squeaking noises from cats stomach
Cat Health and Wellness

Why is My Cat’s Stomach Making Gurgling Noises?

It’s perfectly normal for a cat’s stomach to gurgle from time to time. Feline stomachs rumble when hungry, for example. However. there can be more serious reasons for gurgling sounds. Rumbling sounds are a normal part of digestion. So, noises immediately before or after eating aren’t a concern. However, parasites, obstructions or digestive tract conditions, such as inflammatory bowel disease, could be responsible. If your cat is vomiting or showing other signs of distress, you […]

my cat is in heat and won't shut up
Behavioral Problems

How to Stop a Cat in Heat from Meowing and Yowling

When a female cat enters heat, the noise is unrelenting. A cat in heat sounds like a baby crying. The noise will continue throughout your pet’s season, unless they can mate. The only safe option is to wait it out, and get your cat spayed. It’s safest to do this while your cat’s hormonal cycle is at rest. For immediate relief, simulate mating by gently inserting a Q-tip into the cat’s area. This is a […]