Questions About Cats

where cats like to be stroked the most?
Questions About Cats

Where Do Cats Like to Be Petted the Most?

An affectionate cat may enjoy being petted one minute and respond with scratching and biting the next. Your cat’s erratic behavior can be confusing. Most cats enjoy being rubbed where their facial glands are situated, such as under the chin, around the cheeks and the base of the ears. Between the eyes and ears are also good choices. The least preferred places include the base of the tail, the tummy, the paws, and the limbs. […]

how far can a cat fall without breaking a leg?
Questions About Cats

How Far Can Cats Fall Without Getting Hurt or Injured?

In the wild, cats position themselves in elevated areas to survey the terrain. Domesticated cats enjoy the privacy afforded by height. Unfortunately, this leaves cats in danger of hurting themselves when falling. Cats can jump about 8 feet and fall the same distance without injury. Outside falls are more complicated. The higher a cat falls from, the better its chances of avoiding significant injury. Falls from a height allows a cat time to prepare itself […]

cat sniffing everything all of a sudden
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cats Smell Everything? Sniffing in Cats Explained!

A cat’s sense of smell is far superior to that of humans. A feline nose possesses 45 to 80 million olfactory receptors, whereas a human nose only contains about 5 million receptors. Therefore, cats are known to gather more information through sniffing things than from their eyesight. A cat will smell everything to examine its environment, discover food sources, and locate scent messages from other cats. Cat-to-cat scent messages are left by rubbing, scratching, urinating, […]

older cat sleeps in different spots
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cats Change Their Sleeping Areas?

Cats spend up to 16 hours a day sleeping. This means that the cat will likely vary its location from time to time. The cat is acting on instinct, and ensuring that it retains maximum comfort. Most cats have up to five preferred sleeping locations. Wild cats regularly move their nests and colony to avoid detection from predators. This instinct is carried over in domesticated felines. Cats also sleep in different locations to claim territory […]

cat kisses me on the lips
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cats Kiss You on the Lips?

If your cat kisses you on the lips, it is expressing significant affection. Cats are not always fulsome about their feelings. For your cat to express fondness for you physically requires a positive bond. Most often a cat will be imitating human behavior. It saw you kiss your partner or children, or another animal licking your face. The cat may also be grooming you or reliving positive memories from kittenhood. Also, consider if you have […]

interesting facts about black cats
Questions About Cats

27 Interesting Facts About Black Cats (with Pictures)

Few pets are as misunderstood as the humble black cat. Myth and superstition have surrounded these animals for centuries. Were you aware that there is only one genuinely black cat in the world, the Bombay? Did you know that cat shelters will not rehome black cats during October? Do you have August 27th circled in your diary for Black Cat Appreciation Day? These are some of the fun facts about black cats that are worth […]