why are cats so silent?
Questions About Cats

How Do Cats Walk So Quietly?

Silence is golden for cats. Felines are born hunters, as well as being prey to other species. So, a cat likes to move quietly. They can sneak up on prey, while remaining undetected by predators. When looking to remain undetected, cats have a particular gait. The cat moves both legs on one side of her body at the same time. This halves any potential footfall volume, while distributing weight over four limbs. Cats also walk […]

cat swishing tail when lying down
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cats Wag Their Tails While Lying Down?

Cats have a reputation as being imperceptible, but they can be understood. A cat’s tail, for example, can reveal how your pet is feeling. Tail movement while lying down can be particularly revealing body language in cats. Often, the cat is acknowledging a human or other pet without getting up. This behavior can also denote excitement. If your cat is staring out the window, she is imagining pouncing on birds. The tail wagging is an […]

cat walking with an arched back
Questions About Cats

Why is My Cat Walking with an Arched Back?

A cat walking with an arched back can reveal how your pet is feeling physically and mentally. Body language and posture, such as arching the spine, has several possible explanations: Stretching the muscles after yawning Hunting Immediate precursor to pouncing Frightened Making herself look as big as possible Pain Discomfort in the abdomen or spine You need to identify why your cat is walking with an arched back. If she is scared, you should try […]

do cats prefer quiet?
Cat Health and Wellness

Do Cats Like Quiet or Noise?

Cats have excellent hearing. Felines use their ears to hunt and remain alert to potential threats. Loud noises will spark a fear response in a cat, so exposure to sound needs to be minimized. Cats prefer quiet because it enables them to relax/sleep. Prolonged exposure to noise above 95 decibels can cause hearing damage. A short, sharp noise of 120 decibels can put your cat at risk hearing damage. Exposure to noise must be managed […]

are cats tongues antibacterial?
Questions About Cats

Do Cats Have Antiseptic Tongues?

Cats have an instinctive urge to lick their wounds because it has a soothing effect. Yet, the main reason cats lick their wounds is because the saliva can speed up the healing process. Cat saliva has some antiseptic, antibacterial, and healing properties. However, cats’ tongues may also be covered in harmful bacteria. If your cat licks her wound and then leaves it alone, the saliva will probably have a healing effect. But if she keeps […]

Why Are My Cat’s Paws Always Cold?
Questions About Cats

Why Are My Cat’s Paws Always Cold?

Cats have a higher body temperature than humans, and their paws are soft and tactile. So, when a cat crawls into your lap, it should be a pleasant experience. Cold paws in cats are usually related to blood flow. The paws are always cold if a cat’s blood is not pumping throughout her body. Potential explanations include shock, blood clots, heart disease, low blood pressure, and side effects of medication. Hypothermia is also a risk. […]