why do cats bond with only one person?
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Why Do Cats Prefer One Person Over Another?

Cats are sparing with affection, regularly reserving their love for one person. This isn’t always her owner. She ‘may’ prefer a friend or family member over the person who gives her a home.

A cat may feel like a specific person understands her better than others. She likes people who provide food, playtime, and security. Do not force her to interact with you, though. Felines usually prefer humans that only approach them when they’re invited to do so.

A common mistake that people make is attempting to engage with a cat constantly. Cats desire attention from humans, but they want it to be on their own terms. This guide discusses the complex feline-human dynamic and how cats choose their favorite people.

Why Do Cats Bond with Only One Person?

Cats don’t just bond with one person. Cats are more than capable of bonding with, and expressing affection for, multiple people. However, your cat will have a favorite person.

You may bring a cat home and do everything for them. Feed her, play with her, help with her grooming, change her litter, and much more.

why do cats like me so much?

Despite all these efforts, your cat may prefer your husband or wife. She may be more interested in one of your children. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend visiting the house, your cat may have a preference for them over you.

Taking offense is easy. That’s the way your cat thanks for you after everything you’ve done for her. Don’t judge your cat too harshly, though. You may be pushing them away without even realizing it.

Why Do Cats Pick a Favorite Person?

Your cat is not consciously choosing one person to adore above all others. It just happens when a cat feels like somebody understands her needs better.

Communication is essential to your cat. This leaves her reliant on people picking up on her subtle body language cues. While you may think that you’re training your cat, she training you.

Signs That You are a Cat’s Favorite Person

There are many ways to tell if a cat loves you. Insider lists these in further detail. Cats can love more than one person. What you want to know is whether you are your pet’s favorite human. Their soulmate, if you will. Typical signs that your cat values you above others are:

  • The cat ignores other people and looks for you, even if you’re in a different room
  • If you live with the cat, she will sleep in your bed, curled up against you
  • The cat informs you personally that she’s hungry
  • The cat drops toys at your feet asking to be played with

A cat will follow her favorite person everywhere. She’ll trot behind you from room to room. She’ll insist on accompanying you to the bathroom. She’ll sit beside you on the sofa.

If you enjoy this cherished position, enjoy it. Just don’t become too arrogant. It doesn’t make you a Cat Whisperer. The next feline to enter your life may prefer your spouse or one of your children.

How Do I Become My Cat’s Favorite Person?

Cats are independent and strong-minded. She’ll choose her favorite person. There may be nothing that you can do to sway them. You should do whatever you can to make your cat happy.

Your pet is not interested in being your court jester or servant. She thinks that you’re another feline anyway, according to Cnet. As a result, she expects you to know how to act around her. Things that matter to a cat, and help her to choose a favorite person, include:

  • Feeding. A cat will notice who controls the food.
  • Play. Cats notice who plays with them in ways that they appreciate.
  • Security. Cats need to feel safe. She’ll appreciate a human that gives her space.
  • Grooming. Cats that groom each other are demonstrating affection. If you help with her grooming, she’ll love you for it.
  • Cleaning Litter. Cats are very clean. She will notice the person that helps her stay that way by changing her litter after each usage.
  • Responding. Cats continuously emit subtle signals of their wants and needs through body language. If you respond appropriately, you’ll make a great impression.
  • Trust. If you annoy a cat regularly by not respecting her boundaries, she’ll lose trust in you.
  • Patience. What is most important to a cat is that you let her make the running. Somebody that forces a feline to interact will never be a favorite.

Your cat loves you and craves your attention. She just wants it to be on her terms, though. Fail to acknowledge this and everything else counts for nothing.

Cats like humans that aren’t too pushy. One of a feline’s least favorite things is being picked up unexpectedly. She considers herself to be the master of her own destiny.

If a cat jumps into your lap of her own accord, then great. Plucking a cat from her favorite cushion and dropping her into your lap will not endear you to your pet.

Cats also prefer people that understand the limits of their patience. It’s better to stop petting a cat five minutes before they’re done than five seconds after. This is another example of felines looking for somebody that understands them.

Cats believe that humans should speak when spoken to. They’ll announce when they’re ready for attention. If they are not asking for such focus, it’s best to leave a cat alone.

How Do Cats Choose Their Favorite Person?

Sometimes, instinct kicks in. Cats may choose their favorite person because they look, sound, or smell like somebody they previously loved.

Let’s imagine that you adopt a rescue cat. This pet previously lived with a silver-haired old lady, who sadly passed away. The cat still misses and pines for her old owner every day.

why do cats pick a favorite person?

You bring this cat into your family home and she starts a new life. Your cat learns to love everybody in the house. The inhabitants include:

  • A burly and bearded gentleman with a booming voice
  • A young, raven-haired lady that is busy keeping the house running
  • Two boisterous, excitable young children that love to run and play
  • A gentle, silver-haired old lady that loves to pet cats

Realistically, the cat is going to prefer the old lady. She will quickly imprint upon the person that reminds her of past pleasurable experiences.

The opposite is also true. The gentleman in our hypothetical scenario could dote on the cat and do everything for them. If a man with a beard previously mistreated the cat, she’ll always be cautious.

If cats do not have the experience to draw from, it comes down to how she was treated. Remember, your cat thinks of you as her equal, not her master.

If your cat is playful, she’ll likely imprint on somebody with high energy. If your pet is more sedentary, she’ll pick whoever spends the most time sitting down.

Why Do Cats Like Me So Much?

If you are not a ‘cat person,’ you may find that felines are irresistibly drawn to you. If you have allergies to cats, you may actively try to avoid them.

Unfortunately, this indifference is attractive to a cat. When she meets somebody new, she’ll be curious. She’ll want to check your scent and find out what makes you tick.

Some people, especially cat lovers, will take this as an opportunity to make a fuss of the feline. They’ll pet the cat, or pick her up for a cuddle. The cat did not ask for this and finds it infuriating.

Somebody who has no interest in the cat is much easier to handle. The longer you avoid interacting, the more the cat can sniff you. She’ll react according to the findings of her nose, usually by rubbing against you.

Do you smell like a dog? That won’t do. The cat will rub herself against you to overrule that unpleasant aroma.

Do you smell neutral? Then you are unclaimed by another cat. This will inspire your cat to rub her scent against you. This sends a message to other felines that you have been marked.

How Do I Get a Cat to Leave Me Alone?

This is a challenging situation. You must never act with cruelty toward a cat. You’ll feel awful, potentially traumatize the cat, and end up scratched or bitten.

Acting cold and aloof toward a cat would seem to be the easiest solution. As we have discussed, this makes you more appealing. The feline heart is a fickle thing.

why do cats like a certain person?

The right approach is teaming up with the cat’s owner. When the cat approaches you, get somebody to quickly take her away.

It’s pivotal that you do not react. Don’t touch the cat yourself. Don’t apologize and try to explain. Just carry on going about your business.

This process may have to take place many times. Sooner or later, the cat will get bored of this and delay her approach. You’ll need to continue the training at this stage as cats can be persistent.

Get your associate to reward your cat every time they stay away from you. Periodically increase the time between treats and the cat will lose interest in you.

It’s an old cliché that cats choose their owners, rather than the other way around. There is an element of truth to the saying, though. Cats have favorite people.

If your cat seems to prefer somebody else, don’t worry. It doesn’t make you a bad owner. It doesn’t even mean they don’t love you. There’s just something about this other person that attracts your cat.

It may be based on memory, or it could be an X-factor. You can’t do anything about it. Just concentrate on making her as happy and contented as you can.