Questions About Cats

where cats like to be stroked the most?
Questions About Cats

Where Do Cats Like to Be Petted the Most?

Stroking a cat can invoke a variety of different reactions, both positive and negative. Felines are happy to receive human attention, but they’re also very particular about where it takes place and how. Knowing what parts of a cat’s body they like petted can prevent unnecessary bites and scratches. Of course, learning where your cat likes to be petted is just half the battle. You’ll need to rub their preferred body parts with the optimal […]

why cat so afraid of cucumber?
Questions About Cats

Why Are Cats So Traumatized When They See Cucumbers?

As anybody with access to YouTube will know, cat reactions to cucumbers are somewhat bizarre. Felines leap out of their skin when confronted by these vegetables. If you ever want to see your cat’s reflexes, see how they react to an unexpected cucumber. There are other possible expansions for a cat’s aversion to cucumber. Many believe that felines mistake cucumbers for snakes, which is possible. There are many natural predators of cats.

catnip uses for cats
Questions About Cats

How to Use Catnip Herb for Cats

Catnip (also called catmint, catswort, and catwort) is a perennial herb from the mint family that sends cats crazy with excitement. Very few felines are capable of resisting its minty appeal. So, knowing how to use catnip for cats is extremely useful for any pet owner to know. Catnip should always be used in moderation and with due care. Not every feline reacts positively to the impact of catmint. We will look closely at the […]

why does my cat try to bury everything?
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cats Bury Their Food (or Cover Uneaten Food)?

Cats have strange habits surrounding food. Chief among these inexplicable actions is burying and hiding meals or snacks. Felines meow to announce hunger, then your cat covers or buries the food. Hiding and burying food is a common feline behavior. It’s usually harmless. If you’re keen to train your cat out of the habit, we’ll provide some advice and tips to discourage this from happening. Why Do Cats Cover Uneaten Food? When a cat covers […]

are cats clean or dirty?
Questions About Cats

How Clean Are Cats?

Hygiene and cleanliness are crucial to felines and their owners alike. Pet owners don’t want a smelly or dirty cat. This makes it important to understand just how clean can cats can be. We will look at your cat’s personal grooming routines and behaviors, and how they stay happy. Learn when your cat is at their cleanest and which scenarios may necessitate a helping hand. Do Cats Need to be Bathed and Shampooed? Most cats […]

cat obsessed with fish tank
Questions About Cats

How to Keep a Cat Out of a Fish Tank

Many cats are obsessed with fish tanks. This is not surprising, when we consider how cartoonists depict felines and fish bones. While you see exotic fish as pets, your cat sees them as lunch. If your cat won’t leave the fish tank alone, you’ll need to take action. We will look at how to keep a cat out of a fish tank. Read on to learn how to keep your furry and finned pets safe. […]