Questions About Cats

can cats handle hot weather?
Questions About Cats

What Temperature is Too Hot for Cats?

Cats are sun worshippers that are happiest when they’re warm and cozy. Unfortunately, cats aren’t good at judging when their body temperatures are too high. Signs that a cat is too hot include panting, drooling, sweaty feet, and excessive grooming to cool the surface area of the body. The average cat has a rectal temperature of 100OF. If your cat is hotter than 105OF, then she is overheating. Longhaired cats will have a higher body […]

will a cat get rid of mice in my house?
Questions About Cats

What Cats Make the Best Mousers?

Since longer than anybody can recall, cats and mice have been natural enemies. Cats that catch rodents are called mousers, and are vital to many homes and trades. Some breeds of cats are more inclined to hunt mice than others, though. American Shorthairs, Siamese, Maine Coons, Chartreux, and Burmese are all renowned mousers. However, the cat’s age, temperament, and background need to be considered. Every cat is unique based on their personality and experience. If […]

Do cats recognize their owners?
Questions About Cats

Do Cats Recognize Their Owners?

Cats have an unfair reputation among some as being cold. They may not react when you call their name, but cats are still loyal, loving pets. Despite their independent nature, they’re perfectly capable of forging a bond with a human. Cats recognize their owners, but not necessarily by sight. Cats tend to differentiate humans by scent and the unique sound of our voices. This is due to their hunting instincts. Over generations, cats have learned […]

ideal room temperature for cats in winter
Questions About Cats

How Cold is Too Cold for Cats in a House?

Nobody likes being cold, least of all cats. Felines tend to become considerably more affectionate during the winter due to falling temperatures. When they cuddle up to their owners, and each other, it’s a sign that your cat is feeling cold. This is a classic animal behavior to increase their body heat. A comfortable feline body temperature is 100OF. If your cat has a temperature below 90OF, they are too cold. If your cat’s body […]

why do cats make chirping noises at birds?
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cats Make a Chirping Sound When They See Birds?

Cats have a great many habits that bemuse their owners. One of the most common is growing transfixed by the sight of birds through a closed window. Cats often grow very excited in such circumstances, and chirp at the bird outside. Imitating birds is the oldest trick in the predator’s playbook. This chirping is designed to lull birds into a false sense of security. Also, chirping is sometimes a demonstration of frustration. Your cat can […]

Do cats scare away mice?
Questions About Cats

Do Cats Deter Mice?

They may be slightly less offensive than rats, but mice are still unwelcome in the home. An infestation of mice can be unhygienic and destructive. This is why many people look to adopt cats to control their rodent population. Mice have enough self-preservation instincts to avoid your cat. This means they’ll stay out of open, communal areas. They could still congregate in basements, attics, crawlspaces and other areas inaccessible to your cat, though. Bringing a […]