Cat is Limping but acting normal
Cat Health and Wellness

My Cat is Limping (But Not Crying or in Pain)

Cats never limp without good reason. Even if your cat is not crying, do not assume it is not in pain. Your cat may be masking discomfort as best it can. Some cats also become accustomed to pain and no longer react. Common reasons for a cat to limp include trauma, arthritis, and infection. Some senior cats overexert themselves while exercising, causing temporary lameness. Your cat could have an issue with its paw. This could […]

how to stop cats climbing into car engine
Questions About Cats

How to Get a Cat Out from Under a Car

Cats often seek solace from their daily concerns. If your cat roams outdoors, it may sleep or hide underneath a car. This will be a warm and safe place, in the cat’s mind. Unfortunately, it can also be dangerous. You need to tempt your cat out before it gets run over or hurt in some way. You need to get your cat out from under the car into a cat carrier. Tempt the cat with […]

cat's mouth open and tongue out
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cats Hold Their Mouth Slightly Open?

Cats rarely open their mouths unless eating, drinking, or verbalizing. Despite this, some cats hold their mouths open for minutes at a time. A cat with its mouth open may be processing a new scent using its Jacobson’s organ. A cat with dental problems will likely be reluctant to close its mouth due to discomfort. Ensure the cat is not simply preparing to bite, or trying and failing to meow. A cat occasionally holding its […]

is it safe to let my cat on the balcony?
Questions About Cats

Will Cats Jump Off Balconies? (High-Rise Syndrome)

Houses and high-rise apartments with balconies are unsafe for cats to use. As such inquisitive creatures, cats will want to explore what’s going on outside, which could lead to an error of judgment. So, you’ll definitely need to restrict your cat’s access or safety-proof your balcony. Cats have good survival instincts and are very unlikely to consciously jump from balconies. However, cats can easily have accidental falls. They may lose their balance while walking on […]

ideal room temperature for cats in winter
Questions About Cats

How Cold is Too Cold for Cats in a House?

Cats enjoy the warmth of the sun and hate being cold. Leaving a cat to grow cold for too long leads to a risk of hypothermia. A cat that is too cold will show a range of signs and symptoms that warn you of the problem. Do not let the ambient temperature of your home drop below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This way, your cat will maintain its ideal body temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Provide […]

cat drinking rainwater
Cat Food and Hydration

Why Do Cats Drink Dirty Water? (Puddles, Pools + Plant Pots)

Your finicky cat refuses to drink clean water from its bowl, preferring to drink from dirty puddles, barrels, ponds, bathtubs, pools, and sinks instead. Some cats will even drink water from the toilet bowl. It makes you wonder why cats find these unclean sources of hydration so appealing. The most common cause of cats refusing their water bowl is keeping the water too close to the food. In the wild, cats don’t like to drink […]