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arthritis in cats treatment options
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What Can I Give My Cat for Arthritis Pain?

Senior cats start to show signs of their advancing years. They’re less interested in playing games, find it harder to jump on tables, and start to struggle with their overall mobility. Once cats reach senior status, arthritis of the joints becomes a problem for a higher percentage of felines. We will look at the signs of feline arthritis, and explore medically proven ways to keep your cat more comfortable. It may not be possible to […]

Cat Health and Wellness

Why Cats Get Scabs on the Head and Body

Has scratching become an obsession for your feline? If so, a thorough inspection under the fur will likely reveal that your cat has black scabs. You’ll also find sore, reddened, and inflamed skin. You’re most likely to find scabs on a cat’s head and neck, but they can appear anywhere. If scabs and small patches of baldness have occurred on your cat’s head, neck, back, stomach, and base of the tail then specialist treatment and […]

How to get a senior cat to go to the toilet
Cat Health and Wellness

How to Make an Elderly Cat Poop When Constipated

A senior feline can stop going to the toilet for various reasons, so learning how to make an elderly cat poop when constipated is important. Many senior cats have a weak or compromised immune system and can become dehydrated as a result. Dehydration makes it far more difficult to pass a stool. Constipation is very serious as it can be a life-threatening health problem for older cats. In this guide, we’ll look closely at why […]

teeth grinding in cats
Cat Health and Wellness

Why Do Cats Grind Their Teeth?

Cats are born imitators and can take on the personas of their owners. Sometimes, a simple habit learned from a human can be harmful to cats. Teeth grinding (bruxism) is one such example. But there are various medical reasons why cats grind their teeth when eating or being petted. Teeth grinding in cats can look innocuous, but it must be taken seriously by a pet owner. It often points to a health problem, so a […]

do cats need boosters every year?
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Do Cats Need Vaccinations Every Year?

The expenses incurred due to cat ownership can sometimes take you by surprise. Of course, everybody anticipates paying for beds, toys, and food. In addition to these, however, the cost of veterinary bills for cats can add up – starting with the most critical vaccinations. Very few vaccinations need to be updated every year. This doesn’t mean that you can skip vet appointments, though. Your pet will still need an annual once-over. This guide covers […]

How long can cats live with kidney failure?
Cat Health and Wellness

How Long Can Cats Live with Kidney Failure?

Cats experience more health issues as they advance in years. Many senior felines lose the full use of internal organs. The most concerning problem is renal failure (kidney failure in cats.) We will be exploring the warning signs of kidney failure in cats, and the stages of the disease. The sooner your pet is diagnosed, the better their prognosis. While kidney failure is a terminal disease, medication and lifestyle changes can extend a cat’s life […]