can you feed cats fish bones?
Cat Food and Hydration

Can Cats Eat Cooked Fish with Bones?

Fish bones are small, numerous, and sharp. Given that many cats do enjoy eating fish, it is vital to ensure that it is safe for consumption. But, what constitutes safe from unsafe fish involves more than checking for bones. Cats can eat fish bones, but they shouldn’t. It doesn’t matter if the bones are cooked or uncooked. They can be a choking hazard, cause internal impaction in the digestive tract, and do damage internally. If […]

Do cats get grumpy in old age?
Behavioral Problems

Do Cats Get Grumpy in Old Age?

As cats grow older, they undergo numerous changes. The physical differences are what you’ll notice first. You’ll see a little gray in your cat’s muzzle, and it will spend more time asleep. In some cases, your cat may also become increasingly cantankerous. If your older cat is crabby, grouchy and bad-tempered, it may be in pain. Your cat could be arthritic, which will be a constant struggle. Your cat may also be overtired, as senior […]

household items cats like to play with
Questions About Cats

How To Play with a Cat (Without Toys)

Playing with your cat doesn’t always have to mean spending a small fortune on store-bought toys. There are ways to play with a cat that don’t require toys at all. There are even improvised toys that you can put together with items from around the house. Cat toys can be improvised using wadded up paper balls and empty plastic drinking bottles. One cat will love hiding in cardboard boxes, while another will adore chasing ping […]

is it bad for cats to eat pasta?
Cat Food and Hydration

Is Pasta Bad for Cats? (Brown, White, Dried + Pasta Sauce)

Pasta is a staple food for many households. It’s versatile, easy to prepare, packed with carbs, and provides a healthy meal. Pasta and the many different sauces may be OK for humans to eat, but is pasta good for cats? Pasta is not bad for cats, but it is considered empty calories in a cat’s diet. Essentially, pasta is junk food for cats. This is because pasta is full of complex carbohydrates. Cats have evolved […]

why cats knock things over
Behavioral Problems

7 Reasons Why Cats Knock Stuff on The Floor

Cats can be prone to knocking breakable items from tables and shelves. This can pose a risk of safety, and it is frequently noisy. The cat is not always acting with destructive intent when it behaves this way. Cats often knock things over to attract attention. Nobody can ignore the sound of broken glass, for example. In addition, cats push things off tables to stimulate hunting instincts. The cat watches an item move and wants […]

how long do cats play with a mouse or bird before killing it?
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cats Play with Their Prey before Killing Them?

To own a cat is to accept feline instinct. As cats are born hunters, they often kill live prey such as mice or birds. Before killing a small animal, a cat will seemingly play with it first. While this looks cruel, the cat is acting in self-preservation rather than malice. Cats play with prey to subdue it before delivering a killing blow, which can be dangerous when hunting rodents. Mice and rats will fight to […]