10 Flame Point Siamese Cat Personality Traits And Behaviors

Flame Point Siamese cats are one of the rarest breeds in the feline world. Despite their rarity, they share several behavioral traits with Siamese cats that make them great pets.

Flame Point Siamese cats have lots of energy and are active throughout the day. They’re vocal, needy, and protective over their family. They’re also tolerant, which makes them good pets for families with young children. Flame Points are gentle, curious, laid back, and highly intelligent.

Even though Flame Point Siamese cats can be hard to find, they’re sometimes available for adoption through rescue centers, as owners underestimate how much time and attention they need.

What Is a Flame Point Siamese Cat?

Flame Point Siamese cats are a rare purebred breed, which are characterized by:

  • Red tips on their ears and face
  • Orange stripey tails
  • The rest of their bodies are predominantly white; some develop orange tabby markings.
  • Piercing blue eyes like regular Siamese cats.

Flame Point Siamese cats are a cross between a classic Siamese and a red or orange tabby American shorthair. This creates the orange point colors that they’re known for.

They were first bred in 1930. It took a significant amount of experimentation to blend the orange flame coloration and the desirable Siamese personality traits. Interestingly today, around 75% of Flame Point Siamese cats are male.

They’re not easy to find, so those looking to own one need to go to licensed breeders. The average price of a Flame Point Siamese cat ranges from $400 to $2000, depending on the age, the pedigree of the parents, and the breeder’s reputation. When getting one, make sure that:

  • You only buy from a reputable breeder
  • The breeder has the relevant paperwork
  • There are no apparent health problems
  • You don’t take your cat home until it’s at least 8 weeks old

Other Flame Point Siamese facts include:

  • Height: 16-21 inches
  • Weight: 9-14 pounds
  • Lifespan: 15-20 years

Personality of Flame Point Siamese Cats

As mentioned, Flame Points share several personality traits with their pure Siamese cousins. Alongside their beautiful coloration, their gentle and fun-loving temperament is what makes them so popular. These are the most prominent Flame Point Siamese cat behavioral traits:

1/ Active

Flame Point Siamese cats are constantly active and on the go throughout the day.

They have loads of energy and need plenty of exercise to burn it off. They love to pounce and jump around and can’t get enough of playing with their favorite toys and games.

This does mean that they are best suited to families with lots of time to spare. They can become naughty and destructive if they’re left on their own for too long or don’t have access to the outdoors.

They’re not the type of cat breed to stay in and sleep all day.

2/ Vocal

Flame Point Siamese are very vocal and meow at everything they hear and see. This is one of the most endearing aspects of their personality. They’re well-known talkers and vocalize to get things they want, such as food and cuddles. They also like to try their luck, as they’ll continue to vocalize after you’ve catered to their needs.

They have a deep, low voice, which they get from the Siamese side of the family. It’s not too unpleasant to listen to, but it’s loud and can sometimes come as a surprise. It’s also persistent and can continue into the night.

They don’t just meow. They follow their owners, chattering and crying away using their own feline language. If you listen attentively enough, you can gauge what your Flame Point wants through the sounds it makes.

3/ Needy

Flame Point Siamese cats demand attention all day long. They can’t get enough of their owners’ company and constantly need to know where they are.

They’re loyal pets, but they also require the same amount of dedication from their owners. While this is a loving and friendly part of their personality, it can sometimes become overbearing.

This intensely affectionate behavior predominantly comes from the Siamese genes. Flame Points become too fixated on their owners and find it difficult to be left alone. This can make them depressed and anxious.

Some Flame Points become one-person cats and develop an intense jealousy of other pets and people in the house. That’s why some owners prefer to get a second cat at the same time to prevent this from happening.

flame point siamese cat behavior

4/ Gentle

Despite having bundles of energy, Flame Points are sweet, gentle cats that are conscious of their owners’ feelings. To show their affection, they rub their cheeks on their owners and gently bunt them with their heads.

As described by Current Biology, cats form complex relationships with their humans, and these behaviors are just some of the ways Flame Points show they feel bonded. 

Flame Point Siamese like to snuggle up to their owners and enjoy spending time with them before wanting to play again. Most prefer to sit on their owners’ laps, while some get into bed with them when they go to sleep.

5/ Curious

Flame Point Siamese cats are curious and love to explore anything new and unfamiliar. Cats that are allowed outside regularly visit their neighbor’s homes, so it’s a good idea to get yours microchipped and place a quick-release collar on it so that there’s no doubt who it belongs to.

However, because Flame Points are rare, many owners prefer to keep them as indoor cats or create a catio in the garden where they can be outside without roaming off to new territories. They can retail for up to $4000 and this, coupled with their curious nature, makes them a prime target for thieves.

6/ Laid Back

Because 75% of Flame Points are male, they’ve inherited a laid-back personality. Females are more temperamental, but males are better at entertaining themselves for a little while. However, that doesn’t mean they’re laid-back cats, as they’re energetic and can be pretty hectic as a result.

Male Flame Points tend to be more cuddly and affectionate and are more likely to be lap cats. They seem to trust more easily and make bonds earlier than females.

All Flame Point Siamese cats have different personalities, so not all males will be as laid back as each other. Training and socializing them from a young age also have a big part to play in how your cat’s temperament develops.

7/ Obsessive

Because of their Siamese genes, Flame Points frequently engage in obsessive behaviors. Examples include constantly biting or licking themselves. They’re also prone to pica, which is a condition where cats eat things that aren’t food.

As described by Applied Animal Behavior Science, pica’s more common in kittens and young cats and affect Oriental breeds more than most. Thankfully, most cats outgrow it before they reach the age of two. Common non-food items Flame Point Siamese cats eat include:

  • Brushes
  • Candles
  • Elastic bands
  • Dirt and soil
  • Garbage
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Plastic
  • String
  • Tape
  • Wool and fabric (blankets, carpet, and clothes)

While pica itself isn’t dangerous, some of the non-food items your cat eats could be if they contain harmful bacteria.

8/ Protective

Like their Siamese family, Flame Point Siamese cats are considered one of the most protective and loyal cat breeds.

Because they form such strong bonds with their owners, they’ll defend you from a threatening situation. This could be anything, from interacting with a person they don’t recognize to an over-friendly visiting dog.

While Flame Points aren’t naturally aggressive, they may display some physical behavior in defense of you, biting, scratching, and hissing at the danger.

However, as mentioned, this protectiveness can lead them to become jealous and, subsequently, turn into one-person cats. This is why all members of your household should spend time socializing with the cat from a young age.

9/ Intelligent

Like all Siamese cats, Flame Points are clever animals. They learn how to use puzzles and games quickly, so they need multiple sources of enrichment around the house. Scratching posts, climbing frames, and interactive toys will keep your cat entertained for hours, but you’ll need to replenish toys to prevent your pet from getting bored.

Also, because they’re so smart, they’re easy to train. When using a clicker and positive reinforcement with a selection of tasty treats, they quickly pick up tricks.

They can even be taught to walk on a leash. Although not all cats enjoy this kind of training, so how much it’s willing to do all depends on your cat’s personality. With time and patience, you can certainly teach it the basics.

10/ Tolerant

Another trait Flame Point Siamese cats have is a high tolerance level, which means they don’t mind being cuddled. Not only are they tolerant of people, but they’re also capable of living with non-aggressive pets.

When you combine all of the personality and behavioral traits we’ve described, Flame Point Siamese cats are ideal for families, even those with young children.

However, as with all cats, you must teach children to be kind and gentle with their pets to avoid accidents or injuries. Doing so will also prevent your cat from getting too stressed out.

are flame point siamese cats mean?

Are Flame Point Siamese Cats Mean?

Flame Point Siamese cats are affectionate, loving animals that enjoy spending time with their owners.

While they enjoy playing and spend most of the day being active, they’re not purposely aggressive. They do sometimes bite and scratch accidentally while having fun, but they rarely mean it. Kitten Flame Points are more excitable, but even older cats have bundles of energy.

Note any anger or aggression, as this can be a symptom of a health condition or injury. Signs include:

  • Dilated pupils
  • Thrashing tail
  • Growling
  • Hissing
  • Biting and scratching outside of playtime
  • Crouched or tense body posture

Some Flame Points exhibit defensive behaviors in unfamiliar situations. This can make it seem like they’re mean, but they’re merely reacting to what’s going on to defend themselves.

Common Flame Point Siamese Cat Behavioral Problems

While Flame Point Siamese are well-tempered cats with a happy attitude, they can become anxious and bored quickly, leading to destructive behaviors, such as:

  • Shedding
  • Excessive vocalizations
  • Accidents around the house
  • Aggressive behaviors as their owners leave the house

They can also be territorial once they’ve strongly bonded with their owners. While some cats are happy to be around other animals, there may initially be fights, especially at first while they’re getting to know each other. This is why training and socialization at an early stage are so crucial.

If you’re planning to get a Flame Point Siamese cat as a pet, consider how much time you have to spend entertaining it to prevent unwanted behaviors. As long as you provide your cat with games, toys, and mental stimulation, you’ll have a happy and enriching life with your new pet. Here are some good names for a Flame Point Siamese cat.

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  1. Haha! I found my male flame point siamese in a ditch in an uninhabited stretch of road. Obviously someone dumped him. He was approx 6 weeks old, ugly as heck and loaded with fleas. This cat, I named him Weasel, another story, and he is the best, most amazing cat I have ever had. I have had dozens of cats, starting with those who slept in my crib as an infant.

    Weasel is loyal, loving, tolerant and oh, so siamese. We have so many stories to tell.
    He has viral issues and has had 2 entrpion surgeries. He is now 9.
    Some say these are not true siamese. I have had true purebred siamese. He is all of that and more because of his creampuff personality…AND his crossed eyes and zany sense of humor.
    I hope all of you have similar experiences.

    • I have a male flame point Siamese who has bright blue cross eyes. I rescued him from the anti-cruelty society originally wanting a small kitten as soon as I saw his face and held him and saw his super loving personality I could not leave without him he was pushing his face up against the cage and sticking his paws out and meowing as soon as they put him back in he is the best cat I have ever owned. His personality is larger than life his name is MERP which I think suits him very well with the derpy look he has on his face. So glad you rescued your little guy!

    • Mine was thrown out of a car window. Rocco was around two months old. He was covered in fleas also. He is the best cat that I have ever had. I call him my needy boyfriend because he is with me all the time. He follows me everywhere. Even gets up with me in the middle of the night when I have to pee. I wouldn’t have it any other way! He is such a beautiful boy and I am so lucky to be his momma!

  2. I didn’t realize that Flanagan was a Red Flame I got him from the shelter, He is not very social with ppl I have had him 3 yrs now and he is my buddy very vocal at night,He is a indoor cat and has no interest going outside I even have a hard time getting him in a carrier to get him to the vet it’s been a challenge getting his trust but I am not giving up him he has such a charter

  3. I have a 2 yr old male flame point. He is a Romeo and loves to be held like a baby. He is very smart and has vocalize the word momma many times. Very strange but cool. I am filled with affection and love everyday.

    • I have a 4 year old male flame point and he says mama too! I only recently found out what kind of breed he is. He has the most vibrant blue yes and I got him at a local humane society. Bizzy is a rare find.

  4. I have a 14 year old flame point Siamese, she was abandoned by her owners who left her at my great grandmothers when she was a year old. Now Gabby is my little shadow, cuddle buddy, and grumpy old lady. I wouldn’t give anything for her!

  5. I had a flame point for 5 yrs!!! I just recently lost him (Kashie) and I am so very heartbroken!! He literally was my child, I love him so much. He is everything you described in your article. The most intelligent, funny, loyal, protective, handsome baby boy ever!!! I took him on walks all the time without a leash. He would just walk behind me and follow me. Such a good boy! I miss him so much!
    Anyways, thx for letting me share!

  6. I have a 2 yo female named Chloe. This article explains her to a T. I knew she was picka, but no one believed me, now this proves it. She is super sweet and loving. She follows me everywhere, telling me about every part of her day. I don’t think she thinks my daughter can take care of herself. She’s constantly bringing birds to her door, trying to teach her how to hunt lol. I had no idea she was so rare.

  7. I have a flame 🔥 point . Found her as an abandoned kitty . Had the loudest voice . Prettiest blue 🔵 eyes I have ever seen . All characteristics of a flame point . Very playful – loyal – vocal . Loves attention . Hates being alone . She was abandoned and dirty living under my Jeep have had her for 11 months she’s about a year old . Best cat 😺 I have ever had . Flat out beautiful . Everybody that comes by our house notices his stunning blue 🔵 eyes . They are very visible in the day time .

  8. We were given our Flame Point when he was 7 months old. His papered mama escaped the house and had a date with the neighbor’s ginger tom. He was given to our friends who could not keep him due to her health issues. We took him in without a second thought. He fit right in with our older 2 cats. They were a bonded pair, but they taught him many things. He has mourned each of the 4 pets that have passed, the two older cats who passed at 15 and 22 yrs old, his Papillion which he had bonded with who passed at 17 yrs. And just recently the Yorkie who was 1 year younger than him. He has called for them until their ashes come back to the house. Then he stops. The other thing was my mom passed at home. The day before, he and the Papillion laid on either side of her for the 24 hours, only getting down long enough to eat, drink and potty. The moment she passed, they left their post. And laid together. Smudge is now 17 years old. He weighs 15 pounds. When he stands on his hind feet, he can lay those paws on my kitchen counter. He loves to help me cook. He has a meow for me that sounds like mam. My son whose name is Tim he says mim. He is very attached and very devoted. He holds conversations with us. He just recently was diagnosed with beginning stage of kidney disease, but we put him on the special diet and numbers are good again. We are sticking to the diet for him. Now we need to find a kitty for him. He needs the company of his own as well as us.

    • My best to you and your darling Frannie.

      My last seal point was diagnosed with renal disease at 6 years old.

      I out her on Farmina Renal and had her for another 5 years and 7 months from diagnosis. I attribute that to the food.

      Wish you many more years with him. ❤️

  9. I have a flame point Tonkinese kitten and is more intelligent, faster, more curious, than any cat I have owned or seen. I need to leash him at bedtime but he is learning. Playing with him is essential for the bonding I want. He comes for his name and no other. 4 months old and difficult. but when he turns on the charm the sun comes out. he is more everything. wow. I can see why someone would throw him away. For the average person he is too much cat

  10. I have a fire tip, who is male. I’ve had him for 13 years and love him dearly. I would be lost without him, he is a big daddy’s boy. I never thought I would ever be this attached to an animal, the cat has more personality than most people I know. If you are fortunate enough to own one then you know what I mean.


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