cat likes sleeping on my dirty clothes
Questions About Cats

Why Does My Cat Lie on My Dirty Clothes?

Cats are meticulously clean, which makes their attraction to dirty laundry a little odd. A cat may spend hours grooming itself, then roll in sweaty clothes. This is a natural behavior and nothing to be concerned about. Cats enjoy dirty clothing because of the scent. A cat can detect an owner’s scent by the unique body aroma as a feline nose cuts through perfume or cologne. This means that your clothing smells unmistakable like you, […]

Odd-eyed cat genetics
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cats Have Different Colored Eyes?

Some cats have what is known as heterochromia iridis, which is an unusual condition that means the iris in each eye is a different color. The result is a cat with one blue eye and the other either green, yellow, or brown.  Heterochromia can either be genetic or acquired due to medical health problems. There are three types of heterochromia – complete, sectoral, and central. All kittens are born with blue eyes because they have […]

pets that get along well with cats
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What Pets Get Along with Cats?

Other animals often like cats, but the feeling is not always mutual. Cats can be complicated to pair with another pet. Happily, it’s possible to bring additional animals into a cat’s home. You’ll just need to choose the species of a second pet carefully. Cats sometimes enjoy living with other felines. It depends on how territorial each cat is, and how you manage introductions. Small, quiet dogs can live with cats, as long as the […]

gross things cats do
Questions About Cats

17 Really Disgusting Things Cats Do All The Time

It’s no secret that cats are unique creatures. Though they’re descendants of the African Wildcat, they’ve evolved to become a much-loved family pet and faithful companion. But cats have still retained some feral traits that don’t always make sense to their human owners. Some cats offer dead prey to humans, while others will lick their privates in public. Cats are also known to eat their feces, drink urine, and spray around the house. If a […]

How to deal with a demanding cat
Behavioral Problems

How To Deal With a Demanding Cat

Cats have a reputation as low-maintenance pets. This means that some owners are surprised at how needy and demanding felines can be at times. All cats have unique personalities. Some cats may be wholly independent and confident, but others can be clingy and insecure. Cats become clingy and vocal for a range of reasons. The cat may have chronic anxiety or feel insecure due a lack of routine. Ensure your cat is not being bullied […]

what does it mean when cats snort?
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cats Snort? Cat Snorting Noise Meaning!

Snorting is a particularly unpleasant sound and often leads owners to question why a cat makes this noise. Snorting can sound alarming – sometimes it even appears as if a cat is struggling to breathe. However, more often than not, snorting is harmless. Snorting in cats sounds a lot like sneezing. But, unlike the involuntary reaction of sneezing, snorting is a manual reaction that attempts to remove allergens, foreign matter, or irritants caused by respiratory […]