Do Cats Kill Squirrels?

do cats attack squirrels?

Squirrels aren’t considered a cat’s enemy, but cats are instinctual predators. If presented with the opportunity, cats may choose to hunt a squirrel for food or entertainment. While birds, mice, and other small mammals are … Read more

Why Do Cats Love The Sun?

do cats like sitting in the sun?

Cats are sun worshippers. Indoor cats will station themselves at a window, basking in any rays that may enter. Outdoors cats will often spend hours sunbathing and napping, showing reluctance to come inside. Cats are … Read more

Why Do Cats Meow To Mimic Human Babies?

cat meow sounds like baby crying

Cats meow to communicate with humans. They’re also highly intelligent animals. Felines have learned that they cannot communicate with us in the way they do with other cats, so they have developed a range of … Read more

Why Do Cats Look Out The Window At Night?

why does my cat scratch the window at night?

Cats can pass countless happy hours staring out of windows. Usually, though, the activity is reserved for the daytime. During daylight hours, cats can watch people, and other animals go about their business. A cat … Read more

How Much Attention Do Cats Need a Day?

how much human interaction do cats need?

Cats are often considered asocial pets that don’t need much attention. The truth is that cats are very affectionate and thrive off human affection and petting. Providing your cat with attention every day is important … Read more

How To Get Paint Off A Cat’s Fur

How to Remove Paint from Cat Fur

Cats have a habit of wandering to areas where they don’t belong. Paint, from leaning on a wet surface or rolling in a spillage, can be troublesome. This will stain your cat’s fur if not … Read more

How To Play with a Cat (Without Toys)

household items cats like to play with

Playing with your cat doesn’t always have to mean spending a small fortune on store-bought toys. There are ways to play with a cat that don’t require toys at all. There are even improvised toys … Read more

Do Cats Have Night Terrors?

cat suddenly wakes up scared

Cats spend so much time napping that it’s natural to assume they are sleeping peacefully. This makes it unnerving to watch a cat seemingly react to a dream. A sleeping cat may cry, growl, hiss, … Read more

How To Get a Lazy Cat To Play

how to get a lazy cat moving

As cats grow older, they naturally become less playful. Play is vigorous for a cat, and senior felines don’t have as much energy to spare, and their joints are more likely to be painful. Play … Read more

Should Cats Wear Collars with Bells?

is a cat collar with bell good or bad?

To bell or not to bell? This question has perplexed cat owners for years. No legal doctrines surround belled collars and cats, so it is entirely an owner’s choice. There are definite pros and cons … Read more

Why Do Cats Follow You Around The House?

why does my cat follow me to bed?

Popular opinion dictates that a happy, contented cat will be largely indifferent to humans. Most cats will acknowledge an owner upon sight and then return to their business. A cat following you from room to … Read more

How To Stop Foxes Attacking Cats

how to keep foxes away from cats

Foxes rarely attack cats, but it can happen. Although the risk is small, cats should be kept at a safe distance from foxes to prevent attacks. This is particularly important for senior felines, kittens, and … Read more