Questions About Cats

do huskies get along with cats?
Questions About Cats

Do Cats Like Huskies?

We often see videos of cats and huskies cuddled up together lovingly on the couch. But how typical is this kind of behavior? Husky dogs have a strong desire to chase cats. So, it can be very difficult to keep cats and huskies together in the same household. That said, every husky dog is completely different. Huskies have a strong prey drive, so they can be aggressive towards cats. If you want to keep a […]

Why did my cat move her kittens?
Questions About Cats

Why Does My Cat Keep Moving Her Kittens?

Few mammals are more maternal than felines. Cats make excellent caregivers to their young. If your own cat has birthed a litter, rest assured, she will take excellent care of her babies. This often involves removing the kittens from the nest they were born in. Cats move kittens for privacy and protection. Birthing a litter is a private experience for a cat. She will be exhausted and sore afterward. Your cat will want to recuperate […]

do pugs get along with cats?
Questions About Cats

Do Pugs and Cats Get Along?

Cats and dogs often have a difficult relationship. Choosing the right dog and breed is essential to having a harmonious multi-species home. As cats are territorial, the canine must be laid-back and even-tempered. Pugs are among the most cat-compatible dog breeds. Pugs are lazy and have no real hunting instinct. Your dog will not chase your cat. Pugs are docile, so they will allow a cat to take its place at the top of the […]

why do male cats have nipples?
Questions About Cats

Do Male Cats Have Nipples on Their Stomach?

Nipples are essential to mammals. Mothers of multiple species use nipples to feed their young. Cats are no exception to this rule of nature. Like all mammals, though, male cats cannot feed their babies. This makes nipples on male cats theoretically pointless. Male cats have an average of 4 or 6 nipples. Male cats have as many nipples as females. They are found on the belly. The only difference is that a male cat’s nipples […]

cat has sticky fur
Questions About Cats

How to Get Sticky Stuff Out of Cat Fur (Oil, Glue, Gum, Wax and Grease)

Cats are fastidious groomers, so you’ll rarely need to bathe a cat. It also means that you must be alert to anything sticky on her fur. If a cat is coated in a gooey substance, she’ll likely lick it. Given that this substance could literally be anything, you’ll want that from happening. To get sticky stuff out of the fur, you need cooking oil, water, and a cat-friendly shampoo. Heat some vegetable oil or olive […]

where are cats ticklish spots?
Questions About Cats

Are Cats Ticklish (Paws, Back, Belly or Tail)?

Ticking cats can have extremely unpredictable results. Felines appear to be really enjoying the fuss and attention, but will suddenly turn round and bite/scratch you. Many owners assume that this is because the cat is ticklish, but the sensation has stopped being fun and become annoying. Cats feel the sensation of tickling, especially on the paw pads, belly, back, and tail. The form of tickling is called knismesis, but it will not make a cat […]