what are the best vegetables for cats?
Cat Food and Hydration

Can Cats Eat Vegetables? Types of Feline-Safe Veggies!

As diet is a crucial factor in a feline’s wellbeing, many owners wonder if vegetables should be fed to a cat. There are several types of vegetables that cats can safely eat, but others should definitely be avoided. Including vegetables, like pumpkin, squash, and peas, in a cat’s diet can be a good way to increase its nutritional intake. Pumpkin and squash can help maintain gastrointestinal health and movement. Peas, which are often included in […]

cat urinating while sleeping
Cat Health and Wellness

How To Deal with Incontinence in Elderly Cats While Sleeping

All cats sleep a lot, but older felines take this to the next level. A senior cat may spend up to 20 hours per day asleep. Deep sleep is important, as it allows aging, aching limbs and muscles to rest and repair. Unfortunately, feline bladder control also weakens with age. Encourage your cat to eliminate whenever it is awake, providing easy access to multiple litter boxes. Bathe your cat regularly, as it will struggle to […]

what cat behaviors mean
Behavioral Problems

10 Bad Cat Behaviors (And What They Actually Mean)

Owning a cat is usually a rewarding relationship. Cats make wonderful company and provide endless amusement for their owners. However, sometimes cats exhibit undesirable behaviors that seem illogical. Some cats show aggression toward owners or other animals. Scratching furniture and breaking household items is another common problem. Some cats eliminate outside their litter tray, while others act improperly around food. Excessive clinginess or verbalization and bringing prey corpses into the home are other common complaints. […]

why are cats so afraid of dogs?
Questions About Cats

Are Cats Scared of Dogs?

Cats and dogs make lovely pets, but they don’t always make the greatest friends. If you’re planning to bring a new dog, such as a pug or golden retriever, into the home then you might need to do a little careful planning beforehand to make the process as smooth as possible. Not all cats are scared of dogs, but cats find it difficult to read a dog’s behavioral signals. If provoked, a cat may respond […]

living with a cat for the first time
Questions About Cats

27 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Cat

Bringing a cat into your family is not a decision to take lightly. Despite their popularity as domestic pets, cats are often misunderstood. Ensure that you know as much as possible about cat ownership in advance. Cats are not low-maintenance and happy to fend for themselves. Cats are complicated animals with unique care needs. Ensure that your home is suitably equipped and learn the persona of the cat. This way, alongside appropriate training, your cat […]

do cats mate with their siblings?
Questions About Cats

Do Cats Mate with Their Own Siblings?

Cat siblings spend a lot of time with each other in their early years as littermates and faithful companions. However, if they are not neutered or spayed before they reach 6 months old, closely related cats will begin to mate. Not only is this a difficult concept for humans to accept, but it can lead to a range of genetic problems.  Cats don’t understand the taboos surrounding incest. Cat siblings may mate as they reach […]