why cat so afraid of cucumber?
Questions About Cats

Why Are Cats So Traumatized When They See Cucumbers?

Cat reactions to cucumbers are quite bizarre. Felines leap out of their skin when caught unaware by these green vegetables, and it’s likely because they think that they’ve been blindsided by a predator. A cat is busy eating or sleeping when he turns around and finds a cucumber behind him. Your cat would be just as startled or terrified by a random object that appeared out of nowhere. The cat didn’t see, hear or smell […]

Why Do Cats Rub Against You When You Feed Them?
Behavioral Problems

Why Do Cats Rub Against You When You Feed Them?

Feeding time is the highlight of the day for many cats. As aloof and independent as house cats may be at times, felines still cannot operate a can opener. This means that cats always appear at dinnertime, and often rub themselves against the person who gives them food. Rubbing against your legs is a cat’s way of showing gratitude for being provided with a meal. She can’t verbalize her appreciation, so she uses body language […]

bunting in cats
Behavioral Problems

Why Does My Cat Headbutt Me in the Morning?

Have you ever been woken from a deep sleep due to your cat headbutting you in the morning? You’re not alone. Bunting in cats is a surprisingly common behavior that can leave you confused. Your cat is rubbing his scent pheromones from his head onto your head. Bunting is a sign of affection, demonstrating that he trusts and respects you. He’ll do this via ‘headbutting’ as bedsheets cover the rest of your body. It is […]

cat dragging bum on floor after poop
Cat Health and Wellness

Why is My Cat Dragging Its Bum on the Floor?

While we associate cats with effortless grace and elegance, felines can have health issues. Anybody that has watched a cat rubbing its bottom on the ground (scooting) will realize that this is the case. If your cat is scooting, he likely has worms or other parasites. He could also be easing the symptoms of an itchy skin condition or allergy. Sometimes your cat needs his anal glands expressed. If your cat is dragging his bottom […]

catnip uses for cats
Questions About Cats

How To Use Catnip Herb for Cats

Catnip (also called catmint, catswort, and catwort) is a perennial herb from the mint family that sends some cats crazy with excitement. Very few felines are capable of resisting its minty appeal. So, knowing how to use catnip for cats is extremely useful for any pet owner to know. If your pet scratches furniture, spraying catnip on a scratching post could help to modify this habit. If your cat is reluctant to play with his […]

why does my cat try to bury everything?
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cats Bury Their Food (or Cover Uneaten Food)?

Cats have strange habits surrounding food. Chief among these actions is burying and hiding meals or snacks. Felines meow to announce hunger, and then your cat covers or buries the food. It’s a survival instinct. Wild cats hunt and kill prey, eat their fill, and bury the remainder. Failure to do so announces their presence to other felines who may wish to claim their territory. In your pet’s mind, food served in a bowl is […]