Behavioral Problems

should i headbutt my cat?
Behavioral Problems

Why Does My Cat Headbutt Me in the Morning?

If your cat headbutts you in the morning, this is a real sign of love and affection. It could also be your cue to get moving. Headbutting a person equates to a kiss in the cat world. If your cat greets you this way, you are a beloved owner. Cats are independent and less affectionate by nature. This does not mean that cats dislike the company of humans; it just takes more time to win […]

why do stray cats rub against your legs?
Behavioral Problems

Why Do Cats Rub Against You When You Feed Them?

Cats will rub against you as a genuine sign of affection. It is a greeting that is displayed by felines during times of happiness and contentment. Cats are unable to tell you how they feel, so they will often rub themselves against you during the feeding process to show their gratitude. Learned during the earliest stages of life, it is a behavior that is taught to them by the mother. Cats use rubbing to convey […]

is purring a sign of happiness?
Behavioral Problems

Why Do Cats Purr When You Stroke Them?

Cats purr when you stroke them as a way to audibly express their contentment. One of the most precious sounds a cat can make, purring conveys happiness more times than not. While the purr of some cats has more to do with feel than sound, other cats purr loudly. If the environment is quiet, it is possible to hear the purr of a cat from many feet away. While there is often an assumption that […]

cat sleeping on back stretched out
Behavioral Problems

Why Do Cats Sleep on Their Backs?

Cats enjoy sleeping on their backs because of the comfort and contentment that position provides. The stomach area is one of the most vulnerable spots on a cat’s body. If your cat is sleeping on its back and belly up, this is the ultimate sign of trust in you as an owner and the environment. Understanding the sleeping positions of your cat can be beneficial for understanding their mindset. Most every sleep and relaxation position […]