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do cats fatten up for winter?
Cat Food and Hydration

Do Indoor Cats Eat More in the Winter?

Cat owners often question whether their cats grow hungrier when the weather changes. Cold weather and the winter months seem to lead to an increase in the appetite of cats. When the temperatures outside drop, cats grow hungrier. This was confirmed in a study from the School of Veterinary Science at the University of Liverpool. The study found that cats need to eat around 15% more during the winter months. Nobody wants their pet to […]

are strawberries good for cats?
Cat Food and Hydration

Can Cats Safely Eat Strawberries?

It’s sometimes hard to resist wide eyes and nudging paws from a cat while we’re eating. Felines don’t understand that some human foods are dangerous, and assume that we’re not sharing. We are always tempted to cave in and hand something over. Strawberries do not have any toxic properties, and are safe for cats in moderation. However, they also have minimal health benefits. Strawberries are essentially vitamin-neutral, and packed with sugar. There’s a lot to […]

is eating grass bad for cats?
Cat Food and Hydration

Why Do Cats Eat Plants and Grass?

Much like other domestic pets, cats and kittens like to explore the world with their mouths. Cats usually grow out of chewing cables and shoes at home, but grass and plants are another matter. No matter the age of a cat, greenery appears to be a constant source of fascination. It’s a source of essential vitamins. Grass contains folate, which breaks down as folic acid. This is found in a female cat’s milk, so it […]

can I feed my cat raw meat?
Cat Food and Hydration

Can Cats Eat Raw Chicken?

Cats are carnivores and should always be fed accordingly. However, raw meat does have potential health and safety hazards that every owner needs to know about and understand. While the meat itself is likely to be safe, the bacteria that attaches itself to uncooked meat (the wings, breasts, etc.) can be prone to bacterial infection. Raw meat is ideal for a cat, but it carries risks. Food poisoning, salmonellosis, listeria, campylobacter, contaminated minced meat, and […]