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Do Cats Get Along with Golden Retrievers?
Questions About Cats

Do Cats and Golden Retrievers Get Along?

Cats and dogs don’t usually like each other, but there are exceptions. Due to their friendly and placid nature, golden retrievers and cats like each other. Cats get along with well-trained golden retrievers. These dogs are intelligent, can be trained to a high standard, and are respectful. They treat cats like members of the ‘pack’. Poorly-trained goldies can chase cats, which cats don’t like. They can also be too playful for cats. Golden retrievers are […]

what does cat loaf position mean?
Questions About Cats

Why Does a Cat Loaf? (The Cat Loafing Position Meaning)

Felines do lots of fascinating things, and the ‘loaf’ is among the most common. But like all kinds of cat body language, the cat loaf position has hidden meanings that you need to understand for your cat to thrive. Cats loaf because it’s comfortable, and to keep warm. They only do so when they feel reasonably safe. A loafing cat doesn’t feel comfortable enough to flop onto its side, but doesn’t feel nervous. Loafing is […]

old cat with dilated pupils
Questions About Cats

Why Are My Cat’s Eyes Dilated All the Time? (Cat Pupil Dilation Meaning)

Cats dilate their pupils to improve vision. Wide eyes allow a cat to absorb more light, which is helpful in dim lighting. Pupils also dilate when a cat is excited, afraid, or hurt. This should never last longer than a couple of hours. Prolonged pupil dilation requires further investigation. Constant dilation of the eyes is often linked to pain, overstimulation, or age-related atrophy. Your cat could also be sick. Multiple health concerns are connected to […]

do cats miss their previous owners?
Questions About Cats

Do Cats Miss Their Owners When Rehomed?

Rehoming a cat is tough on the cat and owner. Cats are most comfortable in an established routine. When a cat moves to a new home, with new owners, everything changes. This can be hard for a cat to deal with. Cats often miss former owners. If treated well, cats forge deep emotional connections with humans. While cats can adjust to a new life, it takes time. The cat may initially be lonely and depressed. […]

what colors can cats see?
Questions About Cats

Do Cats See in Color or Black and White?

Cats can see in color, but their world is not as rich and vibrant as that of humans. Extremely near-sighted, cats view the world in a somewhat foggy haze and are only able to see a minimal amount of color. The color vision of a cat is similar to someone who is color blind. A cat’s view of the world is defined by the retina. The properties involved (cones and rods) that allow humans to […]

difference between male and female cats behavior
Questions About Cats

Are Male or Female Cats More Aggressive?

The decision to get a male or female cat can be difficult. So, you’ll be curious to know which of the feline sexes is more aggressive. According to a scientific study in Frontiers, a cat’s sex doesn’t make it more/less aggressive. A cat’s aggression is determined by age, genetics, stress, age at weaning, and whether it was handled as a kitten. Usually, cats express their anger in gradual stages, so you’ll have time to diffuse […]