cat has sticky fur
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How to Get Sticky Stuff Out of Cat Fur (Oil, Glue, Gum, Wax and Grease)

Cats are fastidious groomers, so you’ll rarely need to bathe a cat. It also means that you must be alert to anything sticky on her fur. If a cat is coated in a gooey substance, she’ll likely lick it. Given that this substance could literally be anything, you’ll want that from happening. To get sticky stuff out of the fur, you need cooking oil, water, and a cat-friendly shampoo. Heat some vegetable oil or olive […]

where are cats ticklish spots?
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Are Cats Ticklish (Paws, Back, Belly or Tail)?

Ticking cats can have extremely unpredictable results. Felines appear to be really enjoying the fuss and attention, but will suddenly turn round and bite/scratch you. Many owners assume that this is because the cat is ticklish, but the sensation has stopped being fun and become annoying. Cats feel the sensation of tickling, especially on the paw pads, belly, back, and tail. The form of tickling is called knismesis, but it will not make a cat […]

keeping a cat in a cage at night
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Should I Cage My Cat at Night?

The hours after dark can be difficult for cat owners. Felines rarely sleep through the night. Cats enjoy exploring and hunting under the cover of darkness. A free-roaming cat can be noisy or dangerous. Cats should be caged after surgery to prevent them from hurting themselves while you’re asleep. You can cage a kitten or former stray for a night or two. This will allow the cat to become familiar with its new environment. After […]

Can cats communicate with dogs?
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Can Cats and Dogs Communicate with Each Other?

Cats and dogs have a reputation for not getting along. In truth, these two species can peacefully co-exist. Communication between cats and dogs can be difficult, though. These animals use the same body language cues to convey completely different meanings. Given time, cats and dogs can learn each other’s body language. This is likelier if both pets grow up together. Eventually, dogs will adapt to a cat’s communication style. This will involve touching noses as […]

why are cats so silent?
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How Do Cats Walk So Quietly?

Silence is golden for cats. Felines are born hunters, as well as being prey to other species. So, a cat likes to move quietly. They can sneak up on prey, while remaining undetected by predators. When looking to remain undetected, cats have a particular gait. The cat moves both legs on one side of her body at the same time. This halves any potential footfall volume, while distributing weight over four limbs. Cats also walk […]

cat swishing tail when lying down
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Why Do Cats Wag Their Tails While Lying Down?

Cats have a reputation as being imperceptible, but they can be understood. A cat’s tail, for example, can reveal how it is feeling. Tail movement while lying down can be particularly revealing body language in cats. A cat wagging its tail is acknowledging a human/animal without getting up. This behavior can also denote excitement. If your cat is staring out the window, it is imagining pouncing on birds. The tail wagging is an imitation of […]