Factors that determine the length of a cat's whiskers
Questions About Cats

Why Does My Cat Have Long Whiskers?

Genetics and breed are primarily responsible for the length of your cat’s whiskers. Quite a distinct feature, long whiskers are very appealing and can only add to a cat’s distinguished appearance. Much more than an extension of your cat’s fur, whiskers serve a purpose that can be difficult for a non-cat lover to understand. Helping to anchor your cat’s sense of balance, security, and decision making, whiskers act as radar for your cat thus enabling […]

what to do if your cat eats plastic
Behavioral Problems

Why Do Cats Like Chewing on Plastic Bags?

Chewing on plastic bags is a favorite activity for cats, but it does carry health risks! Cats are drawn to plastic bags for a variety of reasons. It could be due to boredom, food smells, the chemical makeup of the bag (gelatin), the noise that plastic makes, and a desire to soothe aching teeth and gums. While the chewing of plastic is an activity that cats enjoy, this daily habit can put your cat’s health […]

how to stop your cat from bringing in live animals
Questions About Cats

How to Stop My Cat Catching Birds and Mice

If you allow your cats to roam freely outside, it is likely that they will catch mice and birds. You will likely wake up to find the remnants of various rodent and bird parts on your doorstep on many mornings. It is not a pleasant way to begin the day. In this article, we will explain why it happens and how to stop cats from catching birds and mice.

how long will a scared cat hide?
Questions About Cats

How to Get a Cat to Come Out of Hiding Outside

The best way to get a cat to come out of hiding outdoors is to appeal to their heightened senses and natural curiosity. You can do this through familiar smells, favorite foods, and gentle voice tones. Perhaps your cat is hiding in the bushes, has climbed a tall tree or is tucked away underneath a parked car. Regardless of the hiding place, you need to ensure that they have not sustained an injury before you attempt […]

how to pick up a nervous cat
Questions About Cats

How to Pick Up a Cat That Doesn’t Want to Be Picked Up

You should pick up your cat gently when they are in the right mood. You can sense when a cat doesn’t want to be picked up. Knowing when to leave them alone minimizes your risk of getting bitten or scratched by your cat. Remain patient and never force the issue. Although cats are affectionate, they sometimes show their ‘love’ in a not-so-loving way. While a puppy would love to be picked up and warmly embraced, […]

how to stop cats climbing into car engine
Questions About Cats

How to Get a Cat Out from Under a Car

Cats seek refuge under cars for shelter, safety, and sleep. Unfortunately, cats often fail to appreciate the risk posed by a parked car, van or truck. If you find a cat underneath a vehicle, you should do everything that you can to persuade them to move to a safer place. People are often busy or distracted, so they fail to perform the necessary safety checks before driving their car away before work or taking the kids […]