Behavioral Problems

do cats understand punishment?
Behavioral Problems

How Do You Discipline a Cat?

Cats have many great qualities, but some of their behaviors are undesirable. It’s quite common for cats to scratch the carpet, jump on kitchen counters, or urinate outside of the litter box. Occasionally, bad behavior is caused by stress or illness. Punishment could end up making these conditions worse. We’ll explain why cats behave in certain ways, and what you can do about it. Ways to Improve Your Cat’s Behavior So, if discipline doesn’t work, […]

why is my cat so affectionate towards me?
Behavioral Problems

Why Do Cats Get in Your Face While You Sleep?

If you have a cat, you’ll be used to sacrificing personal space during the day and while you sleep. Many pet owners have always wanted to know why their cat wants to go to sleep on your face. Surely it’s uncomfortable for your cat, and it’s definitely not comfortable for you. Besides, your cat may not be in this position all night. It’s possible that he got closer when you started stirring. Cats can tell […]

cat manipulation techniques
Behavioral Problems

How Cats Manipulate Humans

It’s no secret that cats use clever manipulation techniques. Felines are sneaky and crafty, and always find a way to get what they want from humans. You are a cat’s facilities manager. Even the sweetest, most domesticated housecat will be keen to remind you who is in control. Cats have further manipulative techniques other than just meowing. Some pets combine their meows with purring to confuse the human brain. Others use physicality and body language […]

How to deal with a demanding cat
Behavioral Problems

How to Deal With a Demanding Cat

A cat that needs constant attention and affection can quickly become overwhelming. We all love our pets, but also live busy lives. It can feel impossible to accommodate a difficult cat’s expectations while also fulfilling other work-related and family responsibilities. If this desire for attention seems to have come from nowhere, you need to consider the cause. If a cat’s behavior changed drastically all of a sudden, there will be a reason. Your pet may […]

stop my cat from chewing cords
Behavioral Problems

How to Get Your Cat to Stop Biting Cords

If your cat won’t stop chewing cords, then her health is in real danger. Electrical cords carry live currents that will eventually shock your cat, so electrocution is a possibility. It’s vital that you protect cords from pets. Learning how to cat-proof electrical wires and cords may save her life. You also need to understand why your cat is chewing wires, though.

cat doesn't retract claws
Behavioral Problems

How to Teach a Cat to Retract Claws

When your cat’s claws are always out, your relationship with your pet can be compromised. Feline claws are sharp and dangerous, and must be kept to themselves wherever possible. If your cat’s claws don’t retract, you’ll need to take action to address this problem. Retracting claws is a behavior that cats learn as kittens. They need to be trained to remember it, however. Older cats also struggle to retract their claws, so they’ll need help […]