Should You Trim Your Cat’s Ear Hair?

can you cut cat ear hair?

Ear hair falls into two categories: ear tufts and ear hair furnishings. As a cat’s ear hair can look overgrown and messy, owners sometimes want to know if it’s safe to trim. However, only one … Read more

What Does Cat Trilling Mean?

what do cat trills mean?

Trilling is a high-pitched chirping sound that cats make to greet people or other felines. It’s a welcoming noise that signals when a cat is happy to see someone. Cats also use it as a … Read more

Do Cats Like Watching TV?

what does tv look like to a cat?

Cats are curious creatures that are highly responsive to visual cues and interesting sounds. They require mental stimulation, which is what television provides cats. Some cats love watching TV. Their brains process images much faster … Read more

Do Cats Know the Time of Day?

can cats tell time?

Cats thrive on daily routines. So, they’ll expect to be fed, fussed, or played with at the same time each day. If you deviate from a routine, it causes cats distress. Despite how it seems, … Read more

Why Do Cats Smell Everything?

why is my cat smelling everything of a sudden?

Cats largely navigate their world using their noses. A quick sniff can tell a cat what an object is, who it belongs to, and where it’s been. Because of that, your cat will readily sniff … Read more

Where Do Cats Like To Be Petted The Most?

where do cats like to be stroked the most?

Cats are known to be somewhat aloof animals. Despite that, many cats appreciate petting and rubbing from their owners. While some may only request petting now and then, others love it, but only in certain … Read more

Are Indoor Cats Happier in Pairs?

do cats get lonely without another cat?

Indoor cats are kept safe by a catio or specially made play area. This means that you might be concerned that your cat gets bored when you’re not there. So, should you get another cat … Read more

10 Little Known Facts About Black Cats

black cat facts and information

Depending on who you talk to, black cats may seem either mysteriously beautiful or scary to look at. Although you’d imagine they’re rare, given their infamy, there are 22 domestic breeds that have solid black … Read more

Can Cats Swim in Water?

do cats instinctively know how to swim?

It’s believed that cats loathe water, with speculation that it’s because they’re unable to swim. As a natural instinct, they will avoid water to keep themselves from accidentally drowning, or so it’s said. However, many … Read more

Why Do Cats Prefer One Person Over Another?

why does my cat like me more than anyone else?

Cats have a reputation as being cold and aloof, which is inaccurate. Cats form strong and complex bonds with their owners. Cats often gravitate to one person over anybody else, assigning a so-called favorite human. … Read more

Are Cats Good Pets For College Students?

adopting a cat in college

College is an important time in any student’s life, but it’s also a stressful time. A pet can help you unwind after class and keep you company during all-nighters. That’s especially true for cats due … Read more

Do Cats Become Like Their Owners?

cat mirroring behavior of owner

Cats are known to have clear and forthright personalities. They can be picky eaters, have distinct preferences on how they’re petted, and even take longer to train. However, as your bond with your cat grows … Read more

What Does It Mean When A Cat Burps?

why is my cat burping?

Burping is rare in cats, so when they frequently belch, it’s likely a sign that something’s wrong. Unfortunately, there’s a lack of available information about why cats burp, so it’s safe to assume it doesn’t … Read more

What Does A Flame Point Siamese Look Like?

flame point Siamese genetics

Siamese cats are among the most popular breeds due to their pleasing appearance and friendly, affectionate nature. Flame Points Siamese cats are a color variation of this classic breed. They’ve retained many of the Siamese … Read more

Why Is My Full-Grown Cat So Small?

why is my cat so small and skinny?

There are many reasons why a full-grown cat may be undersized, including stunted growth and weight loss. By themselves, these causes are usually the symptoms of malnourishment, parasites, or health problems. However, there are cat … Read more

Do Cats Get Along with Parrots?


Cats are either stealthy hunters or sleepy balls of fluff. This makes it hard to determine the outcome if you mix cats with other animals. That goes double for birds since they are the natural … Read more

Why Can’t My Cat Meow Anymore?

cat tries to meow but nothing comes out

Your cat has stopped meowing all of a sudden. This isn’t normal feline behavior because cats verbalize to let humans know that they want food or attention or express annoyance with a situation. If your … Read more