Questions About Cats

foul smelling cat urine
Questions About Cats

Why Does My Cat’s Urine Smell Strongly of Ammonia?

It’s sometimes a relief that cats don’t need to go outside late at night or in the rain to urinate. Unfortunately, cat urine can leave a strong smell of ammonia in their litter box. This can leave your home smelling horrible, especially if you live in a shared house or small apartment. Ammonia in your cat’s urine can be dangerous, for both you and your pet. Let’s discuss why this smell arises, and how you […]

where is the best place to put your cat's litter tray?
Questions About Cats

Where to Put a Cat’s Litter Box in Small Apartment

In many respects, cats are the ideal pets for apartment living. They are small, clean, and won’t go stir crazy in smaller surroundings. However, there is bound to be a problem with the placement of the litter tray. Nobody wants to sit too close to their cat’s leavings. There are many factors to assess when selecting a room for your cat’s litter box. There are the smell and hygiene to consider, and cat urine and […]

is a cat collar with bell good or bad?
Questions About Cats

Should Cats Wear Collars with Bells?

Cats wear collars with bells to keep them safe from harm. The collar is there to identify them should they ever get lost, and the bell serves as a warning signal to wild birds and animals. The problem is that there are advantages and disadvantages of cat collars with bells. Some pets benefit significantly from wearing belled cat collars, but others seem to dislike wearing them intensely. By finding out the pros and cons of […]

Cat sleeping positions when sick
Questions About Cats

Cat Sleeping Positions When Sick (and What They Mean!)

Cats rely on their body language to communicate. Countless micro-actions signal to another feline how your cat feels. Of course, cats spend much of their day dozing. This means that we can also tell how a cat is feeling based on its sleeping position. Keep an eye on the positions that your cat adopts while sleeping. Compare this with their general demeanor, and check if they appear to be sick. We can tell a lot […]