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9 Flat-Faced Cat Health Problems Explained

We gush over doe-eyed Persian cats, but, deep down, we wonder how healthy they are. After all, research suggests flat-faced cats have more health problems than regular cats. Brachycephalic cats struggle to breathe because their squashed noses obstruct airflow. Their raised jaws also cause dental issues and tear duct blockages. This leads to tear-stained skin, eye problems, and facial dermatitis. Also, around 40% of Persian cats have Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). The welfare of flat-faced […]

How do cats tails work?
Questions About Cats

How Do Cats Tails Work?

Cats use their tails for balance and body-temperature regulation. Cats also use their tails for communication, but the messages can get lost in translation. A puffed-up tail says, “I’m scared,” a low, straight tail says, “I’m ready to attack” and a vertical tail says “Hello, I’m pleased to see you!”. If a cat wraps their tail around you, this is a sign of trust. And If a cat swishes their tail from side to side, […]

why do cats itch when they don't have fleas?
Cat Health and Wellness

Why Do Cats Itch (Without Fleas?)

When a cat is scratching, we naturally assume they have fleas. But this is not always the case. Skin irritation in cats has numerous medical explanations, many of which are unrelated to parasites. The likeliest explanation for itchy skin in cats is an allergy. You should also check for mites, and learn the symptoms of bacterial infection. If there’s no physical trigger, your cat’s itchy skin is likely due to poor nutrition. Review your pet’s […]

flat faced cat breeds
Questions About Cats

What Breeds of Cat Have Flat Faces?

Flat-faced cats divide opinion. To some, they are odd-looking but to others they are adorable. Whether you love them or hate them, flat-faced cats are definitely intriguing. Persian cats have the flattest faces. Other flat-faced cats include the British Shorthair, Selkirk Rex, and Silver Persian. These cats have short muzzles and big eyes, but their faces aren’t as flat as Persian cats. People tend to favor these cats over extremely flat-faced Persians. Due to their […]

How to Keep a Cat from Scratching a Neck Wound
Cat Health and Wellness

How to Keep a Cat from Scratching a Neck Wound

While cats are governed by self-preservation, they can sustain flesh wounds to the neck area. Tending these injuries is one thing, but the real trouble starts afterward. A neck wound on a cat will be itchy enough to drive your cat crazy. The temptation to scratch must be carefully managed. The easiest way to stop your cat from scratching and biting her neck is with an Elizabeth collar. If the wound is out of reach […]

do cats understand punishment?
Behavioral Problems

How Do You Discipline a Cat?

Cats have many great qualities, but some of their behaviors are undesirable. It’s quite common for cats to scratch the carpet, jump on kitchen counters, or urinate outside of the litter box. Many cases of bad behavior occur because the cat is expressing a natural feline instinct. Instead of punishing your cat, find alternative ways for your cat to express itself. Reinforce this new behavior with treats and affection. Behavioral modifications should be mutually beneficial. […]