Questions About Cats

why do cats make chirping noises at birds?
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cats Make a Chirping Sound When They See Birds?

Cats have a great many habits that bemuse their owners. One of the most common is growing transfixed by the sight of birds through a closed window. Cats often grow very excited in such circumstances, and chirp at the bird outside. Imitating birds is the oldest trick in the predator’s playbook. This chirping is designed to lull birds into a false sense of security. Also, chirping is sometimes a demonstration of frustration. Your cat can […]

Do cats scare away mice?
Questions About Cats

Do Cats Deter Mice?

They may be slightly less offensive than rats, but mice are still unwelcome in the home. An infestation of mice can be unhygienic and destructive. This is why many people look to adopt cats to control their rodent population. Mice have enough self-preservation instincts to avoid your cat. This means they’ll stay out of open, communal areas. They could still congregate in basements, attics, crawlspaces and other areas inaccessible to your cat, though. Bringing a […]

interesting facts about black cats
Questions About Cats

27 Interesting Facts About Black Cats (with Pictures)

Few pets are as misunderstood as the humble black cat. Myth and superstition have surrounded these animals for centuries. Are you aware of what black cats symbolize? Were you aware that there is only one genuinely black cat in the world, the Bombay? Did you know that cat shelters will not rehome black cats during October? Do you have August 27th circled in your diary for Black Cat Appreciation Day? These are some of the […]

foul smelling cat urine
Questions About Cats

Why Does My Cat’s Urine Smell Strongly of Ammonia?

It’s sometimes a relief that cats don’t need to go outside late at night or in the rain to urinate. Unfortunately, cat urine can leave a strong smell of ammonia in their litter box. This can leave your home smelling horrible, especially if you live in a shared house or small apartment. Often, dehydration or urinary infection is to blame. If there’s not enough water in the body to dilute chemicals, foul-smelling cat urine follows. […]

where is the best place to put your cat's litter tray?
Questions About Cats

Where to Put a Cat’s Litter Box in Small Apartment

In many respects, cats are the ideal pets for apartment living. They are small, clean, and won’t go stir crazy in smaller surroundings. However, there is bound to be a problem with the placement of the litter tray. Nobody wants to sit too close to their cat’s leavings. You’ll need somewhere that isn’t humid or loud, and that your cat always has access to. If you don’t have a spare room, the lounge fits these […]

is a cat collar with bell good or bad?
Questions About Cats

Should Cats Wear Collars with Bells?

Cats wear collars with bells to keep them safe from harm. The collar is there to identify them should they ever get lost, and the bell serves as a warning signal to wild birds and animals. The problem is that there are advantages and disadvantages to cat collars with bells. They ensure that people and animals know that a cat is approaching. Be vigilant about safety surrounding collars, though. If too tight, collars can become […]