Questions About Cats

how to cope with losing a pet suddenly
Questions About Cats

How to Cope with the Sudden Death of a Cat

Cats are part of our family. This means that, should something terrible happen to them, that it should be treated like any other bereavement. Anybody that loses a pet must be permitted to grieve appropriately. An unexpected demise is the most heartbreaking of all, as we often cannot say goodbye. Don’t expect to be just fine afterward. You probably will not be, and that is perfectly normal. This guide will discuss how to cope with […]

difference between male and female cats behavior
Questions About Cats

Are Male or Female Cats More Aggressive?

When choosing a cat, there are many factors to consider. Perhaps one of the trickiest decisions to make is whether to get a male or female cat. If you’ve never owned a cat before, you’ll be curious to know if there are any differences between the sexes of cats. Usually, cats express their anger in gradual stages, so you’ll have time to diffuse a hostile situation. However, if a cat feels very threatened, they may […]

cat looking out window meowing
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cats Look Out the Window at Night?

Cats are known for their odd behaviors and quirks, but one of their most fascinating qualities is their obsession with windows. When a cat finds a suitable window perch, chances are it won’t leave for several hours. Cats are skilled at entertaining themselves. Staring is an effective technique cats use to keep themselves busy, whether they gaze ahead while begging, stalking or just zoning out. Cats are curious creatures. When their owners have left for […]

why does my cat's tail tip puff up?
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cats Tails Puff Up Suddenly?

Cats are excellent at communicating their moods. Whether your cat is twitching its tail, swishing it, keeping it completely straight or is curving it gracefully, each action and position indicates a different emotion. A cat’s fluffed up tail can signal multiple messages. Learning to recognize them can increase your understanding of your cat’s emotions and strengthen the bond with your pet. Cats puff their tails to make themselves appear as big as possible and ward […]

do cats understand their names?
Questions About Cats

How Do Cats Learn Their Names?

A common complaint from cat owners is that their pet doesn’t approach them when called. This leads some to believe that cats are incapable of learning their own name. This is untrue. Cats can learn their name, if you put the appropriate training in. The earlier you can teach your cat, the better. Kitten brains are like sponges. They quickly realize that responding to their name is worth their while. Any cat can be taught […]

best cats for senior citizens
Questions About Cats

Are Cats Good Companions for Seniors?

When people retire, they have more spare time than they’re accustomed to. Many retirees choose to fill this additional time with hobbies. What could be better than caring for a pet that needs a home? Cats provide company, are a source of affection, and keep older people active and alert. We will explain how a cat can keep older people mentally and physically sharp. There are many factors that must be taken into consideration, though. […]