how do cats get ear mites
Cat Health and Wellness

Does My Cat Have Ear Mites or an Ear Infection?

Due to the structure of their ears, cats are particularly vulnerable to ear infections and ear mite infestations. Unfortunately, these two conditions share many of the same symptoms so it can be difficult to tell them apart. Ear mites look like tiny white flecks dancing around in your cat’s ear. Also, they produce a grainy, black ear discharge. Ear infections (bacterial and yeast) produce a light-colored or bloody discharge. Both conditions can lead to deafness […]

can cats eat oranges?
Cat Food and Hydration

Are Cats Allowed to Eat Oranges?

While most felines are indifferent to fruit, there are exceptions. Some cats will be intrigued by what her owner eats. If you’re enjoying an orange, you may want to share some of it with your pet. This sounds fine as oranges are an excellent source of Vitamin C, but that’s not the case. Oranges are toxic to cats. They contain citric acid, which will irritate your cat’s gut, causing vomiting and diarrhea. Also, oranges contain […]

why does my cat howl before and after using litter box?
Questions About Cats

Why Does My Cat Meow Loudly After Using the Litter Box?

Felines vocalize to announce their bowel movements when they have a health problem. If your cat meows loudly when defecating, it’s highly likely to be because the experience is uncomfortable. Your cat finds urination and defecation painful. A cat’s bladder or bowels could be a problem due to due to a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), bladder stones, feline interstitial cystitis, or swollen anal glands. Alternatively, your cat may be announcing that he has soiled his […]

Does cat saliva help heal wounds?
Cat Health and Wellness

Should a Cat Lick Its Wounds?

If your cat has fought with a rival feline or had a bad fall, he’ll likely have cuts and grazes. Outdoor cats often return home with wounds and scrapes on their skin, proceeding to lick at them to remove any dirt and heal the lesion. There are pros and cons to a cat licking his wounds, of course. A cat’s tongue is covered with tiny barbs which will remove any dirt trapped in the cut. […]

Should a cat's water be away from food?
Cat Food and Hydration

Should a Cat’s Water Be Away from Food?

The placement of your cat’s food dish can lead to a reluctance to drink. The scents intermingle and create an aromatic cocktail that doesn’t appeal to feline senses. It should be avoided. Keep your cat’s food and water bowls far apart. Cats in the wild will never drink water close to where they hunt and eat prey. As far as your domesticated pet is concerned, the food you provide is a fresh kill. This means […]

how to keep your house from smelling like cats
Questions About Cats

How to Prevent Your House from Smelling Like Cats

The aroma of a feline-friendly house is unappealing to guests and visitors. So, taking action to prevent a house smelling of cat body odor, urine, and poop is essential. Regardless of what pet owners think, cats do create a distinct smell in their home. But cat scents can be easily nullified. Vacuum daily to pick up stray fur and litter. Keep a regular laundry rotation of blankets, pillows, and beds. Regularly refreshed air purifiers are […]