Why is My Cat Hiding in Dark Places?

why do cats hide in dark places?

On the surface, cats are confident animals that show no fear. Alas, this is mere bravado. Most cats are bundles of nerves and anxiety, living in a near-constant state of fear. For a scared cat, … Read more

Do Cats Like Being Ignored?

do cats get mad when you ignore them?

There are times when you need to ignore your cat. This could be because it’s misbehaving, or you’re trying to discourage certain behaviors. However, not all cats will take kindly to this if they enjoy … Read more

How To Deal with A Demanding Cat

how to make a cat less demanding

Cats have a reputation as low-maintenance pets. This means that some owners are surprised at how needy and demanding felines can be at times. All cats have unique personalities. Some cats may be wholly independent … Read more

10 Bad Cat Behaviors (And What They Actually Mean)

what cat behaviors mean

Owning a cat is usually a rewarding relationship. Cats are wonderful company and provide endless amusement for their owners. However, sometimes cats exhibit undesirable behaviors that seem illogical. Some cats show aggression toward owners or … Read more