what do cats use their tails for?
Questions About Cats

Do Cats Have Control Over Their Tails?

The tail is a crucial part of feline anatomy. Cats use their tails to retain balance and communicate mood. This means that a cat has complete control over its tail, unless it’s damaged or injured in some way. Cats control their tail movement. Most movements of the tail mean that your cat is trying to tell you something. The tail may twitch while it sleeps, but a cat that’s waking up should not have spasms […]

Cat sleeping positions when sick
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Cat Sleeping Positions When Sick (and What They Mean!)

Lethargy is a common symptom of many different feline illnesses. While senior cats will naturally want to rest for longer than a young adult cat, the sleeping position that a cat assumes could be a sign of sickness. Curling in a ball or adopting the fetal position suggests that your cat is struggling to stay warm. A cat on its side may be finding it hard to breathe, or be attempting to relieve pressure on […]

Why Are My Cat’s Paws Always Cold?
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Why Are My Cat’s Paws Always Cold?

Cats have a higher body temperature than humans. When a feline jumps onto your lap, it can be a bit of a surprise when your cat’s paws feel cold to touch. It’s usually nothing to worry about, but it can sometimes mean that your cat is sick or injured. Constantly cold paws in cats are usually related to blood flow. The paws are always cold if a cat’s blood is not pumping throughout its body. […]

senior cat eye discharge
Cat Health and Wellness

Eye Discharge in Older Cats: Most Common Problems + Treatment Plan

You’ve noticed a clear or colored discharge around your cat’s eyes. Eye discharge in cats can be yellow or brown, or even black or green. You may notice other symptoms, such as swelling and redness. Elderly cats have eye discharge due to viral infections such as feline herpesvirus 1 (FHV-1), and bacterial infections such as feline infectious anemia (FIA). Other common causes of leaky, watery eyes in cats include allergies, injuries, parasites, and fungal diseases. […]

can cats and hamsters be friends?
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Do Cats Get Along with Hamsters?

Cats and hamsters are natural enemies. Hamsters are rodents and cats hunt/kill rodents. But whether these two small pets can ever live together in the same house depends on the safety measures taken by the owner. Cats don’t get along with hamsters. Cats are predators and hamsters are prey, so your cat’s instincts will tell it to kill the hamster. They can coexist if your hamster stays in its cage, and you don’t let the […]

why does my cat gently bite me?
Behavioral Problems

Why Does My Cat Bite Me for No Reason?

Bites are a fact of life for cat owners. Sometimes, it will feel as though your cat is biting you for no reason. Cats always have a reason for biting. It makes sense to a cat, even if it doesn’t make sense to you. Check your cat is not afraid. If your cat is calm, it may be playing. Kittens separated from their litter to soon do not learn the limits of biting. Cats also […]