Why Do Cats Scratch The Floor After Pooping?

why do cats rub the floor after pooping?

Cats can develop behaviors that owners find difficult to understand, such as scratching the floor after pooping. This behavior usually occurs when a litter box fails to mask the scent of its excrement. Cats scratch … Read more

Why Is My Cat Walking With An Arched Back?

what does it mean when a cat walks with its back arched?

Cats communicate through body language and vocalizations. However, it can be difficult for humans to understand the meaning of an arched back. A cat raising its back can signify contentment or aggression. Cats arch their … Read more

Why Do Cats Wag Their Tails While Lying Down?

why do cats flick their tails when lying down?

Many cues about cats’ emotional state revolve around how their tail is moving. This includes tail-wagging, shaking, and thumping. When paired with other signs, you can determine if they mean happiness, excitement, or agitation. Cats … Read more

Why Are Cats Portrayed As Evil?

why are cats depicted as evil?

Dogs are a man’s best friend, but cats are often enrolled as the sidekicks of villains and the alternate form of evil sorceresses. Why are cats always the bad guy? There are three theories why … Read more

Do Cats Deter Mice?

does the presence of cats deter mice?

Cats and mice have always been natural enemies. Cats hunt and kill mice, and mice show a natural fear when presented with a cat. However, you may wonder if cats can deter mice, not just … Read more

Can Cats Sense Illness in Humans?

can cats sense illness in a person?

Cats have the capacity to develop strong bonds of attachment with their owners. They imprint on their owners quite easily and can attune to their owners’ mood changes and feelings. So, it’s no surprise that … Read more

Do Cats Know To Stay Away from Fire?

will cats stay away from the fireplace?

Humans know that fire can be destructive. We understand that close contact with flames causes pain, which is why we take safety precautions. However, it’s natural to wonder if cats are mindful of the dangers … Read more

How Do Cats Walk So Quietly?

why are cats so quiet when they walk?

Silence is golden to cats. These stealthy, streamlined animals are born hunters, as well as being prey to other species. So, cats move quietly so that they can sneak up on prey and remain undetected … Read more

Will Cats Eat You If You Die in Your Home?

do cats eat dead owners?

Sometimes, you cannot control your morbid curiosities. A common dark thought, especially for pet owners, is if their cat will eat them, should they die in the home. Some say absolutely not, while others say … Read more

Why Does My Cat Keep Scratching Windows?


Owners are often curious as to why their cats constantly scratch at windows. The irritating sound generated grates on the nerves. Of course, some cats are more prone to this behavior than others. Cats scratch at … Read more

Which Cats Have The Longest Tails?

Cat with longest tail

The length of a cat’s tail is mainly dependent on its breed. Of course, there are other considerations, such as genetics, most notably the cat’s size. A cat’s tail size is relative to its body … Read more

Pros And Cons of Feeding Stray Cats

is it a good idea to feed stray cats?

Stray cats lead tough lives, so it’s natural to want to provide food whenever you see them. However, cats will keep coming back once you feed them, which can annoy neighbors or make stray feeding … Read more

How Do Cats Fall Asleep So Fast?

How Do Cats Fall Asleep So Fast?

Cats spend up to 75% of their lives sleeping. This gives cats an unfair perception of being lazy animals, but they sleep this much for important reasons. However, what is impressive is cats’ ability to … Read more

Why Do Cats Sniff Your Breath?

why do cats smell peoples breath?

Cats use their sense of smell to learn more about the world around them. So, when your cat sniffs your breath, it’s attempting to glean more information about you. Cats sniff your breath because it’s … Read more

Can A Cat Smell Another Cat On You?

can cats smell other cats on you?

Cats are naturally territorial creatures. Their sense of smell is also far greater than many other animals, including humans, so they can smell much more than we can. This includes unique cat smells and pheromones. … Read more

Do Cats Like To Play Fight with Humans?

how do cats play with humans?

Cats love to play. However, due to their predatory instincts, they may go too far. Similarly, owners that play too rough with their cats are at risk of teaching them bad habits, leading to anger … Read more

Should I Walk My Indoor Cat Outside?

can you walk a cat on a lead?

Cats aren’t known for taking walks with their owners. However, they do need plenty of exercise to stay healthy, which indoor cats commonly lack. That’s why house cats may benefit from a daily outdoor walk. … Read more

Why Do Cats Reach Out To Touch You?

why does my cat tap me?

It’s not uncommon for cats to reach out and touch their owners as they walk by. Some cats tap their owners gently, while others keep their claws exposed and catch their clothes or skin. This … Read more

Why Do Cats Like Sleeping on Laptops?

why are cats attracted to laptops?

Some cats are obsessed with sleeping on laptops. While it looks and seems like an uncomfortable sleeping spot, laptops provide things that cats are drawn to and enjoy. So, why are cats so attracted to … Read more

Are Cats Social or Loners?

are cats solitary?

Most people view cats as aloof and detached. They have a reputation for keeping to themselves and appreciating their personal space. Unlike dogs, which are highly social and desperate for attention, your cat may be … Read more

Why Do Cats Sit on People’s Laps?

why do cats like laps so much?

The pinnacle of ownership comes when your cat sits on your lap. Not all cats do this, but when they do, it’s a special moment to cherish. Cats sit on people’s laps because they enjoy … Read more

Why Do Cats Run Away From Home To Die?

Where Do Cats Go When They Die?

Cats exhibit many behaviors around illness and death that owners struggle to understand. Do cats run away to die, or do they prefer to pass away surrounded by their loving owners? The dying process is … Read more

Do Cats Smile or Grin When Happy?

do cats laugh?

Felines have deadpan, inexpressive facial features. This is why so many people misjudge the mood of a cat. Cats rely on subtle body language cues rather than grinning, laughing, and smiling to express feelings of … Read more

Does My Cat Only Want Me for Food?

does my cat love me or just want food?

Cats have a reputation for being aloof, using their owners for food. While this isn’t always the case, independent cats are less likely to form an attachment to their owners, only coming home to eat … Read more