100 Good Names for Flame Point Siamese Cats

As soon as you pick a pet, one of the first steps is to give it a name. But choosing a good name for your Flame Point Siamese isn’t always easy, even though there are plenty available.

The name you choose for your Flame Point Siamese depends on its personality, age, gender, and appearance. The most popular names are cute in nature, such as Socks, Smudge, Crumbs, Tigger, and Simba. Traditional human names are also good choices, including Charlie, Oscar, Max, George, Evie, Millie, Bella, and Rosie. Thai-inspired names work well for Siamese cats, as do names found in popular culture. Koko, Yum Yum, and Sagwa are famous Siamese names that may fit your cat’s personality.

Here are some of the best Flame Point Siamese names and meanings to help provide you with some ideas and spark your imagination.

What Makes a Good Name for a Flame Point Siamese Cat?

Even though there’s no shortage of cat names for Flame Point Siamese cats, it can be daunting to think of a unique name for your new pet. But finding the right one is one of the most satisfying feelings for owners. To get the ideas sparking, consider your cat’s:

After that, you should think about:

  • How many syllables you’re happy to use
  • Whether your chosen name can be shortened
  • How quickly you can call your cat’s name

You might also want to consider choosing a name that your cat’s more likely to recognize. According to The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, cats can differentiate between vowels. Hard sounds (A, E, I) are easier for cats to understand. They also understand hard consonants, including B, D, K, and T.

O and U are soft vowels, which cats are unlikely to hear as well. That’s because they become buried in other sounds, so your cat is unlikely to recognize their name if it contains too many of them.

Similarly, try not to pick a name that sounds too similar to other names in the household. It will also make your life easier to avoid names that sound similar to commands you use, such as “sit,” “dinner,” and “down.” This will confuse your pet otherwise.

flame point siamese names and meanings

Top 10 Most Popular Flame Point Siamese Names

Flame Point Siamese cats are full of personality, so these names match their fun-loving nature. They’re some of the most popular for a reason, and while they’re not the most unique, they’ll suit most Flame Point cats. If you’re looking for a cat name that’s a bit more classic and traditional, consider one of these:

  • Ginger. A sweet nod to the flame-colored tips and tail.
  • Socks. This is one of the cutest cat names, especially if yours has foot markings.
  • Smudge. Smudge means “treasurer” in Persian.
  • Crumbs. This unisex name suits all Flame Point Siamese cats and their personalities.
  • Oreo. A nod to the beautiful white fur Flame Points have.
  • Tabby. Flame Points are half red or orange tabby American shorthair.
  • Ziggy. Inspired by David Bowie, this is an excellent name for a fabulous cat.
  • Tigger. Tigger has orange stripes, just like Flame Point Siamese cats.
  • Simba. Quite possibly the most famous cat name in the world.
  • Whiskers. Undoubtedly one of your cat’s most defining features.

Male Flame Point Siamese Names

Seeing as 75% of Flame Point Siamese cats are male, you’re likely looking for a slightly more masculine name for your cat. It’s normal for boy cats to have human names, so we’ve pulled together a wide variety (including some that are more fun and cute) that will suit any personality. Why not consider some of the following cat names for boy Flame Points?

  • Monty. This name is perfect for Flame Points with a posh personality.
  • Felix. A popular cat name that means “happy” or “lucky.”
  • Chester: This name is associated with sweet, life-loving cats.
  • Charlie. One of the most commonly used cat names in the world.
  • Oscar. Associated with cats of all sizes, shapes, and breeds.
  • Alfie. Only the cheekiest cats are called Alfie. Does this sound like yours?
  • Gizmo. A great name for fluffy Siamese cats with a cheeky side.
  • Jasper. This Greek name means “spotted or speckled stone.”
  • Max. Cats names Max are happy cats that love to be groomed.
  • George. Got a laid-back cat? Name it George!
  • Loki. Named after a mischievous Marvel villain.
  • Cosmo. This name suits white Flame Points, reflecting the stars.
  • Dexter. One of the most popular and well-loved male cat names.
  • Merlin. If your cat’s magical in your eyes, name it as such.
  • Pumpkin. A cute nod to your cat’s orange point colors.
  • Leo. The perfect name for a beautiful and regal Siamese.
  • Milo. This name’s associated with independent cats.
  • Theo. Meaning “divine gift,” which your Siamese no doubt is.
  • Isaac. Hebrew for “laughter” and perfect for comical cats.
  • Elijah. A classic Hebrew name meaning “lord is my God.”

Female Flame Point Siamese Names

Female Flame Point Siamese names can be a bit more feminine. Flowers make good cat names, but traditional human names also work well for pretty Siamese cats. Take a look at our list below and see if one fits your furry friend:

  • Sascha. “Sascha the Siamese” has a nice ring to it.
  • Ava. A pretty yet simple name that’s easy to spell and call.
  • Mia. In Spanish or Italian, Mia means “my” or “mine.”
  • Evie. This is Latin, meaning “life.”
  • Millie. This name has a cheeky ring to it – perfect for cats with personality.
  • Bella. Italian for “beautiful,” just like your cat.
  • Luna. This comes from the Latin name for the moon.
  • Lola. This is a popular name and as pretty as a picture.
  • Rosie. An English name meaning “rose,” which is a nice nod to the color points.
  • Beam. For Flame Points that make your heart beam with love.
  • June. A classic, traditional name derived from the goddess Juno.
  • Athena. Named after the Greek goddess of wisdom, just like your intelligent cat.
  • Sassy. The perfect name for a sassy Flame Point who knows her own mind.
  • Zelda. Named after the fierce warrior princess from the Nintendo game.
  • Daisy. Daisy is an adorable name for a sweet-natured cat.
  • Molly. Meaning “star of the sea.”
  • Poppy. Derived from a red flower, this name alludes to your cat’s flame points.
  • Jasmine. Of Persian origin, meaning “gift from God.”
  • Angel. If you have a well-behaved cat, name her accordingly.
  • Willow. Willow trees are beautiful to look at and are strong and sturdy.

Famous Flame Point Siamese Names

Some of the pet Flame Point Siamese names come from popular culture, including film, TV, and books. They’re more unique than more common cat names. This is ideal for felines with interesting personalities or defining physical characteristics. For inspiration, why not consider these famous names?  


Tao is a Siamese cat from Disney’s The Incredible Journey, which tells the story of Tao and his two canine friends, Luath and Bodger, as they travel over 250 miles (400 km) through the Canadian wilderness to return home.

D.C. (Darn Cat)

D.C. is the trouble-making main character of the 1965 film, That Darn Cat! If you’ve got a cheeky Flame Point Siamese, why not name it after this adventurous tomcat?

Skippyjon (Skippy)

Skippyjon Jones is the star of the children’s picture book series of the same name by Judith Byron Schachner. Even though Skippyjon is a Siamese cat, he has unusually large ears and a tiny tail, so he thinks he’s a Chihuahua.


Si is one of the sinister twin seal-point Siamese cats from Disney’s The Lady and the Tramp. She relishes causing mischief – does your Flame Point Siamese frequently get itself into trouble? If so, then this name could be perfect for your pet.


Am is Si’s equally-as-mischievous sister. She’s a sneaky Siamese who works with her twin to get others into trouble, including Lady and the Tramp from the 1995 Disney film.


Kao K’o-Kung is the full name of the Siamese cat that appears in The Cat Who… books by Lilian Jackson Braun. He’s more commonly known as Koko and goes out of his way to annoy or embarrass female humans he disapproves of. 

Yum Yum

Yum Yum is another Siamese cat from The Cat Who… book series. Sadly, she had a troubled past, but she was rescued by the main character Qwilleran to keep Koko company, who soon becomes firm friends. 


Sagwa is an inquisitive Siamese kitten and the main character of the children’s book, The Chinese Siamese Cat. It was later turned into an animated TV series, bringing Sagwa’s adventures to life on the small screen.


Kit is a familiar (an animal guide that protects new witches) in the popular TV series Charmed. Flame Point Siamese cats are protective of their owners, so this could be an excellent name for your loyal pet.


Pyewacket is another Siamese familiar, this time from the Hollywood film Bell, Book and Candle. It’s one of the most famous Siamese cat names – perfect for Flame Points with a dramatic side.

Shun Gon

Shun Gon is a Chinese Siamese cat living on the Parisian streets in the popular Disney film, Aristocrats. He’s part of the alley cats band, playing the piano and drums made out of pots. This is one talented kitty.

Thai-Inspired Names for Flame Point Siamese Cats

Because Flame Point Siamese cats are so rare and unique, you might want a name to match. For a name that no one else is likely to have, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite Thai-inspired cat names:

  • Aoi. Meaning “sugar cane,” which is sweet, just like your cat.
  • Chang. Translates to “elephant,” an animal known for its strength and intelligence.
  • Bua. The beautiful Lotus flower, which is sacred in Thai culture.
  • Jai. Which translates to “heart.” Perfect if your cat has stolen yours.
  • Kulap. Meaning “rose,” this name represents your cat’s orange points.
  • Kusa. Another beautiful Thai name for “heart.”
  • Niran. The translation is “eternal,” representing the bond with your pet.
  • Sanun. The perfect moniker for a “happy” cat.
  • Sanuk. This means “fun” – need we say more?
flame point siamese kitten names

Funny Flame Point Siamese Names

If you’re looking for a cat name that’s a little more comical, you can’t go wrong with a pun or fun reference to food. Funny names can lighten the mood and invoke joy – these names should fit your fun-loving Flame Point perfectly:

  • Little Si
  • Jennifurr
  • Meowsie
  • Purrito
  • Katy Purry
  • Sushi
  • Catzilla
  • Ramen
  • Puddy Tat
  • Fishbait
  • Kit-Kat
  • Shimbleshanks
  • Jiggles
  • Cindy Clawford
  • Catalie Portman

Cute Names for Flame Point Siamese Cats

Flame Point Siamese cats are adorable – and their name should be, too. Find a moniker to match your cat’s personality and appearance with one of these cute identifiers:

  • Sweet Paws
  • Nutmeg
  • Lynx
  • Cinnamon
  • Dusty
  • Rosey
  • Flower
  • Cuddles
  • Sweet Cheeks
  • Bubbles
  • Buttercup
  • Dimples
  • Jellybean
  • Marshmallow
  • Lollipop

While finding the right name for your Flame Point Siamese cat can feel like a chore, it needn’t be. Have fun with it, and maybe spend some time with your cat before committing to a name to make sure your chosen one suits it.

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