cat paws cracked and bleeding
Cat Health and Wellness

How to Heal Cracked Cat Paws

Dry and cracked paw pads can be very painful for your cat. Your cat will be standing upon raw nerves every time they take a step. That’s why it’s crucial to heal your cat’s cracked feet quickly and safely. It’s vitally important to your pet that you keep their paws in good condition. As well as the discomfort of walking, cats experience the world through vibrations. They rely on their paws to warn of approaching […]

how does a cat use its whiskers?
Questions About Cats

Do Cat’s Whiskers Provide Balance?

Whiskers – or, to use their medical mocker, vibrissae – are an omnipresent feature of any feline’s face. It’s no secret that they are essential, but what is the purpose of a cat’s whiskers? Many myths surround the cat’s whiskers. This guide will separate the fact from the fiction. We’ll look at the purpose of your cat’s whiskers, and just how important they are.

what are the causes of urinary tract infection in cats?
Cat Health and Wellness

How Do Cats Get Urinary Tract Infections?

Urinary tract infections (UTI’s) are common health ailment in cats. If your cat is displaying unusual behaviors around their litter box, they may have a UTI. A urinary tract infection is very painful for your cat. Worse still, the infection could easily spread and become fatal. This makes it important that a UTI is treated quickly and efficiently. This in-depth guide will help you identify a UTI in your pet, and advise on next steps.

my cat gets poop everywhere?
Behavioral Problems

Why is My Cat Dragging Poop Out of the Litter Box?

Cleaning up after your cat can be a chore – especially if they’ve dragged poop all over the house. Cats are usually very clean animals, so it’s worrying to see feces outside of the litter box. Also, many cats develop bad toileting habits if their litter box is dirty or difficult to access. We’ll explore the reasons why cats drag poop out of the litter box. Since an inadequate litter box is often the cause […]

can cats sense their own death?
Cat Health and Wellness

How Do Cats Act When They are Dying?

Senior cats are wonderful pets, despite their advancing years. An older feline will not need to be trained, and they’re usually more relaxed. There is only one, sadly unavoidable, fact of life surrounding senior cats. Your time together will be limited by their advancing years. It’s always heartbreaking when a cat’s time with us concludes. It’s crucial to remember that it’s what a cat would want, though. As proud and independent animals, cats loathe being […]