Is It Weird for a Man to Have a Cat?
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Is It Weird for a Man to Have a Cat?

Popular opinion dictates that cats are feminine pets, and should only be adopted by women or families. A single man with a cat is often viewed with suspicion. Creepy, weird, and unusual are all words often attributed to single men with pet cats.

An increasing number of single men are keeping cats as pets. Male cat owners are caring and nurturing. They understand body language cues and the need for space. They’re even considered more intelligent, according to some scientific studies.

It takes a specific personality for a guy to want a cat. In many respects, the traits required are considered wholly positive. Naturally, everybody is unique and has a different personality. For the most part, male cat owners are trustworthy and engaging company.

Guys with Cats are Weird, Right?

Any single man that lives with a feline companion will undoubtedly have heard this claim before. Cats are regarded as a pet for women and families. Some people feel that guys with cats are creepy.

Of course, this is not something that can be taken seriously. We are all individuals, and cats are popular pets. Living with a cat is hardly comparable to a collection of human skulls in the basement.

Perhaps due to this, single men with cats remain an outlier. If you are male and live with cats, you’ll no doubt be used to raised eyebrows.

This perspective is slowly starting to change, though. In a world of the #MeToo movement and mainstream metrosexuality, “cat men” are increasingly accepted.

Felines still aren’t for everybody, and neither are the men that love them. Fast-forward a few years, though, and who knows?

Why Would a Man Want a Cat?

If a single man seeks animal companionship, a dog is the first thing we think of. There are many reasons why men may like cats. These include:

  • He works long hours and needs a pet that can be self-reliant to an extent
  • He lives in a small apartment with no yard, which would leave a dog frustrated
  • Dogs aren’t permitted under a rental lease, but cats are fine
  • He travels frequently and would struggle to find a dog sitter
  • He has a physical issue, which makes long walks and prolonged exercise difficult
  • His home has a rodent problem and needs a mouser
  • He’s allergic to dogs

Of course, there’s also one other explanation. Maybe he happens to like cats. This does not mean that there is anything odd about him.

personality of a man who loves cats

Why are Cats Considered a Feminine Pet?

Think of a solitary pet owner for a cat and you’ll likely imagine a woman. Cultural stereotypes play a big part in this. There are many reasons why cats could be deemed more feminine than dogs:

  • Cats are more introverted and quiet than dogs. They walk softly and typically display a little more elegance.
  • Cats value personal hygiene and loathe being messy. Dogs can be comparatively sloppy and have no problem getting dirty.
  • When cats verbalize, they sound softly spoken and high-pitched. Dogs can have a deeper, baritone bark.
  • Folklore has long depicted black cats as companions to witches. Witchcraft itself is often considered a feminine pursuit.
  • Cats are soft and comparatively frail. Cats do not enjoy the physical roughhousing that many dogs relish.
  • Ancient civilizations worshipped cats as a symbol of fertility.
  • Once cats exit kittenhood, they age and mature quickly. Dogs have a tendency to remain goofy and playful for longer.

According to DVM360, cats also bond with female owners faster than men. This could be because felines react well to women’s nurturing energy and softer voices.

None of this means that men cannot make good cat owners. Countless men enjoy the company of cats within a family home. It’s just a comparative rarity to find a single man with a feline pet.

Typical Personality of a Man Who Loves Cats

You can’t judge a man’s personality exclusively on the choice of his pet. Everybody is different and has their own quirks and foibles.

Despite this, cat men are believed to have particular personality traits. Men that own cats are comfortable in their own skin. They don’t care about what other people think, or concern themselves with appearing, “macho.”

You can also expect a male cat owner to have a sense of humor. Our feline friends are mischievous and amusing with their misadventures frequently posted online. If a man enjoys such videos, he’ll be relaxed and cheerful.

It’s also believed that male cat lovers are more thoughtful and sensitive. They understand boundaries as they already live with somebody whose mood can change in an instant. They’re also used to reading non-verbal cues.

Cat-loving men also tend to be homebodies. Nobody will adopt a pet if they want to be out every night. Cats make a house a home. These guys will typically prefer staying home and bingeing Netflix to a night of partying.

guys with cats are weird

Perhaps most of all, you can be assured that a cat-loving male understands loyalty. Earning a feline’s love and affection takes time and patience. A cat-loving guy will not run away at the first sign of dissent in a relationship.

A man with a cat will also be used to taking care of somebody. Cats may be aloof compared to dogs, but they still have complex needs. Rest assured that a man with a cat would be prepared to do his share of the housework.

Male cat owners must be prepared to relinquish at least some control in a relationship. Cats rule the roost in any house that they live in. A cat man will be prepared to accept this with good grace.

Are Guys with Cats Attractive to Women?

Some women will enjoy the common traits associated with cat-loving men. Others will stand by the stigma, continuing to insist that guys with cats are creepy.

The good news is that male cat owners are finding it easier than ever to forge connections. It’s becoming increasingly commonplace for men to embrace their love of cats. Studies like this, which claim that cat owners are more intelligent, will only bolster their willingness.

Are There Disadvantages to Dating a Man with a Cat?

Perhaps you’re allergic to cats or do not like cats. Expecting somebody to give up their cat for you is a lot to ask, especially if it’s a new relationship.

Cats can also be emotionally demanding animals. They may become jealous and resentful at a new person entering its owner’s life. Nobody wants a feline love rival.

A man with any pet will also be tied down to an extent. Vacations will be possible, but cat sitters will have to be found first. There will be limits to how spontaneous a man with a cat can be.

Cat Guys vs. Dog Guys

So, you’re on the dating scene, and you have two options. Both men are animal lovers, which is a plus, their affections are split. One likes cats and the other likes dogs. What are the differences?

Let’s break down the key characteristics of cat and dog lovers:

 Cat GuysDog Guys
How Outgoing Will He Be?A male cat owner is likely to be introverted. Cats are quiet and self-contained animals. They also prefer to stay home, dozing by a warm fire. This means that their owners will seek similar energy.Dog owners are more likely to be extroverted. Dogs are loud and boisterous pets, and they demand constant attention. What’s more, dogs need regular walks. Dog owners need to be social as they’ll regularly stop for a chat with fellow walkers.
Will He Be Needy?Cat owners are used to meeting the needs of another living creature. They’ll also be used to not receiving a great deal in return. Cat-loving men will not need to be constantly reassured that you matter to them. They will pick up on non-verbal cues and feel comfortable in their own skin.Dog owners are used to being showered with affection and unconditional love. This means they may not be quite as in-tune with subtlety. Dog guys are more likely to need reassurance that they matter than cat owners.
Will He Be Confident?Male cat owners don’t care what anybody thinks. A male cat lover will be used to being judged for his choice of pet. The fact that it doesn’t bother him speaks volumes for his confidence.Take a look at the guy’s dog and how he interacts with them. Are they overcompensating for something? Dogs are often considered to be protectors, and even status symbols. Ensure the guy enjoys canine companionship for the right reasons.
Will He Be Flexible?Cat owners need to be strict and regimented with their regime. If a feline’s schedule is changed, they’ll know about it. A cat guy is unlikely to change his routine too much, especially at short notice.Spontaneity and dog ownership are incompatible concepts. Canines cannot be left alone for prolonged periods. If you’re interested in sharing your life with a dog owner, be prepared for the commitment. Vacations will be tricky and nights out will need to be cut short.
Will He Be Caring?Cats are not easy to look after. They have complex needs and are easily stressed. You can be assured that cat guys have a caring and nurturing persona. His pet wouldn’t stick around otherwise.Most dog guys will build their lives around the needs of their pet. While dogs are wonderful company, they need near-constant attention. There’s a reason many people consider puppies to be practice runs for babies. Dog guys will be used to caring for another soul.
Will He Tolerate Other Pets?If you date a cat guy, he’s less likely to tolerate other pets. Cat lovers tend to lean on the side of loving cats exclusively and disliking dogs.Dog owners are frequently more open-minded surrounding animal companionship. Of course, some dog owners loathe cats and announce this at every opportunity. Many will enjoy the company of felines too, though.

Unique personality traits of the guy and his animal must also be taken into consideration. If you’re prepared to play the odds, these traits are widely universal.

Best Cats for Single Guys

If you’re a single man looking to adopt a cat, some are better than others. According to The Meow Place, five breeds, in particular, stand out:

  • Kurilian Bobtail. This breed hails from Russia. It’s believed to be strong enough to defeat bears in physical combat. That’s not a weak pet.
  • Sphynx. The unique appearance of the hairless Sphynx is presumably part of its appeal. This breed may not be as initially adorable as others, but can make great pets.
  • Maine Coon. Maine Coons are giants. They can weigh an impressive 18 lbs. once fully grown.
  • Lykoi. The unique appearance stems from a genetic mutation. The result is a cat that resembles a werewolf. That may be terrifying at times, but it’s an undeniably masculine-looking cat.
  • Bombay. It resembles a pint-sized panther, which is enough to prevent any sniggering. Judgmental souls don’t need to know that this is one of the most affectionate breeds around.

Of course, there’s nothing to say that a man cannot own any cat he wishes. For anybody nervous about the reaction, these felines will make a unique impression.

There is nothing strange, weird, or creepy about a man having a pet cat. So-Called cat guys are becoming increasingly commonplace.

There are definite advantages to sharing your life with a guy that loves cats. He already demonstrates a range of caring and nurturing behaviors. You can be assured that he won’t be selfish.

The main challenge you’ll face with men that love cats is jealousy from their pet. Win over the feline and you can relax. Everything from this point on will be comparatively simple.