Why Do Cats Like to Play with String?
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cats Like to Play with String So Much?

Think about your cat’s favorite toys. We’re willing to wager that they are attached to string. Similarly, if knitting is among your hobbies, your cat will likely be fascinated by yarn. String is an endless source of fascination and entertainment for cats. A cat’s vision is geared toward sharp and sudden movements. This immediately stimulates the feline hunting instinct. String dangling and moving can be hunted. String also resembles common prey, but it will not […]

where do cats sleep outside at night?
Behavioral Problems

What Do Cats Do At Night Outside?

The night can be an exciting time for cats. Unencumbered by sleeping humans, cats can engage in instinctive behaviors. Cats that roam outdoors at night enjoy the peace and quiet that arrives after dark. By night, cats feel free to explore and hunt. With fewer humans and cars on the road, cats are emboldened to find new territory. The lack of competing smells and sounds also makes hunting easier. Your cat may visit another home […]

why does my cat follow me everywhere i go and meow?
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Why Do Cats Follow You Around the House?

Popular opinion dictates that a happy, contented cat will be largely indifferent to humans. Most cats will acknowledge an owner upon sight, and then return to their business. A cat following you from room to room should be an exceptional circumstance, not the norm. If your cat is following you around, it wants something. Ensure that you have not missed a scheduled meal or playtime. The cat may want more attention, especially if bored. Some […]

cat tail dragging on the ground
Cat Health and Wellness

What Does It Mean When a Cat Can’t Lift Its Tail?

A cat’s tail is a vital part of feline anatomy. Cats use their tails for balance and to communicate. If your cat cannot or will not lift its tail, something is wrong. This issue could physical or emotional in nature. If the cat is willfully holding its tail low, it is emotionally distressed. The cat could be anxious, agitated or afraid. If the action is unwitting, your cat is hurt. Bites and scratches to the […]

Why Am I Allergic to Some Cats and Not Others?
Questions About Cats

Why Am I Allergic to Some Cats and Not Others?

Cat allergies are complex. You may suffer from an allergic reaction to some cats, but not others. This does not mean that you are only allergic to certain cats. It just means that you are not noticing the reaction in your body. Cat allergies are not caused by the mere presence of a feline. The cat’s dander is to blame. Dander contains a glycoprotein called fel d 1. This is what sparks an allergic reaction. […]

foul smelling cat urine
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Why Does My Cat’s Urine Smell Strongly of Ammonia?

Cat urine has a strong, distinct scent. This is due to urea, which is the primary component of cat urine. Left uncleaned, urea decomposes and undergoes a series of chemical reactions. Chief among these is the release of ammonia into the atmosphere. Even the smallest amount of ammonia creates a distinct, unpleasant smell. The odor is stronger in unfixed male cats. Dehydration, bladder stones, urinary tract infections, kidney problems, and food sensitivities can also lead […]