Cat Food and Hydration

can cats digest carbohydrates?
Cat Food and Hydration

Why Is It Difficult for Cats to Digest Carbohydrates?

The use of carbohydrates in cat food is controversial. While some people see them as a good source of energy, others believe that carbohydrates are responsible for the rise in feline obesity and diabetes. Nevertheless, both sides would agree that cats digest carbohydrates less efficiently than other animals. Although you should avoid high-carbohydrate cat foods, you shouldn’t try to eliminate carbs from your cat’s diet altogether. Carbohydrates may have some health benefits, and even wild […]

Why do cats go off their food?
Cat Food and Hydration

Why Do Cats Go Off Their Food?

Cats can be fussy eaters. What goes down a treat one day may be refused the next. This causes consternation for pet owners, who understandably grow concerned when their cat doesn’t eat. A cat not eating must be taken seriously. Regardless of whether your cat is just being a pain or they’re unwell, don’t ignore it. We will look at the explanations for a sudden loss of feline appetite.

can cats eat cooked eggs?
Cat Food and Hydration

Can You Feed a Cat Eggs (Raw or Cooked)?

As obligate carnivores, cats always want to eat protein-rich foods. This isn’t just a taste preference – it’s a necessity to keep felines healthy. Cooked eggs are a good source of protein for cats. Arguably more than any other food, eggs are surrounded by myths and untruths that make people wary about their nutritional value. We will look at how you can safely introduce eggs into your pet’s diet. You may be surprised at just […]

can you feed cats fish bones?
Cat Food and Hydration

Can Cats Eat Cooked Fish Bones?

Cats and fish are often linked together. As obligate carnivores, kittens and adult cats need a diet that’s high in protein. Indeed, wild cats often scoop fish from rivers and streams to eat. This begs the question as to what happens to the fish bones, though. Many cats do enjoy fish, however. This means that their feeding needs to be carefully managed. We will look at how your cat can safely enjoy fish; both the […]

is it bad for cats to eat pasta?
Cat Food and Hydration

Is Pasta Bad for Cats?

As pet owners, we are responsible for every element of an animal’s welfare. One of the primary factors is what we can safely feed our cats, such as pasta. Cats imitate their owners, so they’ll likely show interest in the human food on your plate. This guide will look closely at the health risks of a cat eating pasta. It can be difficult to resist the wide eyes of a curious feline at meal times. […]

cat drinking rainwater
Cat Food and Hydration

Why Do Cats Drink Dirty Water?

Cats are descended from desert animals, leaving them with an innate ability to retain water. Many domesticated housecats live on the edge of dehydration, ignoring the clean water in their bowl. This becomes frustrating when they insist on drinking filthy water, in or out of the home. We will look at why cats drink unclean water and explore the risks. There is a wide array of symptoms of sickness that you’ll need to look out […]