Cat Food and Hydration

are cats allowed to eat bread?
Cat Food and Hydration

Is Bread Bad for Cats?

Cats need protein and fat from animal products to survive. Bread contains neither of these food groups, so it shouldn’t be a regular part of a cat’s diet. Plain bread is not toxic to cats, but it has no nutritional value. Many cats enjoy the taste, but it’s empty calories. A piece of bread the size of your fingernail is fine as an occasional treat. Bread is best used for hiding medication and worming pills. […]

can cats eat dog food for a couple days?
Cat Food and Hydration

Can Cats Eat Dog Food in an Emergency?

You’ve run out of cat food, but have plenty of dog food. Or, perhaps it’s cheaper/easier to feed both pets the same food. It’s fine as a one-off, but it shouldn’t become the new norm. Cats have unique nutritional needs. If your cat ate from the dog’s bowl, it will be fine. Dog food makes an acceptable one-off meal replacement when you’ve run out of cat food. Anything more than 1-2 days of eating dog […]

cat drinking a lot of water and meowing
Cat Food and Hydration

Why is My Cat Always Thirsty?

It’s normal for a cat’s water consumption to increase during warmer weather. But sometimes excessive drinking in cats, especially when accompanied by other symptoms, is a cause for concern. If your cat is drinking a lot of water, it may have polydipsia (excessive thirst). A cat with polydipsia may drink 60 ml per kg of body weight per day. Causes range from behavioral to pathological, such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, fever, and urinary tract disease. Cats […]

how much protein does an older cat need per day?
Cat Food and Hydration

Is Too Much Protein Bad for Older Cats?

Older cats find it harder to digest protein. However, that’s not to say that protein is bad for old cats. It’s a common misconception that all senior cats should be placed on a low-protein diet. Aging cats need as much protein as younger cats, but the protein must be high-quality and easily digestible. However, cats with kidney disease should consume less protein. You might think that there’s not a lot of difference between a “mature” […]

easiest proteins for cats to digest
Cat Food and Hydration

What’s the Most Easily Digestible Protein for Cats?

Cats need a high-protein diet to survive, but consuming large amounts of protein can be harsh on cats with sensitive stomachs. It doesn’t help that the proteins found in many commercial cat foods are low-quality and difficult to digest. To prevent digestive problems, we’re often told to feed our cat ‘high quality’ or ‘digestible’ protein instead. Cat food that contains a single protein, such as chicken, is more digestible than meals made from rendered meat […]

is it okay to give cats peanut butter?
Cat Food and Hydration

Is It Safe to Give Cats Peanut Butter?

Cats enjoy eating various human foods, and the creamy texture of peanut butter is very appealing. But some foods that humans eat can be toxic to felines, so you need to know if it’s safe to feed peanut butter to cats. Cats can eat peanut butter in small amounts. They enjoy it, and it’s rich in fat and protein. It contains vitamins and minerals like B vitamins, magnesium, and potassium. But it has too much […]