cat obsessed with fish tank
Questions About Cats

How to Keep a Cat Out of a Fish Tank

Many cats are obsessed with fish tanks. This is not surprising when we consider how cartoonists depict cats and fish. While you see exotic fish as pets, your cat sees them as lunch. Keep the fish aquarium as high as possible without easy climbing access. Apply sticky tape around the edge of the tank as cats dislike this sensation on their paws. Also, ensure that the tank/bowl has a lid with breathing holes firmly affixed. […]

How many hours a day does an old cat sleep?
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much When They Get Old?

Felines of all ages seem to sleep their lives away. As cats get older, the amount of rest that they need each day continues to increase, leaving us wondering if something is wrong with their health. It’s normal for a cat to sleep for up to 20 hours a day once she reaches senior status (11+ years old). When your cat is awake, she’s checking for predators, hunting opportunities, staying warm, etc. Health issues, such […]

health tips for older cats
Cat Health and Wellness

12 Easy Ways to Look After an Older Cat (and Keep Them Healthy)

Your cat goes through defined life stages, reaching senior status at the age of 11. With love, care, and support, it’s not uncommon for house cats to live well into their twenties. So, you can enjoy many more happy years together if you take steps to keep an older cat healthy. Keep your pet mentally and physically active. It’s natural for an elderly cat to slow down, but some activity is highly beneficial. The more […]

Why is my cat not drinking water?
Cat Food and Hydration

Cat Not Drinking Water? 10 Simple Ways to Keep Your Cat Hydrated!

Is your cat dehydrated? Cats need 60 ml of water per kilo of bodyweight. Felines rarely drink enough water to meet their daily requirements. But there are some really easy ways to get your cat to drink more water that can be introduced almost instantly. Move your cat’s water bowl to a better position. Most felines are reluctant to drink water if they smell food or their litter box is nearby. Use a water fountain. […]

cat's fur changing from grey to brown
Questions About Cats

Why is My Cat’s Fur Changing Color?

A cat’s fur color is a significant part of her identity. So, when the color starts to change, this can be a real shock to her owners. Black cats, in particular, experience fur fading to shades of red and brown. Color changes on cats with dark fur are usually due to the sun’s bleaching effect. If your pet roams outdoors, you’ll see a temporary change of color shades during the summer months. However, your cat […]

cat obsessed with human food
Cat Food and Hydration

Cat Eating Human Food? 9 Dangerous Foods Cats Should Never Eat!

When little eyes peer at your dinner plate, it can be hard to resist sharing your meal with your cat. This can be a mistake as many human foods are unhealthy for felines. Unsafe human foods for cats include chocolate, avocado, grapes, and spices. Most cats are lactose intolerant, which rules out dairy products. We will look at popular human foods that can make your cat sick (or worse.) Be vigilant about keeping your pets […]