Questions About Cats

why does my cat howl before and after using litter box?
Questions About Cats

Why Does My Cat Meow Loudly After Using the Litter Box?

Felines vocalize to announce their bowel movements when they have a health problem. If your cat meows loudly when defecating, it’s highly likely to be because the experience is uncomfortable. Your cat finds urination and defecation painful. A cat’s bladder or bowels could be a problem due to due to a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), bladder stones, feline interstitial cystitis, or swollen anal glands. Alternatively, your cat may be announcing that he has soiled his […]

is it safe to let my cat on the balcony?
Questions About Cats

Will Cats Jump Off Balconies?

High-rise apartments are typically safe for indoor cats, unless they have balconies. As such inquisitive creatures, cats will want to explore a balcony. Legend claims that cats always land on their feet, but you definitely won’t want to test that theory from multiple stories. Cats can have accidental falls. Perhaps they’ll lose their balance while walking on a balcony, or will be blown off by strong winds. A cat may chase a bird and miss […]

how to keep your house from smelling like cats
Questions About Cats

How to Prevent Your House from Smelling Like Cats

The aroma of a feline-friendly house is unappealing to guests and visitors. So, taking action to prevent a house smelling of cat body odor, urine, and poop is essential. Regardless of what pet owners think, cats do create a distinct smell in their home. But cat scents can be easily nullified. Vacuum daily to pick up stray fur and litter. Keep a regular laundry rotation of blankets, pillows, and beds. Regularly refreshed air purifiers are […]

pets that get along well with cats
Questions About Cats

What Pets Get Along with Cats?

Pets that get along well with cats are few and far between. Most felines don’t like each other, let alone other species of animals. Perhaps a more realistic goal is to find pets that cats won’t kill. Indifference to other pets is as good as affection where felines are concerned. Compatibility depends on the age and temperament of your cat. Dogs and cats can become friends if their personalities mesh. Small pets should be avoided […]

are radiators safe for cats?
Questions About Cats

Can Cats Burn Themselves on Radiators?

Your cat needs to stay warm when it’s cold outside. Not surprisingly, felines are naturally drawn to heat sources, such as radiators and heaters. This potentially leaves your cat at risk of burns and scalds. Cats and high heat can be a dangerous combination if not monitored closely. A correctly-functioning radiator is unlikely to burn your cat as it will usually walk away when it is too hot. However, a faulty thermostat could cause the […]

reasons to keep cats indoors
Questions About Cats

Pros and Cons of Keeping Cats Indoors Permanently

Indoor cats vs. outdoor cats: it is a source of constant debate for pet owners. Is it cruel to make your feline live inside permanently? Do the risks of letting cats wander outside outweigh the benefits? Every cat owner thinks very carefully about these questions before making a decision. An indoor cat never encounters traffic and won’t leave dead mice or birds on your kitchen floor. However, he may require more stimulation from you as […]