can cats sense when you are sick?
Questions About Cats

Can Cats Sense Illness in Humans?

As they have a strict hierarchical structure, cats can sense sickness in each other. This is why they’re so secretive. A feline knows that another cat will move for their territory if they detect weakness. We will explain the symptoms of illness that your pet may notice in you. In fact, they may notice them before you. You can learn a lot about your health, just by interacting with your cat.

older cat sleeps in different spots
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cats Change Their Sleeping Areas?

Cats are predictable creatures, so you’ll often find them curled up in the same spot each evening. However, every now and then, a cat will suddenly start sleeping somewhere new. Cats typically enjoy routine, so this change in behavior can seem very strange to their owner. In most cases, this behavior is perfectly normal. However, cats may also change their sleeping habits when they’re sick or injured. We’ll help you understand why your cat is […]

how do cats assert dominance?
Questions About Cats

How Do Cats Show Dominance to Other Cats?

While not the cold, unfeeling animals that some would have you believe, cats are very independent. A big part of this is the territorial nature of felines. Once a cat has declared a location theirs, they’re reluctant to share it. This leads to dominant behavior, which is how they show authority. This behavior is hardwired into felines, whether domesticated or feral. If you have multiple pets, you’ll notice a cat dominance hierarchy in your own […]

cat walking in circles and meowing
Cat Health and Wellness

Why Does My Cat Walk in Circles Around Me?

Cats look like sedentary animals to the untrained eye. In reality, they plan their every step carefully and rarely waste a movement circling. Sometimes, this sense of purpose disappears, and cats start wandering in aimless circles. This can leave you feeling puzzled by this new behavior. Vestibular disease is not the only explanation for your cat’s behavior. They could be struggling with any number of ailments. This guide will help you to make sense of […]

why do cats have rough tongues?
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cats Have Such Rough Tongues?

Being licked by a cat is an honor and a privilege. A cat flicking their tongue over your hand means that they accept you as part of their family. However, the sensation can feel strange due to the coarse texture of a cat’s tongue. Cat tongue spikes feel a little unusual, but they’re pivotal to your pet. Your cat’s tongue essentially makes up for their lack of opposable thumbs, and serves many uses. How Do […]

why do cats meow at humans?
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cats Meow Back at You?

If you have ever engaged a cat in conversation, you will know that it’s rarely one-sided. Even though cats cannot speak English, they will communicate with a range of meows. Understanding what a cat’s meow means plays a big part in bonding with your pet. A language barrier may separate our species, but you can still effectively communicate with pets. This guide will help demystify what cats are saying when they meow. Do Different Meows […]