Behavioral Problems

will my cats ever get along?
Behavioral Problems

How Long Does it Take for Cats to Get Along?

Owning multiple cats is undoubtedly rewarding, but it can come with challenges. Cats can sometimes be just as moody with each other as they are with humans. This means that bringing two or more cats into a home can result in fighting and aggression. The interpersonal dynamics of cats are complicated. It’s important that anybody living with multiple feline companions understands how to manage the relationship between two cats. This guide will help you understand […]

cat is very jumpy and nervous
Behavioral Problems

Why is My Cat So Scared of Everything All of a Sudden?

It can be very concerning when a cat undergoes a sudden change in behavior.  A placid cat that becomes aggressive can frighten owners. A brave and independent feline that suddenly appears racked with anxiety is almost as concerning. If your cat appears to be constantly afraid, it could be their nature. What’s more likely, however, is that new circumstances have made them anxious. This guide will discuss how you can make your cat more comfortable […]

how to prevent cat scratching the carpet
Behavioral Problems

How to Stop Cats from Scratching Carpet on Stairs

If your cat spends a lot of time indoors, you’ve probably noticed some damage to your carpets, drapes, or furniture. Cats who venture outside can find trees and fences to sharpen their claws on, but even outdoor cats will scratch the carpet from time-to-time. Although scratching is a natural behavior, aggressive or compulsive scratching could indicate that your cat is stressed, anxious, or unwell. Cats don’t tend to make a fuss when they’re sick, so […]

why does my cat gently bite me?
Behavioral Problems

Why Does My Cat Bite Me for No Reason?

Cats make great companions, but they can be a little temperamental. Any cat owner will have experienced a change in mood from their feline. One minute they will be playing happily; the next minute they are biting or scratching you. It’s important to know when your cat has had enough. We will look at the signs that your cat does not want any further attention, and learning these signs will enhance your bond with your […]

stop cat from shredding toilet paper
Behavioral Problems

Why Do Cats Shred Toilet Paper?

Going through roll after roll of toilet paper because your cat has used them as toys can be annoying. If done regularly, it starts to take up more of your time and becomes expensive. Understanding why your cat is shredding toilet paper and finding out how to stop it immediately is crucial. It is a source of great frustration for owners, and toilet paper consumption can make your cat sick. The chewing and swallowing of […]

how do i get my kitten to settle down at night?
Behavioral Problems

How to Get a Kitten to Sleep Through the Night

Kittens may sleep a lot during the day, but they have a habit of suddenly coming to life when it gets dark. Felines are nocturnal animals that can unwittingly disturb your sleep and, as you know, this leaves you feeling exhausted the next day. So, coming up with techniques to promote sleep in kittens can make a world of difference for everyone in your household. Before introducing a new sleep schedule, you should get your […]