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Does my cat have a furball or a breathing problem?
Cat Health and Wellness

7 REALLY Easy Ways to Help Your Cat Pass a Hairball (Furball)!

Cats are meticulous groomers. It keeps them clean and removes any excess fur. The problem is that long-haired cat breeds, in particular, can find it hard to pass furballs. It can lead to health issues such as constipation, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and lethargy. That’s why you may need to find an effective way to help your cat pass a hairball so that it can start to feel better again. In this guide, we’ll explain […]

Why is my Older Cat Yowling at Night?
Cat Health and Wellness

Why is My Elderly Cat Yowling at Night: What Excessive Vocalization Means!

At some point, a cat owner is bound to wonder “why is my elderly cat yowling at night?” But even if your old cat gets the best care, they can become very restless at night, vocalizing at all hours and waking the family. However, this yowling behavior is prevalent in aging cats. From shifting sleep habits to disorientation and vocalization, older felines exhibit many symptoms that researchers believe is very similar to dementia. If your […]

How to get a senior cat to go to the toilet
Cat Health and Wellness

How to Make an Elderly Cat Poop When Constipated: Solving Feline Bowel Issues 

A cat can stop going to the toilet for a variety of reasons, so learning how to make an elderly cat poop when constipated is crucial. Many senior cats have a weakened immune system and can become dehydrated as a result. This can be potentially life-threatening for more vulnerable older pets. In this guide, you’ll learn why cats become constipated and the signs to look for that can indicate that constipation is an issue. Of course, […]

Why has my cat become so Skinny?
Cat Health and Wellness

Cat Getting Skinny But Still Eating – What Should I Do to Help?

Is your cat getting skinny but still eating? Weight loss in old cats is common, which is why pet owners with elderly cats don’t often realize that weight loss can be an indication of an underlying disease. And this can still be true if your cat is still dropping weight, but their food consumption hasn’t changed. With cats, the loss of one pound in a ten-pound cat is huge. It’s basically a ten percent loss […]