Should a cat's water be away from food?
Cat Food and Hydration

Should a Cat’s Water Be Away from Food?

The placement of their food dish can lead to a reluctance to drink. The scents intermingle, and create an aromatic cocktail that doesn’t appeal to feline senses. It should be avoided. Proximity to their food is just one of the reasons that cats grow reluctant to drink. Felines are fussy when it comes to water, and always find excuses not to drink. We will explain where you should position the water bowl to boost hydration […]

cat unwell after vaccination
Cat Health and Wellness

Can Cats Have a Reaction to Vaccinations?

Vaccines are necessary for most cats, especially those who spend much of their time outdoors. Although the experience is never pleasant, felines must be vaccinated against rabies by law. Also, other vaccinations are highly recommended to protect your cat against infectious diseases. There is always risk involved in vaccinating a cat. These dangers alone are not enough to ignore feline vaccinations, though. Vaccination may save your cat’s life. You’ll need to make an informed decision […]

how to keep your house from smelling like cats
Questions About Cats

How to Prevent Your House from Smelling Like Cats

The aroma of a feline-friendly house is unappealing to guests and visitors. So, taking action to prevent a house smelling of cat body odor, urine, and poop is essential. Regardless of what pet owners think, cats do create a distinct smell in their home. But cat scents can be easily nullified. You’ll need to display constant vigilance around your cat’s litter box. Most of the smells associated with cat homes arise from feline waste. If […]

my cat doesn't like her back touched?
Cat Health and Wellness

Why is My Cat in Pain When Touched on Back?

Most cats enjoy being stroked on the back, except when they’re sick or injured. So, if your cat doesn’t want to be touched on her back, the chances are that she’s in physical discomfort. Back pain caused by anxiety or hyperesthesia can be treated by reducing stress in the household and changing the way you stroke your cat. However, more serious conditions must be treated by a vet to avoid spinal damage. Let’s look more […]

cat manipulation techniques
Behavioral Problems

How Cats Manipulate Humans

It’s no secret that cats use clever manipulation techniques. Felines are sneaky and crafty, and always find a way to get what they want from humans. You are a cat’s facilities manager. Even the sweetest, most domesticated housecat will be keen to remind you who is in control. Cats have further manipulative techniques other than just meowing. Some pets combine their meows with purring to confuse the human brain. Others use physicality and body language […]

pets that get along well with cats
Questions About Cats

What Pets Get Along with Cats?

Pets that get along well with cats are few and far between. Most felines don’t like each other, let alone other species of animals. Perhaps a more realistic goal is to find pets that cats won’t kill. Indifference to other pets is as good as affection where felines are concerned. Before getting a second cat or pet of any species, think about how your cat will react. Most felines don’t relish competition for their owner’s […]