Why Is My Cat Obsessed with Feet?

why do cats like feet smell?

Some cats love their owners’ feet and will sniff, bite, and lick them. As feet aren’t always pleasant, some of us may be disturbed by this obsession. Cats attach themselves to feet because they’re one … Read more

Is It Weird for a Man to Have a Cat?

characteristics of guys who like cats

We live in a world defined by stereotypes. Cats and their owners are subject to more pigeonholing than most. Cats are considered to be female pets. Ergo, single men that live with cats are often … Read more

Where Do Cats Go When It Rains?

where do cats hide in the rain?

Cats hate getting wet and will avoid rain whenever possible. If your outdoor cat is exploring when a storm rolls in, it will quickly look for a hiding place. This will ideally be in your … Read more

Why Do Cats Wiggle Before Attacking?

why do cats wiggle their bums before they pounce?

Wiggling typically means your cat’s getting ready to pounce and attack. Cats pounce on prey, their favorite toys, and their owners. Although, some cats abandon the pounce altogether after wiggling their bums. Cats wiggle their … Read more

Do Cats Have Control Over Their Tails?

do cats have control over the movement of their tails?

Cats move their tails instinctively. Cats’ tails can bend, rotate, and even curl on command. However, these dexterous appendages may seem stiff at times. That can make it seem like cats don’t have control over … Read more

Can Declawed Cats Defend Themselves?


Declawing a cat, also known as onychectomy, is a surgical procedure with lifelong consequences. Claws are a vital part of the feline anatomy and shouldn’t be amputated. Declawing reduces a cat’s ability to defend itself … Read more

Why Do Cats Lay on Paper?

why do cats sleep on paper?

If you drop a piece of paper, it won’t be long before a cat lays or sleeps on it. The same applies to a paper bag that lies flat. While paper is not really a … Read more

17 Really Disgusting Things Cats Do All The Time

gross things cats do

It’s no secret that cats have some disgusting habits. Though they’re descendants of the African Wildcat, cats have evolved to become much-loved family pets and faithful companions. However, cats have retained unsanitary feral traits that … Read more

How To Get A Cat To Come Out of Hiding Outside


Cats often go into hiding when they’re scared, upset, or unsure of their surroundings. Indoors, this is perfectly acceptable behavior, and cats will emerge when they’re ready. If your cat is hiding outdoors, though, it … Read more

Can You Hold a Cat Like a Baby?

is it okay to carry a cat like a baby?

Many owners liken their cats to children. They love to take care of them, cuddle them, and provide them with a safe living environment. Cat moms and dads often talk to their pets in a … Read more

Do Dog Silencers And Whistles Affect Cats?

can cats hear dog silence?rs

Dog silencers are mainly used to train canines. They emit a sound that’s believed to be unpleasant for dogs to lessen negative behaviors. This emitted noise is beyond a human’s hearing range but not a … Read more

Why Do Cats’ Eyes Glow in The Dark?

why do cats eyes glow at night?

Cats move with grace and ease at night, as though able to see perfectly. However, cats cannot see in complete darkness, but they do have superior night vision to humans. A cat’s eyes tend to … Read more

Does Weather Affect Cats’ Moods?

does weather affect cat behavior?

Much like humans, your cat’s mood is also impacted by weather changes. Some of these seasonal mood swings even mirror the same feelings that humans experience. The starkest changes will happen between different seasons, as … Read more

Why Do Cats Have Wet Noses?

is it healthy for a cat to have a wet nose?

If you touch your cat’s nose, you’ll find that it’s normally wet. New owners often believe that their cat has a cold or has nasal discharge due to another illness. That’s made worse if the … Read more

How Do Cats Learn Their Names?

can cats understand names?

Cats recognize their names and will respond to them with alacrity or in subtle ways. Oftentimes, a cat will prick up its ears when you call its name because it learns that something fun or … Read more

Why Do Cats Visit Other Homes?

why do cats go to other people's houses?

It’s thought that a cat will live anywhere if fed, but this isn’t strictly true. Cats know the difference between their home and another home, but like to visit other houses for several reasons, sometimes … Read more

Why Does It Itch When a Cat Scratches You?


A cat scratch on a finger, hand, arm or face will likely become really itchy. A quick swipe of the claws could lead to cuts, bleeding, itchiness, stinging, puffiness, or bacterial infection. The difference between … Read more

Do Cats Have Antiseptic Tongues?


Cats have an instinctive urge to lick their cuts because it has a soothing effect. Yet, the main reason cats lick their open wounds is because saliva can help to speed up the healing process. … Read more

Do Cats Miss Their Owners When Rehomed?

do cats miss their previous owners?

Cats have been domesticated for 10,000 years. Because of the shorter domestication period, cats display weaker responses when interacting with humans. Their standoffish demeanor means that whatever attachment a cat develops for its owners is … Read more

Will Cats Breed with Their Offspring?

will a cat mate with its offspring?

Cats are known to be promiscuous. Female cats (queens) will often copulate with multiple male partners (toms) during a single estrus period. Tomcats themselves are wired to spread their genes as much as possible. As … Read more

How Do Cats Show Dominance To Other Cats?

how do cats assert dominance?

Despite living with humans for millennia, cats are still viewed as asocial creatures. Unlike lions, they do not stick together in prides. In rare cases, a group of feral cats will form if there’s a … Read more

Why Does My Cat Have Long Whiskers?

why does my cat have really long whiskers?

Whiskers are one of a cat’s most identifiable features. They serve more purpose than mere aesthetics, though. Cats rely on their whiskers (vibrissae) to negotiate the world and remain safe. Whiskers must be as long … Read more

Is It Normal For Cats To Eat Human Hair?

is it bad for cats to eat human hair?

Cats are known to frequently groom themselves. However, some cats groom their owner’s hair by chewing on and eating it. There are various reasons why cats eat human hair, which will be explored in detail … Read more