pica disorder in cats
Cat Food and Hydration

Why Does My Cat Eat Things That Aren’t Food? (Pica in Cats)

It sometimes feels like the human definition of food differs from that of your pet cat. It can seem strange when your feline refuses their dinner, only to eat things that aren’t food. It makes you wonder if this mealtime behavior is normal for a cat, or if a medical problem is responsible. Pica is a psychological compulsion to eat non-food items, including clothing, paper, plastic, and dirt. Many cats are predisposed to this condition, […]

why do cats like to lay down on paper?
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cats Lay on Paper?

A sheet of A4 paper seems to have a hypnotic impact on felines. Whenever a sheet of paper, magazine, newspaper or paper bag is available, a cat will want to curl up and rest on it. This appears to make no sense, especially if your cat prefers to sleep on paper rather than a deep pile carpet. Paper is an excellent conductor, providing insulation and warmth for felines. In addition, cats are drawn to a […]

Why Cats Get Scabs on head?
Cat Health and Wellness

Why Cats Get Scabs on the Head and Body

Has scratching become an obsession for your feline? If so, a thorough inspection under the fur will likely reveal that your cat has black scabs. You’ll also find sore, reddened, and inflamed skin. You’re most likely to find scabs on a cat’s head and neck, but they can appear anywhere. Owners can mistakenly believe that cats have scabs due to rough play with other felines. This is unlikely to be the explanation. Scabbing and hair […]

cat likes sleeping on my dirty clothes
Questions About Cats

Why Does My Cat Lay on My Dirty Clothes?

Our feline friends are meticulously clean, grooming themselves constantly. Despite this, dirty laundry seems irresistible to cats. You’ll regularly find your cat laying on your unclean clothes. Clothing is comfortable bedding and makes a perfect resting place for felines. These clothes smell of you, and that comforts your cat. Also, cats can rub their scent on your dirty clothing. By combining these two aromas, your cat is marking these possessions as their own. It’s not […]

can cats tell time?
Questions About Cats

Do Cats Know the Time of Day?

Unless you have a particularly sophisticated pet, your cat will not wear a wristwatch. This makes it quite curious that cats seem to have an innate ability to tell time. It often feels like cats understand dinnertime, when you’ll be home, and when to wake you up each day. Your cat is not looking at the clock. Felines are very observant, though. They’ll notice indicators of time, such as sunrise, sunset, birdsong, and activity outside […]

how to find a cat hiding in your house
Behavioral Problems

How to Find a Cat in Your House

A cat going missing suddenly is a worrying time for any owner, but it’s much more likely to happen when you have an outdoor cat. However, indoor cats can also disappear for hours, and even days. Cats are incredibly good at avoiding detection inside the family home. Walk around your property shaking a bag of kibble or their favorite food. If this doesn’t work, sprinkle catnip in various open spaces to lure out your pet. […]