Questions About Cats

reasons to keep cats indoors
Questions About Cats

Pros and Cons of Keeping Cats Indoors Permanently

Indoor cats vs. outdoor cats: it is a source of constant debate for pet owners. Is it cruel to make your feline live inside permanently? Do the risks of letting cats wander outside outweigh the benefits? Every cat owner thinks very carefully about these questions before making a decision. An indoor cat never encounters traffic and won’t leave dead mice or birds on your kitchen floor. However, he may require more stimulation from you as […]

letting indoor cats outside
Questions About Cats

Letting an Indoor Cat Outside for the First Time

Letting your cat outside for the first time can be a worrying experience. Your pet will be excited, but you’ll likely be deeply concerned about whether your cat will return home. With the right precautions, letting indoor cats outdoors can be made far less stressful for feline owners. Check the area to make sure that it’s free of nearby hazards and predators. Stay with your cat for a while in case she gets nervous and […]

why do cats bond with only one person?
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cats Prefer One Person Over Another?

Cats are sparing with affection, regularly reserving their love for one person. This isn’t always her owner. She ‘may’ prefer a friend or family member over the person who gives her a home. A cat may feel like a specific person understands her better than others. She likes people who provide food, playtime, and security. Do not force her to interact with you, though. Felines usually prefer humans that only approach them when they’re invited […]

why do cats rub their paws on windows?
Questions About Cats

Why Does My Cat Keep Scratching Windows?

Pet owners are often curious as to why their cat constantly scratches at windows. It makes an irritating noise and damages the window.  Some cats are more prone to this behavior than others. Cats often scratch at windows because your cat has spotted birds or mice outside. She’ll feel frustrated because she’s an instinctive hunter. A territorial cat may have glimpsed her own reflection and thought that it was another cat. She may want to […]

why cat so afraid of cucumber?
Questions About Cats

Why Are Cats So Traumatized When They See Cucumbers?

Cat reactions to cucumbers are quite bizarre. Felines leap out of their skin when caught unaware by these green vegetables, and it’s likely because they think that they’ve been blindsided by a predator. A cat is busy eating or sleeping when he turns around and finds a cucumber behind him. Your cat would be just as startled or terrified by a random object that appeared out of nowhere. The cat didn’t see, hear or smell […]

catnip uses for cats
Questions About Cats

How To Use Catnip Herb for Cats

Catnip (also called catmint, catswort, and catwort) is a perennial herb from the mint family that sends some cats crazy with excitement. Very few felines are capable of resisting its minty appeal. So, knowing how to use catnip for cats is extremely useful for any pet owner to know. If your pet scratches furniture, spraying catnip on a scratching post could help to modify this habit. If your cat is reluctant to play with his […]