why is my cat angry all of the sudden?
Behavioral Problems

How to Calm Down a Cat When Angry

Cats can be moody and lash out at whoever is in their way when annoyed. This often occurs when a cat is feeling afraid or anxious about someone or something in its nearby environment or outdoor space. An angry cat can become an aggressive cat, so you need to think carefully about safety. Calming down an annoyed cat involves removing the localized trigger(s). Make your cat feel comfortable, and give them time and space to […]

where do cats sleep outside at night?
Behavioral Problems

What Do Cats Do at Night Outside?

Cats enjoy the same activities during the day (stalking prey, eating food, sleeping, and roaming the area) that they do at nighttime. The main difference is that your cat’s activities are more likely to be disturbed by wildlife and have to seek cover. While the daylight introduces the threat of local cats and dogs, there is now the risk of raccoons, foxes, opossums, etc. in rural areas during the night. In this article, we will look […]

What does it mean when your cat's nose is wet?
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cats Have Wet Noses?

What does a wet nose on a cat mean? It is mostly the byproduct of environment, behavior, and secretion levels. Some of the reasons for the excess moisture are entirely natural while others can be a symptom of a bacterial infection or viral condition. A moist nose is not a definitive indication that your cat is healthy or sick, so a multitude of other medical factors need to be taken into consideration. If your cat’s […]

Factors that determine the length of a cat's whiskers
Questions About Cats

Why Does My Cat Have Long Whiskers?

Genetics and breed are primarily responsible for the length of your cat’s whiskers. Quite a distinct feature, long whiskers are very appealing and can only add to a cat’s distinguished appearance. Much more than an extension of your cat’s fur, whiskers serve a purpose that can be difficult for a non-cat lover to understand. Helping to anchor your cat’s sense of balance, security, and decision making, whiskers act as radar for your cat thus enabling […]

what to do if your cat eats plastic
Behavioral Problems

Why Do Cats Like Chewing on Plastic Bags?

Chewing on plastic bags is a favorite activity for cats, but it does carry health risks! Cats are drawn to plastic bags for a variety of reasons. It could be due to boredom, food smells, the chemical makeup of the bag (gelatin), the noise that plastic makes, and a desire to soothe aching teeth and gums. While the chewing of plastic is an activity that cats enjoy, this daily habit can put your cat’s health […]

how to stop your cat from bringing in live animals
Questions About Cats

How to Stop My Cat Catching Birds and Mice

If you allow your cats to roam freely outside, it is likely that they will catch mice and birds. You will likely wake up to find the remnants of various rodent and bird parts on your doorstep on many mornings. It is not a pleasant way to begin the day. The best ways to stop your cat from catching birds and mice is to fit your cat with a bell collar or bird-safe collar. You […]