Behavioral Problems

signs your cat is in heat
Behavioral Problems

How Do Cats Behave When They Are in Heat?

A cat that enters heat can be unmistakable. Your pet may undergo some personality changes during this time, and could need some particular attention. If you are not prepared to spay your female cat, seasons in heat can be extremely challenging. Your cat will constantly crave affection and attention. After this, your cat will start marking territory through rubbing, or eliminating outside the litter tray. They will also assume a mating position with regularity and […]

Do cats get grumpy in old age?
Behavioral Problems

Do Cats Get Grumpy in Old Age?

Cats between the ages of 7 to 10 are considered mature, and those between 11 and 14 are considered seniors. The human equivalent of 7 cat years is 44 years and as with humans, this is when they begin showing signs of getting older. After reaching this point, their veterinary visits become more important and they also start showing obvious behavioral changes. As a cat gets older, it reacts to being bothered with grumpiness and […]

why cats knock things over
Behavioral Problems

6 Reasons Why Cats Knock Stuff on the Floor

There’s a universal law that all cat owners will be aware of. If something isn’t nailed down, a cat will eventually knock it off a table or dresser. It’s as inevitable as night following day. You need to consider whether your cat even saw the object because, as felines age, their vision deteriorates. They may be looking for attention. If you come running at every crash, it creates a Pavilion response in your pet. It’s […]

what cat behaviors mean
Behavioral Problems

10 Bad Cat Behaviors (and What They Mean)

It is common for pet cats to exhibit bad behavior at some point in their life. However, sometimes what looks like a behavioral issue could indicate that something is not right – whether it is related to your cat’s behavior, environment or physical and mental health. Understanding different cat behavior types can help you get to the root of many feline issues. Scratching, biting, yowling at night, spraying and aggression towards other cats are common […]

cat ate short piece of string
Behavioral Problems

My Cat Swallowed String – What Should I Do?

Cats love to play with string. Many toys and games involve string or thread. This appeals to a cat’s hunting instincts using play, without putting human fingers at risk. The string can wrap around internal organs and create intestinal blockages, which are dangerous to a cat. Don’t wait for the string to pass naturally as damage could occur before this happens. Call a vet immediately. Swallowing string has health consequences. There are many variables, depending […]

cat suddenly sleeping in litter box
Behavioral Problems

How Do I Stop My Elderly Cat Sleeping in the Litter Box?

Cats are known for their unusual behavior. Considering the time that cats spend keeping themselves clean, it can be strange for an owner to see their cat sleeping in the litter box. If you notice your cat resting in its litter box regularly, you need to determine the cause. A cat that is lethargic, unwilling to eat or doesn’t show enthusiasm for its favorite pastimes, may be sick. Being mindful of your cat’s typical hangout […]