cat acting weird after being outdoors
Behavioral Problems

Why is My Cat Acting Strange After Being Outside?

If your cat is acting different, you’re bound to be concerned. Changes to your cat’s personality can happen for all sorts of reasons. Going outside for the first time – or spending more time outside than usual – could certainly trigger a personality change. If your cat is acting strangely after being outdoors, you might decide to keep them inside 24/7. But is that always the best action to take? We discuss how long these […]

why do cats eyes glow at night?
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cat’s Eyes Glow in the Dark?

Anybody that lives with a cat will be familiar with their nocturnal nature. It’s common for a cat to be active after their owners have retired for the night. If you leave your cat indoors, you’ll often find them staring out of the window at what’s happening outside. A wandering pet’s eyes can give the impression of a pair of torches penetrating the darkness. The anatomy of feline vision is fascinating, and can appear very […]

how to treat nosebleeds in old cats
Cat Health and Wellness

What to Do About Nosebleeds in Older Cats

When a senior cat’s nose is raw and bleeding, it is always a cause for medical concern. Nobody likes to think that their pet is in pain, and blood can cause instant panic for owners. Nosebleeds (epistaxis) in older cats are not an everyday occurrence and will require urgent attention. There are many potential causes of feline nosebleeds. This guide will discuss all of these with you, and how you can help your pet to […]

cat mirroring behavior of owner
Questions About Cats

Do Cats Become Like Their Owners?

You will be familiar with the expression, “monkey see; monkey do.” Cat lovers may wonder why the idiom has not been adjusted to accommodate felines. Domesticated cats often imitate other pets – and even humans. Of course, this isn’t always good news. Cats can take on their owner’s less desirable characteristics too, which must be managed carefully. This guide will discuss cat imitation, and how to prevent your pet from adopting bad habits. Do Cats Act […]

do cats like summer heat?
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cats Love the Sun?

If you have a cat, you’ll be familiar with their love of sunlight. Outdoor cats are prone to basking in the sun for hours, as though they’re partly lizard. Indoor cats will find a ray of light through a window, and refuse to be moved. Like anything, it’s possible to get too much direct sunlight. As much as the sun benefits your pet, it also presents many dangers. This guide discusses how your cat can […]

how to cope with losing a pet suddenly
Questions About Cats

How to Cope with the Sudden Death of a Cat

Cats are part of our family. This means that, should something terrible happen to them, that it should be treated like any other bereavement. Anybody that loses a pet must be permitted to grieve appropriately. An unexpected demise is the most heartbreaking of all, as we often cannot say goodbye. Don’t expect to be just fine afterward. You probably will not be, and that is perfectly normal. This guide will discuss how to cope with […]