how do i get my kitten to settle down at night?
Behavioral Problems

How to Get a Kitten to Sleep Through the Night

Kittens may sleep a lot during the day, but they have a habit of suddenly coming to life when it gets dark. Felines are nocturnal animals that can unwittingly disturb your sleep and, as you know, this leaves you feeling exhausted the next day. So, coming up with techniques to promote sleep in kittens can make a world of difference for everyone in your household. Before introducing a new sleep schedule, you should get your […]

health effects from breathing cat urine odor
Questions About Cats

Is Cat Urine and Feces Harmful to Humans?

The daily task of removing eliminations from your pet’s litter box is not an enjoyable job. Worse still, if the process is mishandled and various precautions are not taken, you could be placing your health at risk due to illness caused by cat urine and feces. Although the transfer of animal-to-human illnesses is rare, cat urine and feces can be very harmful to pregnant women, babies, and children. It is paramount that these groups are […]

cat is suddenly clingy
Behavioral Problems

Why is My Cat Suddenly So Affectionate?

An adoring and attentive cat is what every owner wants. But, while you want your cat to love you and enjoy your company, too much attention can become a little overwhelming or concerning. A cat that has suddenly become clingy when it was previously independent can leave you feeling puzzled and searching for a rational explanation. Although it is common for cats to seek isolation during times of pain and sickness, some felines become affectionate […]

do cats forgive abuse?
Questions About Cats

Do Cats Hold Grudges or Do They Forgive Easily?

At times, we all have to make decisions about our pets that are tough, but necessary. At other times, we do unfortunate things to our pets based on anger that we deeply regret. Do cats get mad at their owners? How your behavior can affect the relationship with your cat may leave you feeling a little puzzled at times. Do cats hold a grudge or forgive you in time? Cats can hold grudges, but only for […]

why is my cat hiding suddenly?
Behavioral Problems

Why is My Cat Hiding in Dark Places?

It can be strange to find your cat hiding in a dark corner of your home. It can also be difficult to understand why a cat would choose a small and subdued location when there are so many significantly nicer areas to relax. So much of your cat’s behavior can depend on its age and overall health. If you have a senior cat, the hiding in a dark place could be health-related. Every case is […]

cat suddenly can't jump up
Cat Health and Wellness

10 Reasons Why Your Cat Having Trouble Jumping on Things

It is hard to watch your cat struggling to jump up on things when it was once so active. Perhaps it can’t jump up on a chair or over the fence. Maybe it can’t jump as high, or has suddenly become more deliberate in its movements. Finding out the reason why is a priority for you. Although rare, infectious diseases and cancer can inhibit your cat’s mobility. These issues can impact the spinal cord and […]