Questions About Cats

why do cats rub their paws on windows?
Questions About Cats

Why Does My Cat Keep Scratching Windows?

Pet owners are often curious as to why their cat constantly scratches at windows. It is undesirable because it makes an irritating noise, damages windows, and can be harmful to your pet. There are several potential explanations for cats scratching at windows. Thankfully, felines can be trained out of the behavior before they harm themselves or your property.

Why don't cats like their paws touched?
Questions About Cats

Why Don’t Cats Like Their Paws Touched?

Playing with a cat can be a strange experience. Your pet will purr while you lavish them with attention, and then suddenly they’ll walk away for no reason. Unfortunately, stroking or touching a cat’s paws is likely to be met with a warning bite to stay away. The paws serve multiple purposes to cats, and we will look at why cats guard their paws so fiercely. Cats preferred to be petted in other areas of […]

Why Do My Cat's Whiskers Keep Breaking Off?
Questions About Cats

Why Do My Cat’s Whiskers Keep Breaking Off?

The whiskers are an instantly recognizable feature of all felines. So, it can be alarming when a cat’s whiskers break off all of a sudden. It makes you wonder if anything is wrong with your cat’s health. A cat’s whiskers are an amazing part of feline anatomy. Without them, a cat wouldn’t be able to function optimally. Whiskers can cause cats significant issues though, including a painful condition called whisker fatigue. What is the Function […]

do cats do better alone or with another cat?
Questions About Cats

Pros and Cons of Getting a Second Cat

Owning a cat is an incredibly rewarding experience. Surely, this means that the only thing that could be better than one cat is two cats. While doubling the feline fun sounds very appealing, there are pros and cons of getting a second cat that it is essential to know. We will consider whether cats prefer companionship or if cats are loners. We’ll also explore the most critical factors to consider before introducing a second feline […]

where cats like to be stroked the most?
Questions About Cats

Where Do Cats Like to Be Petted the Most?

Stroking a cat can invoke a variety of different reactions, both positive and negative. Felines are happy to receive human attention, but they’re also very particular about where it takes place and how. Knowing what parts of a cat’s body they like petted can prevent unnecessary bites and scratches. Of course, learning where your cat likes to be petted is just half the battle. You’ll need to rub their preferred body parts with the optimal […]

why cat so afraid of cucumber?
Questions About Cats

Why Are Cats So Traumatized When They See Cucumbers?

As anybody with access to YouTube will know, cat reactions to cucumbers are somewhat bizarre. Felines leap out of their skin when confronted by these vegetables. If you ever want to see your cat’s reflexes, see how they react to an unexpected cucumber. There are other possible expansions for a cat’s aversion to cucumber. Many believe that felines mistake cucumbers for snakes, which is possible. There are many natural predators of cats.