cat pawing a piece of string
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cats Like to Play with String So Much?

Cats love to play with string because it is an opportunity to stalk and capture. It is a fun game for a cat, and it is a better option than them scratching leather furniture or your new carpet. Aside from eating and sleeping, there are few things more pleasurable for kittens and adult cats than pawing string. In many ways, it is the original cat toy. Dangling a piece of material off the edge of […]

where do cats sleep outside at night?
Behavioral Problems

What Do Cats Do at Night Outside?

Cats enjoy the same activities during the day (stalking prey, eating food, sleeping, and roaming the area) that they do at nighttime. The main difference is that your cat’s activities are more likely to be disturbed by wildlife and have to seek cover. While the daylight introduces the threat of local cats and dogs, there is now the risk of raccoons, foxes, opossums, etc. in rural areas during the night. In this article, we will look […]

how to stop your cat from bringing in live animals
Questions About Cats

How to Stop My Cat Catching Birds and Mice

If you allow your cats to roam freely outside, it is likely that they will catch mice and birds. You will likely wake up to find the remnants of various rodent and bird parts on your doorstep on many mornings. It is not a pleasant way to begin the day. The best ways to stop your cat from catching birds and mice is fitting your cat with a bell collar or bird-safe collar. You could […]

how to stop cats climbing into car engine
Questions About Cats

How to Get a Cat Out from Under a Car

Cats seek refuge under cars for shelter, safety, and sleep. Unfortunately, cats often fail to appreciate the risk posed by a parked car, van or truck. If you find a cat underneath a vehicle, you should do everything that you can to persuade them to move to a safer place. The top of the wheels and underside of cars provide warmth and security for cats. The likelihood of a cat sheltering under a car is magnified […]

how long can a cat survive in a tree?
Questions About Cats

How to Get a Cat Down from a Tree (without a Ladder)

Getting a cat down from a tree without a ladder requires patience and guidance. Talking to your cat in a gentle tone and coaxing them to follow your instructions with food can work well. How you act and what you say is crucial during this time as cats can be really stubborn creatures. One of the best ways to encourage your cat to navigate the limbs and branches of a tree is by making what […]

what to do when a cat scratches your eye
Questions About Cats

Why Does It Itch When a Cat Scratches You?

A cat scratch on a finger, hand, arm or face hurts a lot. Just a quick swipe of your cat’s claws can lead to cuts, bleeding, itchiness, stinging, puffiness, and bacterial infection. The core difference between a minor scratch and a painful infection often has little to do with the cut itself, but rather the state of the cat’s claws that inflicted the wound. Felines aren’t always as clean as we’d like to think. All […]