squeaking noises from cats stomach
Cat Health and Wellness

Why is My Cat’s Stomach Making Gurgling Noises?

It’s perfectly normal for a cat’s stomach to gurgle from time to time. Feline stomachs rumble when hungry, for example. However. there can be more serious reasons for gurgling sounds. Rumbling sounds are a normal part of digestion. So, noises immediately before or after eating aren’t a concern. However, parasites, obstructions or digestive tract conditions, such as inflammatory bowel disease, could be responsible. If your cat is vomiting or showing other signs of distress, you […]

how does a cat use its whiskers?
Questions About Cats

Do Cat’s Whiskers Provide Balance?

Whiskers – or, to use their medical mocker, vibrissae – are an omnipresent feature of any feline’s face. It’s no secret that they are essential, but what is the purpose of a cat’s whiskers? A cat’s balance is managed within the inner ear. Despite this, whiskers remain essential as touch receptors. This means that your cat uses their whiskers almost as radar, judging space and distance. This makes whiskers particularly important to your cat in […]

what are the causes of urinary tract infection in cats?
Cat Health and Wellness

How Do Cats Get Urinary Tract Infections?

A urinary tract infection (UTI) is a common health ailment in cats. If your cat is displaying unusual behaviors around its litter box, it may have a UTI. Usually, UTIs in cats are due to bacteria entering the urethra. However, stress and excessive grooming can also cause urinary tract infection. Symptoms include crying while eliminating, blood in the urine, and unsuccessful trips to the litter box. A UTI is very painful for cats. Worse still, […]

my cat gets poop everywhere?
Behavioral Problems

Why Is My Cat Dragging Poop Out of the Litter Box?

Cleaning up after your cat can be a chore, especially if it’s dragged poop all over the house. Cats are usually very clean animals, so it’s really worrying to see feces outside of the litter box. Cats may accidentally kick poop out of their litter tray when they’re trying to bury it. This is likely if they have mobility issues or the kitty litter is very fine-grained. Also, cats with parasites or constipation might accidentally […]

can cats sense when you are sick?
Questions About Cats

Can Cats Sense Illness in Humans?

As they have a strict hierarchical structure, cats can sense sickness in each other. This is why they’re so secretive. A feline knows that another cat will move for their territory if they detect weakness. A cat’s sense of smell means that it’ll pick up on any hormonal changes. Cats can read our facial expressions, too. This means they’ll notice if you are grimacing, or otherwise demonstrating physical pain. We will explain the symptoms of […]

why do cats have rough tongues?
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cats Have Such Rough Tongues?

Being licked by a cat is an honor. A cat flicking their tongue over your hand means that it accepts you as part of its family. However, the sensation can feel strange due to the coarse texture of a cat’s tongue. Feline tongues feel like sandpaper because they’re covered with tiny spikes. These barbs (filiform papillae) serve two purposes. They act as a comb while grooming, and they sear meat from the bones of prey. […]