why does my cat follow me everywhere i go and meow?
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Why Do Cats Follow You Around the House?

The constant shadow of your cat can quickly become annoying and frustrating. While some attention is perfectly normal, a cat that invades your personal space all the time will gradually begin to irritate you. If your cat gets under your feet, it could lead to an accident or fall. These concerns (and more) will leave you searching for an explanation and a viable solution.

Companionship, curiosity, food, water, seeking attention, boredom, claiming territory, and health problems are the most likely reasons for a cat following you around the house.

Although many reasons why for your cat’s clingy behavior are harmless, health problems can be a more concerning factor. If your cat is in pain or feeling unwell, they could be trying to alert you. While sick cats typically retreat and seek isolation, other cats will come to you for help and assistance.

Why Is My Cat Following Me All of a Sudden?

Cats follow their owners for many routine reasons. While experienced owners can instinctively read the situation and make the necessary adjustments, new owners can easily become frustrated.

We’ll now look more closely at the reasons for your cat’s need for attention:

1) Companionship and Affection

Why does my cat follow me everywhere I go and meow? Well, friendship and affection could be an explanation. That is likely the case if a cat suddenly becomes more affectionate.

If your cat follows you from room to room and hangs on your every move, it could be a desire for some company. Perhaps they are the only pet in the house, or you have been at work all day? Companionship is one of the many signs that your cat loves you.

  • Was your cat a stray that you rescued? Depending on how long your pet had been living as a feral, it may have lacked specific teachings from its mother. If a proper bond with mom was never built, your cat could be looking to you to fill that void and has become clingy.

Take some time out of your day to pet your cat and show them that they are special to you. If you give your cat attention voluntarily, they are less likely to seek attention from you when busy.

2) Curiosity

Because cats are curious creatures, it is common for them to want to know where you are going and why. If you are always on the move, your cat may want to be a more critical part of your life.

my cat is suddenly clingy

Why does my cat follow me to the bathroom? Cats (especially kittens and young cats) can be as curious as children. It is a whole new world with many new things to experience. Things that are simple and mundane to you are exciting to a cat. That’s why cats drink out of the toilet bowl.

3) Food & Water

Cats want to drink cool and fresh water. They also want to eat fresh, wet food. If your pet is out of one or both of life’s essentials, it is likely that they will attempt to seek your attention. Stalking your every move could be your cat’s way of communicating with you in the only way it knows.

Why is my cat so affectionate all of a sudden? Some essential needs could easily be missing from its food and drink needs, or a part of its daily routine could be absent. Check your cat’s food and water regularly and make sure that other pets are not drinking or eating from your cat’s bowl(s).

4) Attention

Does my cat have a form of separation anxiety? If your cat follows you around shortly after you have left the room, it could be a need for your attention.

Some cats prefer to stay near their owners because they do not like to be left alone. Frequent meowing is often a sign that your cat wants your attention and your approval. Other cats prefer their own space. All cats are different with unique requirements.

Providing a distraction for your cat, such as a toy or playing with a piece of string, can keep them occupied for a while. Separation anxiety is less likely if your cat is kept occupied while you are away.

5) Claiming Territory

Your cat could be marking its territory. If your cat follows you around everywhere and rubbing against your legs constantly, this could be the underlying explanation.

In the same way that cats spray on objects to stake their claim, they also rub against you. The face of a cat is filled with scent markers which enables them to mark territory. Because scents do not last very long, your cat will have to make the same passes once again within 24-48 hours.

Do you have a multi-cat household? If cats are competing for your attention, they may follow you around as a means to compete with each other for territorial control.

6) Health Reasons

Although it is known that cats that are unwell prefer isolation, some cats will seek your attention. If your cat has suddenly become needy and clingy and continuously follows you around, they could be attempting to let you know that something is not right with their health.

does my cat have separation anxiety?

If you have a senior cat, back pain and arthritic joints are common issues. Your needy pet could be wanting you to massage their sore joints or provide some basic level of comfort.

  • If this behavior is sudden and contradicts their natural personality, there could be a reason for the change. An otherwise quiet cat that becomes increasingly vocal is another red flag. It is recommended that you seek the expert opinion of a veterinarian or behavioral specialist.

7) Boredom

Cats, like people, have periods of boredom. If what is going on in their world is not too appealing, they can be inclined to check things out in your world or do dangerous things, such as climbing a tall tree. If your cat is following you all over the house, it could well be due to boredom.

If your pet lacks adequate stimulation, the result can be random roaming through your home. Similar to a young child, cats often need to be kept entertained. Perhaps they need something to stalk or engage their natural hunting instincts.

  • Examine your cat’s daily routine and ask yourself if it is suitable. If your cat stays inside all day and has no toys or sources of engagement, it is crucial that you make modifications.

Behavioral Solutions

If your cat has a health problem, it will need veterinary care and attention. Also, issues related to past abuse require expert assistance from an animal behavioral therapist.

These problems are connected to basic needs not being met. Ensure that your cat has a fresh supply of food and water. Give them affection, and find time to play with your cat in the early evening.

If you do these simple things, your cat will be less inclined to follow you around the house meowing.