cat's meow is weak and raspy
Questions About Cats

Why Can’t My Cat Meow Anymore?

A cat’s meow is a vital part of the feline vocabulary. It’s a communication that has evolved exclusively for humans. Cats do not meow at each other. When they do so at their owner, they are announcing that they want or need something. Meowing is an instinctive behavior that all kittens are born with. Very young cats will emit a short, sharp meow to gain their mother’s attention. Naturally, this will have been when they […]

cat teeth cleaning risks
Cat Health and Wellness

What Are the Risks of Teeth Cleaning in Older Cats?

Senior cats are prone to teeth and gum problems. You may have noticed symptoms such as bad breath (halitosis), redness, bleeding, swelling, and difficulty chewing food. Gum disease could be the first symptom of a more significant health issue that ravages your cat’s body. Naturally, this means that your pet’s teeth should be regularly inspected and cleaned, but doing so isn’t risk-free. Cleaning the teeth of a senior cat is a fine balancing act between […]

how to groom a senior cat
Cat Health and Wellness

How to Clean an Old Cat’s Fur

Cats are meticulously clean animals. Owners are familiar with the sight of their pet regularly licking and grooming themselves. This makes it saddening when older cats lose the ability to clean their fur. Your senior cat will be relying on you to help them stay fresh and clean. Inability to remain clean can be a real source of stress for older cats. Just because a feline is advancing in years, it doesn’t mean their standards […]

cat suddenly sleeping in litter box
Behavioral Problems

How Do I Stop My Elderly Cat Sleeping in the Litter Box?

Cats are known for their unusual behavior. Considering the time that cats spend in keeping themselves clean, it can be confusing for an owner to see their cat sleeping in the litter box. If you notice your cat resting in its litter box regularly, it may be time to determine the cause. In most cases, cats tend to seek refuge in their litter box because it smells like them and provides comfort, even if it […]

Why is my cat drooling so much?
Cat Health and Wellness

Why is My Cat Drooling So Much?

Excessive drooling in cats is uncommon. In fact, drooling often goes unnoticed unless their owners find a tiny damp spot where the cat was lying down. Some cats are “happy droolers,” which means they drool when they feel exceptionally relaxed. However, if your cat begins drooling suddenly with no history or hypersalivation, it may be a cause for medical concern. Cats typically drool intermittently and in small amounts. However, if you notice your cat drooling too […]

how to get a lazy cat moving
Questions About Cats

How to Get a Lazy Cat to Play

Your previously playful cat has lost all interest in its cherished toys. This transition can seemingly happen overnight, too. One day your pet is bouncing around the house, the next they only want to eat food and sleep. If they are gaining weight as a result of this inactivity, you’ll need to act. If your cat has lost interest in its toys, there is no need to panic immediately. With a little encouragement, you can get […]