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can cats eat oranges?
Cat Food and Hydration

Are Cats Allowed to Eat Oranges?

While most felines are indifferent to fruit, there are exceptions. Some cats will be intrigued by what her owner eats. If you’re enjoying an orange, you may want to share some of it with your pet. This sounds fine as oranges are an excellent source of Vitamin C, but that’s not the case. Oranges are toxic to cats. They contain citric acid, which will irritate your cat’s gut, causing vomiting and diarrhea. Also, oranges contain […]

Should a cat's water be away from food?
Cat Food and Hydration

Should a Cat’s Water Be Away from Food?

The placement of your cat’s food dish can lead to a reluctance to drink. The scents intermingle and create an aromatic cocktail that doesn’t appeal to feline senses. It should be avoided. Keep your cat’s food and water bowls far apart. Cats in the wild will never drink water close to where they hunt and eat prey. As far as your domesticated pet is concerned, the food you provide is a fresh kill. This means […]

why is my cat suddenly drinking from the toilet?
Cat Food and Hydration

Why Do Cats Drink Water Out of the Toilet Bowl?

Considering they are so obsessed with cleanliness, cats have some disgusting habits. One of the most unhygienic ways of staying hydrated is the feline habit of drinking water from the toilet bowl. This water tastes fresher than the water in your pet’s bowl. The water in your toilet is refreshed and reoxygenated every time you flush. In addition, your cat will watch the water swirling around and think it looks fun. Unfortunately, the chemicals used […]

best spring water for cats
Cat Food and Hydration

Is Bottled Spring Water Good for Cats?

Convincing a feline to drink enough water can be a challenge for any pet owner. A distaste for tap water amplifies this problem, leaving you wondering if bottled spring water is a better option. Purchasing bottles of Evian water for cats may seem excessive, but it could be necessary. If the water is bottled fresh from a spring, it is healthier for cats to drink. However, plastic bottles contain harmful chemicals/toxins that leech into the […]

can you give cats cream?
Cat Food and Hydration

What Kind of Milk Can Cats Drink Safely?

For many years, people thought that milk was the ideal drink for cats. You only have to look at children’s picture books to see countless images of cats lapping up milk. But in recent years, attitudes have changed. Milk is no longer considered a healthy choice for felines. Most cats are lactose intolerant, which means that they’re unable to digest the lactose (sugar) in milk. These cats should only be given lactose-free milk. Cats that […]

are bananas good for cats?
Cat Food and Hydration

Are Bananas Safe for Cats to Eat?

One of the challenges of pet ownership is remembering which human foods are harmful to cats. We automatically assume that feeding cats bananas will be a beneficial part of a feline’s diet plan. Your feline’s health can benefit from the vitamins and minerals (potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6, vitamin c, folate, etc.) found in bananas, but not if consumed to excess. Bananas are not harmful to cats, but they have a high sugar content that can […]