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cat sneezing and coughing
Cat Health and Wellness

What Causes a Cat to Sneeze Continuously?

Your cat can’t stop sneezing! You know that something is not quite right but cannot figure out the reason for the problem. Your cat is probably fine if otherwise acting normal, but there will be an underlying explanation that needs to be addressed. Continual sneezing can be caused by irritants, allergens, infections, and disease. Most of the causes are preventable and treatable, but you will need to take action if sneezing is accompanied by symptoms, […]

older cat not using litter box to poop
Cat Health and Wellness

Why Has My Older Cat Stopped Covering Poop and Urine?

Elderly cats may stop covering their poop and urine due to physical limitations, territorial behavior, and laziness. Although this can be frustrating, senior cats rarely do things without intent. If proper bathroom behavior was taught years prior, failure to cover up leavings during the senior years is most likely not an accident. Make sure physical pain is not the issue. While no medical ailment would cause a cat to no longer cover its poop, there […]

do cats breathe fast when in pain?
Cat Health and Wellness

Why is My Old Cat Breathing Heavily While Resting?

Breathing issues are common among senior cats. When they arise, your cat requires close monitoring and professional care. Because elderly cats can lack the immune strength to fight off infections and illnesses, heavy breathing when they’re relaxing should never be ignored. The causes of heavy breathing in senior cats include dyspnea, airway diseases, respiratory infection, pleural effusion (fluid buildup near the lungs), obesity, and physical trauma.  Breathing problems are typically a secondary medical symptom. Similar […]

scabs on cat's ears and head
Cat Health and Wellness

Cat Scratching Ears Until They Bleed?

Cats often scratch their ears until they bleed when they are unable to resolve the underlying cause of the problem. Your cat drawing blood through aggressive scratching is a clear warning sign of a health issue that should not be ignored by a pet owner. It is very unlikely to go away on its own. Ailments such as ear infections, fungus, mites, fleas, allergies, and wounds from fighting are common reasons for irritation. Check to […]

cat throwing up and panting
Cat Health and Wellness

7 Reasons Why Your Cat is Vomiting (Not Eating or Drinking)!

Feline vomiting happens regularly, but it can still be very worrying for a pet owner. While vomiting caused by a hairball or mild stomach irritation is perfectly normal, health issues that last for many weeks are not. Chronic sickness can sometimes be a sign of a serious medical condition. Pay close attention to your cat when it does show signs of sickness because it is unable to tell you that it’s unwell. If your cat lacks energy, […]

Gum health of cats and kittens
Cat Health and Wellness

Why Have My Cat’s Gums Turned Black?

Cats are experts at hiding the symptoms of illness – they’re predatorial and competitive animals that don’t like to show weakness. That’s why you (as their owner) need to check for any physical changes to the color of your cat’s gums. Inspecting the gums of a cat could provide an insight into their health. If food particles become trapped in a cat’s teeth, it’s likely that bacteria will quickly multiply and plaque will form. It […]