Questions About Cats

health effects from breathing cat urine odor
Questions About Cats

Is Cat Urine and Feces Harmful to Humans?

The daily task of removing eliminations from your pet’s litter box is not an enjoyable job. Worse still, if the process is mishandled and various precautions are not taken, you could be placing your health at risk due to illness caused by cat urine and feces. Although the transfer of animal-to-human illnesses is rare, cat urine and feces can be very harmful to pregnant women, babies, and children. It is paramount that these groups are […]

do cats forgive abuse?
Questions About Cats

Do Cats Hold Grudges or Do They Forgive Easily?

At times, we all have to make decisions about our pets that are tough, but necessary. At other times, we do unfortunate things to our pets based on anger that we deeply regret. Do cats get mad at their owners? How your behavior can affect the relationship with your cat may leave you feeling a little puzzled at times. Do cats hold a grudge or forgive you in time? Cats can hold grudges, but only for […]

how to calm down a hyper cat
Questions About Cats

Why Won’t My Cat Let Me Sleep Through the Night?

My cat won’t let me sleep through the night! Getting your cat to adhere to your sleep schedule can be tricky. The small hours of the morning appeal to your cat’s predatory instincts, desire to get your attention, hunger, and attraction to nightlights. While cats can be trained to accommodate your schedule, it can get be tough until the right routine has been established. Aggressive meowing, crying and whining, scratching the door, jumping on your […]

cat pawing a piece of string
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cats Like to Play with String So Much?

Cats love to play with string because it is an opportunity to stalk and capture. It is a fun game for a cat, and it is a better option than them scratching leather furniture or your new carpet. Aside from eating and sleeping, there are few things more pleasurable for kittens and adult cats than pawing string. In many ways, it is the original cat toy. We will discuss why cats love to play with […]

What does it mean when your cat's nose is wet?
Questions About Cats

Why Do Cats Have Wet Noses?

What does a wet nose on a cat mean? It is mostly the byproduct of environment, behavior, and secretion levels. Some of the reasons for the excess moisture are entirely natural while others can be a symptom of a bacterial infection or viral condition. A moist nose is not a definitive indication that your cat is healthy or sick, so a multitude of other medical factors need to be taken into consideration. If your cat’s […]

Factors that determine the length of a cat's whiskers
Questions About Cats

Why Does My Cat Have Long Whiskers?

Genetics and breed are primarily responsible for the length of your cat’s whiskers. Quite a distinct feature, long whiskers are very appealing and can only add to a cat’s distinguished appearance. Much more than an extension of your cat’s fur, whiskers serve a purpose that can be difficult for a non-cat lover to understand. Helping to anchor your cat’s sense of balance, security, and decision making, whiskers act as radar for your cat thus enabling […]