what causes stress in cats?
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10 Things That Stress Out Cats

Cats look like the epitome of cool indifference at all times. Watching your feline, you’d be forgiven for believing they don’t have a care in the world. The opposite is true. Cats are easily stressed, but they hide it extremely well. Just rearranging the furniture can wreak havoc with a cat’s biorhythms. Changes in their living situation such as a new home, owners or house guests can be stress triggers. Insufficient exercise and mental stimulation […]

cat looking out window meowing
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cats Look Out the Window at Night?

Cats are known for their odd behaviors and quirks, but one of their most fascinating qualities is their obsession with windows. When a cat finds a suitable window perch, chances are it won’t leave for several hours. Cats are skilled at entertaining themselves. Staring is an effective technique cats use to keep themselves busy, whether they gaze ahead while begging, stalking or just zoning out. Cats enjoy looking out the window for many reasons, from […]

do cats lose their hearing when they get old?
Cat Health and Wellness

Do Cats Lose Hearing in Old Age?

Has your previously responsive cat stopped paying attention to you when you call them? It’s easy to assume that this is just your pet being stubborn and belligerent. It’s quite possible, however, that your cat cannot hear you any longer. Critical nerves in feline ears deteriorate as they age, and hearing loss is the result. However, your cat’s hearing loss could be temporary, caused by blockages or sickness. Consult a vet and conduct testing before […]

cat stopped eating due to tooth pain
Cat Health and Wellness

Cat Not Eating Due to Teeth Problems – What Can I Do to Help?

Dental disease can result in swollen and bleeding gums, foul breath, mouth pain, loose teeth, loss of appetite and difficulty eating in cats. If left untreated, dental issues can cause bone infections, abscess formation, pain, and tooth loss. Bacteria from the mouth can even enter the bloodstream and affect your cat’s vital organs. Take your cat to the vet if it does not resume eating within 24 hours, or if you notice any accompanying symptoms. […]

is cat acne contagious?
Cat Health and Wellness

Is Feline Acne Contagious to Other Cats?

Feline acne is always concerning, but it can be particularly worrying if you have more than one cat in your household. Understandably, you’ll want to stop acne spreading between your cats. It would be quite rare for one cat to catch acne from another, but it does sometimes happen – especially in shelters and catteries. However, scientists have failed to determine exactly how cat acne is contracted. What’s more, feline acne can look very similar […]

do cats smile or laugh?
Questions About Cats

Do Cats Smile or Grin When Happy?

Everybody wants their pet to be happy and content. With cats, however, it can hard to tell. Felines can appear moody and malcontented one moment, and delightfully chipper the next. Cats are not biologically able to smile. Their brains are not wired to communicate this way. In fact, a feline that appears to be smiling may be trying to mask dental pain. Watch your cat carefully if they have started grinning and acting out of […]