Behavioral Problems

cat is very jumpy and nervous
Behavioral Problems

Why is My Cat So Scared of Everything All of a Sudden?

If your cat is hiding or fleeing, then it has anxiety. If this is a sudden change in demeanor, there will be a fear-based explanation. If a cat is suddenly scared of everything, consider if anything in its life is different. Disruption to routine makes a cat skittish. Your cat may have encountered a predator and no longer feels safe. Unexpected loud noises will make a cat fearful. Your cat could also be sick or […]

why is my cat so affectionate towards me?
Behavioral Problems

Why Do Cats Get in Your Face While You Sleep?

Sharing your bed with a cat can be comforting, but a little awkward. That’s because felines choose odd sleeping positions. Your cat will likely crawl onto your pillow and sleep in close proximity to your face. Cats sleep by your head because it’s much safer. Your cat will notice that you toss and turn in bed, and sleeping on your pillow removes the risk of being squashed. Cats enjoy the warmth and scent of your […]

cat is suddenly clingy
Behavioral Problems

Why is My Cat Suddenly So Affectionate?

Sudden changes in behavior are always worrying in cats. If your cat is suddenly clingy, you may not mind at first. It will likely be enjoyable to be showered with affection from your cat. However, there will be an underlying reason for this change in your feline’s personality. Your cat is most likely anxious. She may be afraid of a new arrival in the home and feeling insecure. She could have been spooked by a […]

do cats understand punishment?
Behavioral Problems

How Do You Discipline a Cat?

Cats have many great qualities, but some of their behaviors are undesirable. It’s quite common for cats to scratch the carpet, jump on kitchen counters, or urinate outside of the litter box. Many cases of bad behavior occur because the cat is expressing a natural feline instinct. Instead of punishing your cat, find alternative ways for your cat to express itself. Reinforce this new behavior with treats and affection. Behavioral modifications should be mutually beneficial. […]

cat manipulation techniques
Behavioral Problems

How Cats Manipulate Humans

It’s no secret that cats use clever manipulation techniques. Felines are sneaky and crafty, and always find a way to get what they want from humans. You are a cat’s facilities manager. Even the sweetest, most domesticated housecat will be keen to remind you who is in control. Meowing is the most common way for cats to get a reaction. Felines do not meow at each other, reserving the sound for humans. Cats have mastered […]

How to deal with a demanding cat
Behavioral Problems

How to Deal With a Demanding Cat

A cat that needs constant attention and affection can quickly become overwhelming. We all love our pets, but also live busy lives. It can feel impossible to accommodate a difficult cat’s expectations while also fulfilling other work-related and family responsibilities. Discourage your cat’s begging for attention by not reacting to her tactics. Cat training involves rewarding the behaviors you like and ignoring the behaviors that you dislike. If this desire for attention seems to have […]