Questions About Cats

difference between male and female cats behavior
Questions About Cats

Are Male or Female Cats More Aggressive?

The decision to get a male or female cat can be difficult. So, you’ll be curious to know which of the feline sexes is more aggressive. According to a scientific study in Frontiers, a cat’s sex doesn’t make it more/less aggressive. A cat’s aggression is determined by age, genetics, stress, age at weaning, and whether it was handled as a kitten. Usually, cats express their anger in gradual stages, so you’ll have time to diffuse […]

best cats for senior citizens
Questions About Cats

Are Cats Good Companions for Seniors?

When people retire, they have more spare time than was previously the case. Many retirees choose to fill this additional time with pets. Cats provide company, are a source of affection, and keep you active and alert. Feline companions can significantly enhance the lives of seniors. Cats do not require walking, and mostly take care of themselves. Owning a cat often helps seniors to remain healthy and live longer lives. We will look at how […]

cat has one eye open
Questions About Cats

Why is My Cat Keeping One Eye Closed?

Cat are born hunters that usually have wide open, alert eyes. The only exception to this rule is when your cat is dozing. A cat keeping one eye closed all the time suggests that it has an underlying health problem. A cat may keep one eye closed due to temporary irritation. If your cat is keeping its eye closed, then it has an infection. A red, itchy eye suggests conjunctivitis (pink eye.) If your cat’s […]

cat losing hair in corner of eye
Questions About Cats

Why Does My Cat Have Bald Spots Above Eyes?

Some cats have visible balding around the eyes, while others have a slight thinning of the fur above the eyes, but you need to know why. Hair loss above a cat’s eyes (facial alopecia) commonly occurs as cats grow in size and the fur thins out. However, feline hair loss can also be genetic or due to fungal infections, mites, fleas, and stress. Facial hair loss in cats is often due to the aging process. […]

why do cats disappear for days on end?
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cats Disappear for Days At a Time?

Cats are comparatively new to domestication, and still governed by instinct. Your cat does not go missing for hours or a few days because she hates you. Usually, wandering is related to hunting and territorial instincts. Your cat wants to hunt and find new terrain. This could keep her away for days. Your cat may lose track of her surroundings while hunting. She could have sought shelter in a neighbor’s garage and been locked inside. […]

are corgis cat friendly?
Questions About Cats

Do Corgis Get Along with Cats?

A well-trained corgi can be a great companion for a cat. Training and an appropriate lifestyle are critical, though. Do not assume that a corgi is docile because it is small. Corgis and cats usually get along fine. Corgis have plenty of energy and love to run and herd. This may initially frighten a cat. Once the two pets bond, it will become beneficial. Corgis and cats both enjoy hunting and chasing games. The two […]