do cats get colds like humans?
Cat Health and Wellness

Do Cats Get Colds and Sneeze?

Cats are hardy animals, but they can get sick like any other living creature. If your cat has streaming eyes and a runny nose, it will be concerning. If the cat starts sneezing too, it will become clear that is has caught a cold. Feline colds are known as upper respiratory infections. Feline herpesvirus and feline calicivirus are the most common examples. Both of these viral infections are contagious but can be vaccinated against. If […]

how to keep cats from pooping in my yard
Behavioral Problems

How To Stop Cats From Peeing And Pooping in Your Yard

Cats pooing and urinating in your yard can introduce a range of health concerns connected to germs, bacteria, and parasites. Cats can also ruin your lawn, destroying property and uprooting plants. Whether it’s your own cat or a stray that’s making a mess, cat poop and pee can be a pain. You can prevent stray and neighborhood felines from soiling your yard with unpleasant smells, physical barriers, water, and noise-based deterrents. When it comes to your […]

How many hours a day does an old cat sleep?
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much When They Get Old?

Once a feline reaches senior status, it will spend far more of its daily life dozing. A cat that’s aged 11 years or older may spend up to 20 hours a day asleep. This is a perfectly normal way for elderly cats to recuperate. A lifetime of hunting, jumping, and chasing takes a huge toll on a cat’s body. Sleep provides an opportunity for a senior cat to heal its aching bones, joints, and muscles. […]

cats fur yellowing
Cat Health and Wellness

Why Is My Cat’s Fur Turning Yellow?

A cat’s health is often reflected in its fur. A healthy cat will have a soft, clean, and shiny coat. But sometimes, cats get their coats dirtied. This is especially true in cats with lighter coat colors, like white cats. But more often than not, yellowed fur is nothing to worry about. The most common reason for yellow cat fur is an accumulation of dirt. This will often go away when the cat grooms itself. […]

can cats jump higher than dogs?
Questions About Cats

Why Can’t Dogs Jump As High As Cats?

It’s no secret that cats are expert jumpers. Cats have lean bodies and powerful back legs, enabling them to leap great heights with grace, stamina, and accuracy. They’re well known for climbing trees and other high spaces, and make it look easy. But surprisingly, dogs can jump quite high, too. Cats can jump 6 times their height, which equates to around 6-8 feet. Dogs have a maximum jumping height of around 6 feet, but only the […]

health tips for older cats
Cat Health and Wellness

10 Easy Ways to Look After An Older Cat

Cats can reach senior status in what feels like the blink of an eye. One moment you have a playful kitten, the next you see gray in your cat’s muzzle. The truth is, cats spend more of their lives as seniors than any other life stage. This makes appropriate care for older cats critical. An age-appropriate diet and regular exercise are vital for keeping your cat’s weight under control. Be mindful that your cat will […]