleasant to a cat. The crinkle of a plastic bag mimics the sound of prey in the leaves. Some cats also live with medical issues, […]

cat acting weird after being outdoors
Behavioral Problems

Why Is My Cat Acting Strange After Being Outside?

Exploring outdoors can be dangerous for cats. It’s possible that your cat will return home acting oddly due to a negative experience. Your cat may be acting strangely after being outside because it’s been attacked by another animal, got lost, or hurt itself. Ensure that your cat has not consumed poisons or contracted a disease. An unspayed cat could return pregnant, which will lead to personality changes. Some cats will always want to roam outside. […]

why is my cat angry all of the sudden?
Behavioral Problems

How to Calm Down a Cat When Angry

Cats are emotional and can be quick to anger, but some felines have shorter tempers than others. Find out how to calm down an annoyed cat. Angry cats are aggressive cats, so leave your cat alone until its anger subsides. Once you can safely approach, reassure your cat and distract it with food or treats. Play and fun activities will also allow your cat to redirect its annoyance and frustration. Different cats have different pressure […]

cat suddenly sleeping in litter box
Behavioral Problems

How Do I Stop My Elderly Cat Sleeping in the Litter Box?

Senior cats develop some odd habits, such as going to sleep in the litter box. This is unhealthy. Spending so much time close to urine and excrement can be harmful, especially to an older cat with a weakened immune system. Elderly cats often sleep in their litter box due to insecurity. The cat may be guarding territory or have concerns about incontinence. Providing multiple litter boxes throughout the home will calm these worries. Offer a […]